Friday 17 August 2018

an easier split

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2nd split/scmr pattern - bracelet

This braid which I turned into a bracelet is a simpler version of Houtz brothers' split/scmr technique since no reverse (or unflipped) stitches are required. All tatting is worked as normal stitches, except that the second side/half has a double core thread. You see, we lengthen the scmr loop and use it to finger tat this half with double stitches. Hence, I still consider it a s/scmr – perhaps a variation or an adaptation?

Sunrise Sunset Bracelet
braid/bracelet pattern
No unflipped stitches ; no ends to hide !!!

I visualized this as a sun rising above the blue horizon or skies and & then setting on the ocean horizon. Colours were chosen accordingly. 
And if you notice, the blue bead in the sky is a different shade to the one used for the water … there is a tinge of green in the latter, flanked by green seed beads.

Measurements :
In Anchor size 20 (close to Lizbeth 10), the bracelet measures 6¾” X 1”.
There are 10 motif repeats.

Materials :
3 colours in Anchor size 20 (similar to Lizbeth size 10).
Shuttle 1 – red
Shuttle 2 –yellow
Ball or shuttle 3 – blue
Findings – jump rings and bracelet clasp
Seed beads – size 16/0 - 60 transparent yellow ; 60 transparent green
Crystals – size 8/0 – 10 red ; 10 yellow ; 10 sky blue ; 10 blue-green
Loose beads for danglers (optional) - 2 red, 2 sky blue, & 2 yellow crystals

Abbreviations :
Sh – shuttle
s/scmr – split/self-closing mock ring
rw – reverse work
ss – switch shuttle
b – seed bead
B – crystal

Preparation :
Prestring beads in each of the threads as follows :
SH1 Red : 10 crystals 
SH2 Yellow : [3 yellow seed beads, one yellow crystal, 3 yellow seed beads]x10
Blue : [3 green seed beads, 1 blue-green crystal, 3 green seed beads, one sky blue crystal]x10

Pattern proceeds from left to right.

Part 1 : Dangler to start
In order not to hide ends, I used dangling crystals on each thread tail on both ends.
Tie 1 crystal of same colour to each of the 3 threads. Gather the threads at different lengths and make a larkshead knot or luggage tag loop through jump ring, using all 3 threads.

Part 2 : Main body

** Start with Shuttle 1 (red) as core thread. Make a starting loop for scmr and use yellow for stitches.
s/scmr1 : 2 b 2 b 2 b 2 B 2 b 2 b 2 b 2 / lengthen the loop to use as core and finger tat with blue stitches 3 B 3. Close scmr.  rw. ss 
Keep red thread at back of work.

With shuttle 2 (yellow) as core thread ….
s/scmr2 : 2 b 2 b 2 b 2 B 2 b 2 b 2 b 2 / lengthen the loop to use as core and finger tat with red stitches 3 B 3. Close scmr.  rw. ss **
Keep red thread at back of work.

** to ** forms 1 motif. Repeat till there are 10 motifs.

Part 3 : Dangler to end
Leave about 10-12 cms thread tails and cut. Using all 3 threads make a larkshead knot or luggage tag loop through jump ring/bracelet clasp. Tie 1 crystal of same colour to each of the 3 threads, at different lengths.
To ensure the crystal knots in the 6 tails remain secure, dab a dot of fabric glue and press/twist.

This pattern can be shortened for earrings, or lengthened for necklace.

Trials that led up to this 2nd s/scmr bracelet -

As shown in the previous post, I wanted floating/thrown rings on both halves of the s/scmr for the next braid.
I started the trials in size 40 thread. I kept messing up the onion rings!!! I’m not a novice, so I don’t know what was happening. Not very happy with the visual effect either.
But I do think this picoted version has some potential. Of course, there is a lot of switching shuttles to throw rings off.
Since the above trials were not giving me any zing, I took the plunge directly for a beaded bracelet version and I like how it turned out! Once the beads are strung, tatting it is pretty quick.
I was aiming for a more curved 2nd half (like the half moon split rings), but soon realised that it is difficult to achieve because of the double core thread. But this adaptation of the s/scmr is easier than the hmsr.

Trials for the 3rd braid –

From the 2 tiny rings inside a large s/scmr, it gradually evolved into a heart shape with flower within. I still need a few more motifs to confirm and finalise.
What should I name this 3rd braid/bracelet ? All suggestions are welcome …

I thoroughly enjoyed working the Sunrise Sunset bracelet.
Hope you enjoy it too.


  1. Oh this is very lovely work and so glad you made something with these beautiful colors, it does look like a sunset 🌞

  2. I can’t wait to try this. I love that you always include your thought process, it really helps me think through the pattern and why it works the way it does. A name for the third braid...Hearts around Daisies?

    1. Thanks, Jeanne :-) It is all an evolutionary process ;-P
      I like the name you suggest !!!
      Did you find a solution to the Joins? You can email me any time.

  3. That's lovely and the technique is interesting. The 3rd braid it's like a seedpods line, I can see beads in picots for the yellow rings!

    1. I can hear the tiny hunger pangs, Nin ;-P But yes, beads would definitely lift up the 3rd braid ! Thanks for the idea :-)

  4. I love reading the way your thought processes work! All three are beautiful, but I really love the first one. Your danglers are very clever. I may try them!

    1. I'm all for easy work, Diane, hence those danglers ;-P

  5. Beautiful bracelet, those wonderful colours, are really the colours of a sunrise or sunset. That would be great name for the bracelet.

  6. Replies
    1. Next time I'll choose more 'Indian' colours to bring out the Indian-ness that you pointed to, Jane :-)

  7. Love this bracelet! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns.

    Your third braid/bracelet puts me in mind of the sun in a sky with a few fluffy white clouds.

    1. Now that's an idea, Emily - sun and sky playing cat 'n' mouse! Those are my 'trial' threads that I want to finish off, so never see any merit, until you pointed it out :-)