Tatting Patterns & Designs

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Free Patterns in Tatting 
Sharing my original  patterns , and adaptations 
as well as possible prototypes, designs, and design process ...

  • Due to the increasing number of patterns, individual images have been sacrificed. Most images are only till Dec 2016 (as of May 2017). At end of year, I will upload remaining images.  
  • Pattern categories are listed in alphabetical order. New patterns (2017 onwards) are listed at end of each category.
  • Even though pdf downloads (pink) are available for some patterns, it would be a good idea to check out the respective blog post (blue) - there is always some additional tip, detail, picture, or explanation.
  • Green shows where (and when) a pattern was shared or published. (OTC- Georgia Seitz's Online Tatting Class, PTG - Palmetto Tat Days, etc.)
  • At the end, is a peek into how I designed some of the patterns - numerous paths ! 
last updated : Oct 14, 2018 

Bookmarks, Insertions

Ribbon (SOUP*) Bookmarks
Eleonore's Pattern 1 bookmarks - to be shared 
Radiant Sun Paperclip pdf link OTC May 2017
Patchwork Bookmark - using Snowflake Hauck (see under snowflakes).
>>>>>> 2018
Charmed Cross bookmark - prototype
Better Than Nothing bookmark derived from magic square


Rings n Curves Bookmark tail
Cluny Braid  pdf link

Coasters, Doilies, Laces, Mats

Concentric Squares Coaster (derivation shared with  OTC Nov 2015 ) pattern to be written
Points n Curves Coaster (derivation shared with  OTC Nov 2015 ) pattern to be written
Coaster from Magic Square - pattern ideas
Sunburst Coaster  (to be shared)
Aspiration Doily  (ongoing trials)
Clover Wreath Coaster and Mat (pdf soon)

>>>>>>> 2018
Magic Pathways for Fortuna Square Mat
Butterfly Squares


Unnamed Edging prototype – to be shared
Coats n Clark Tatted Edging 295 (vintage to modern with many adaptations),  OTC Mar 2017bellaonline Mar 9 2017 OTC Apr, 2017complete Reoriented (May 2017) one pass pattern with text pdf link; diagram-only pdf link     
Needleart 1921 (Vol 8 issue 3) Edgings (vintage to modern) - bellaonline Newsletter July 14 2017  :
Edging #7 with pattern pdf  ; Edging #3 with pattern pdf ; Edging #2 with pattern pdf & bracelet variation ;
Edging #4 with pattern pdf ;
>>>>>>> 2018
Butterfly Edging
Tiny Heart Circular edging - diagram-only pdf 


NeoVintage Heart  prototype
Heart Block Doodle prototype 
Trailing Hearts (see under Jewelry – Ears)

Holidays, Festivals

Tatting for Holi  (shared with OTC Oct 2016 as Halloween candy!)  
Diya for Diwali prototype for Diwali. 
Cross pattern ideas derived from magic square and from joining small heart motifs.
Clover Wreath - Poinsettia  pdf link

Jewelry - Ears

Trailing Hearts Earrings , pdflink (shared with OTC Jun 2015)
Jewelry Medallion Earrings pdf  Tut to add findings , pdf link (shared with OTC Oct 2015 as Curled Ring Earrings)  

Jewelry - Hands

"Blossoming Bonds" Rakhi/Bracelet
GeomeTATic Bracelet a prototype
Kadaa or bangle bracelet a prototype with shared process and stitchcount - to be worked further
Bracelet pattern ideas derived from magic square and from joining small heart motifs.
Trailing Hearts (see Bookmarks) 
Block Heart Bracelet pictorial pdf link   OTC Feb 2017 ; published in De Frivolité(k)ring 2018 #1 (35)
Mustard fields bracelet OTC Apr 2017 
Rakhi 2017
Vintage Bracelet from Needleart 1921 Edging #2 pdf link
Noorjahan's Rubies - Bracelet or Choker, pdf link
Noorjahan's Rubies - Ring or Brooch, diagram-only pdf for PTG 2017
Ice Drop Enchained - prototype
Royal Wave bangle
Buttercup Trellis braid/bracelet
Sunrise Sunset bracelet
2-Tone Cluny bracelet

Jewelry - Neck

Rustic Leaf Pendant  (shared with the Beginner Class (NSAN), Aug 20, 2015)
Curly Cross Pendant   published in De Frivolité(k)ring 2017 #2 (34)  
Wreath Necklace
Sea Pearl Pendant - using Ice Drop idea with seashell and pearl - process
Block Heart Pendant / Brooch  pdf soon  
Marigold Necklace/'toran'  pdf link  OTC Apr 2017 
Spring Garland pdf link OTC Apr 2017 
Noorjahan's Rubies - a parure - complete jewelry set (necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet) with written instructions alongside diagrams. pdf link 
Sea Pearl Pendant - freestyle tatting around a shell with pearl within.
>>>>>>>>>>> 2018
Charmed Cross Pendant - prototype
Blossoms Yin-Yang Pendant/Bracelet with Motifs 13 & 15

Motifs & Medallions

Rosette Enchained to be shared soon
Triangle Motifs prototype 
Motifs from Magic Square - pattern ideas   
Triangles from Magic Square - pattern ideas  
Tiny Heart Motifs - pattern ideas
Single Shuttle medallions/motifs : Star of Halves ; Tiny Wildflower ; Rambling - prototype ;
Quatrefoil Series - Medallions : Q Triangles with pdf ; Q Squares and a flower with pdf ;
Clover Wreath Medallion (pdf soon)
Lotus Medallion or Flower - prototype pattern (pdf soon)
The Pinwheel
Penta Fleur - diagram-only pdf
>>>>>>>>>>> 2018
Charmed Cross - prototype
Dancing Peacocks medallion & earrings with pdf
Classic Square with pdf & Heart Square with pdf for Tat a Brussels' Monument . pub in Tri-Tatters newsletter Mar 2018
Star Flower
Butterfly Squares
Blossoms Motifs - see also under Nature 2D
Blossoms Heart using Motifs 10, 11 & 12
Blossoms Square - Motifs 7 & 8
Blossoms Corner for hanky or saree


Nature 2D

Ring In The Bouquet , pdf with diagrams  shared with OTC  Oct 2016
Freeform doodle – prototype  
Block Leaf – prototype
Snail Doodle – prototype
Oak Leaf - prototype 
Spring Garland with marigolds, mustard fields and jasmine buds strung together pdf link  OTC Apr 2017
>>>>>>>>>>> 2018
"make me pretty" Butterfly - be inspired by the prettified Variations sent in and my own.
Blossoms Series : Motif #1 ; Motifs 2 & 3 ; Motif 3 (rev) & 4 ; Motifs 5 & 6 ; Motifs 7 & 8 ; Corner & Motif 9 ; Motifs 10 - 15 ;
Blossoms Garlands/Wreaths - with Motifs 1 & 2 ; Motifs 3 & 4; Motifs 1-8 can work as edging ; Motifs 10-15 ;  

Nature 3D

Rustic Leaf (veins) pdf OTC (NSAN special fall class Aug 2015)
Tiny Heart Poppy PART 2 with leaf sprig and buds
3D Pond Reed – prototype 
Sunflower with leaves – prototype 
Spiderwort doodle -   prototype
Maga Leaves – prototype
Floral Sprig - prototype
3D Carnation - prototype
3D Tree Trunk for miniature conifer
>>>>>>>>>>> 2018
3D Carnation
Blossoms Butterfly - prototype ; model 2 ;


Snowflake Sparkle , pdf link (shared with OTC Feb 2016 )
Snowflake (6-Pointed Motif) (Snowflake Hauck), pdf with diagram. for OTC/Bellaonline (not shared/published yet)
Oriental Arches Snowflake - to be shared
Mardi Gras Snowflake (an adaptation)

Ideas, Paths, Processes
& Diagramming

QUICK DESIGNING &/or DIAGRAMMING : A  Cheater's Perspective ;-P 
Using One Tiny Motif to Create Designs  I used Monica's Peace & Tolerance Tiny Heart as a starting point for many possible patterns & ended up creating a 3D Poppy flower with it !
Free Tatting template - tatting diagrams for direct use. .svg link
Inkscape hack #1 - How to draw a row of chains
Inkscape Hack #2 for instant skeletal designs - A rosette template is converted into a quatrefoil motif which are put together to create a series of Quatrefoil medallions and more ! pdf link to the hack
Inkscape hack #3 - tweaking picots and chains with just One Node !

A fun journey into how to view large patterns & derive patterns from them. I used Magic Square from which umpteen patterns can be derived !
Motifs from Magic Square - square, octagonal, hearts, even a cross ! Both regular & irregular shapes.
Triangles from the Magic Square - triangular motifs & patterns. 
Edging patterns from the Magic Square - possible edgings, insertions, bookmarks, crosses, broad laces, and bracelets! 

Sharing some of my paths towards designing my own patterns ...
Design Process for Spiral Snowflake using Sketch Guru app 
Bonds of Love Bracelet/Rakhi adding beads and adapting into a bracelet 
The Heart Within : giving new life to a wrongly tatted snowflake
Split Colour Edging : the design & tatting trial paths 
Neemiss Snowflake - from needle tatting design to shuttle tatting, a necklace turns into a snowflake !
Inchies - perfect 1 inch tatted squares from grid sketches. 
Reflected Nights snowflake - a different version emerges from wrongly attached rings !
Curly Cross Pendant - how a tutorial piece became a cross !
Spiral Snowflake - using Sketchguru app and 'collective wisdom'
Rustic Leaf Pendant - using a paper sketch to work a pattern into 3D freeform
Square Wave , Dancing Peacocks , Inter-Sections - prototypes and trials 

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happy tatting with a muskaan always :-)  
(muskaan means smile)


  1. So much talent !! Your TIPS always come in handy. I must try some of your designs. Thanks for all you design and share with us.
    Best wishes from Kolkata, India

    1. That is so sweet, Nivedita ! Thanks :-)
      Hope you are enjoying the festive season.
      Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems.
      The Star Anise Studs are going to be taught by Georgia Seitz in the Oct. 26th Online Tatting Class , in case you wish to attend.
      Would love to see your tatting someday ....
      ((( Hugs )))

  2. wow wow wow I just love that poppy!!!!

    1. Thank you so very much, Suzanne . I apologize for the delay - just saw your comment while updating the page.

  3. Thank you for sharing your patterns....they are all lovely....just found your blog and i downloaded the spiral snowflake and plan to tat it today....it is unique and I a sure I will enjoy tatting it.

  4. Just finished tatting with one color.....let me just say again thank you...your pattern is very well written and illustrated!!!

    1. That was quick, Louine :-D
      Thanks for your lovely comment & so glad you enjoyed tatting it.
      Hope you try out some other patterns as well

  5. Replies
    1. Welcome, Don :-) Hope you enjoy tatting a few & feel free to ask in case of doubts.

  6. Wow, wow, wow... I didn't realise you had been so prolific! Well done, very well done! :-)

    1. If I can carry on at this pace, I'll need to add a new page for patterns next year ;-P (((Grace)))

  7. gracias por tanta enseñanza