Sunday 30 July 2023

wear me roundup 3

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 Hopefully you have seen and admired the first two batches of #WearMeEndrucks May2023 models shared by participants in our Endrucks 1920 Project FB group.  ( and This is the final batch 'for now' ... even while I was creating these posts, 2 more models had come in!

Believe me, I have often had to go check the respective Endrucks' original pattern to understand what was derived by our talented and resourceful participants!

13. Paola Bevilacqua - Another of our very creative and prolific member. She created a new pair of earrings and shared the pattern, besides other adaptations.

E1 - Happy Hands Earrings - single motif adaptation

E1 - Happy Hands Necklace adaptation

E17 - Wear Me Earrings new pattern shared. A secondary derivation from Reflections Snowflake. 

E17 - Wear Me Earrings Version #1 - basic pattern

E17 - Wear Me Earrings Version #2 - beaded version

14. Paola Emilia Rotuletti - sent in her own beautiful adaptation of these earrings.
E1 - Happy Hands Earrings - single motif adaptation

15. Pina Pinto - enthusiastically joined us after an enforced break from tatting.   
E16 - Earrings derived by Pina in 2020

E16 - Earrings. Yet another adaptation derived by Pina

E11 - Earrings derived by Pina.
She actually sent this pair in for the #ColourMeEndrucks game, but we thought it belonged here, and she sportingly tatted another entry for the June game.

16. Silvana Buonvino - always sends in some lovely pieces.
E1 - Happy Hands Necklace and earrings. 

E20 - Beaded Bracelet 

And this arrived just a day back - 
E24 - Bracelet with pearls
E24 - Bracelet with pearls, 
It makes a nice cuff, too!

17. Vani Kattoju - sent in this happy bracelet - her own derivation. The blocks look almost 3D!
E18a - Bracelet derived and adapted from the original lace.

18. Anna Pagliari - sent in these earrings in such a beautiful shade of blue just a few days back.   
E17 - Wear Me Earrings

Ninetta joins me in thanking all our wonderful members for playing, participating, and going beyond to even share the patterns of new derivatives! As always, all pics are displayed in a separate album in our FB group and some of the different models will be uploaded to the Jewellery Directory [] as well to showcase the diversity and possibility. These variations are increasing at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to keep the various Directories updated, LOL Not to mention there are still a couple of directories to be created.

A Huge thanks to all our participants and contributors - you are spectacular!

Friday 28 July 2023


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Today's haul of fully blossomed mogras!

After more than 10 days I decided I'd had enough of computerwork and deliberately took the night off to do some quick tatting. 

In 2020, I had joined these motifs on the go (I do like this staggered arrangement!) and suggested it could be used as a bracelet or bookmark. At the time I simply inserted some satin ribbons to showcase the beauty ( - check out the post for many more arrangements). 

Now I brought out the box of perle cottons, looked for the right shades to match the motifs, wound only one shuttle for each pair of threads, and set about tatting the three tails. All except the lead pic, were taken last night, fresh off the shuttle.

The chains are simple zig-zag of 1ds/1rs repeats, ending each thread in a ring of 8ds. In no mood to sew in ends, I tied a square knot and snipped to resemble bows.

TIP: This is also called a S Chain though it is a subset of the Zig Zag Chain or Zig Zag Tatting. These are straight chains but bendable. Some other terms used for this particular chain is Wavy or Lark's head chain. 
For a stepwise pictorial (with picots) -

My second bookmark for the Mark Me Endrucks July 2023 game in our FB group. The first was posted here -
The pattern for Square Diamond Motifs derived from Endrucks' pattern #37 can be found here -

I like multiple tails (have made them before plenty of times) since each can be used to bookmark a separate page in the same book. So instead of one bookmark I get four, LOL.  

This is my short tale of tails.

Sunday 23 July 2023

wear me roundup 2

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 Continuing from the first batch of jewellery models that were made by our talented participants for the #WearMeEndrucks May2023 game in our FB group  (, here are more models. Some are beautiful new adaptations, some are tatted from existing patterns, and some are newly derived patterns! It has become almost a given that every game throws up a few new variations and patterns to add to our directories. 

6. Lella Loops - a needle tatter par excellence!

E34 - Beaded Pendant derived from the center of the doily.

7. Lea Di Palma - another frequent E-tatter! This time she sent in this elegant version a few days back.
E12 - Bracelet with Coin Beads

8. Margaret Davies - loves to adapt and tweak patterns each time she participates and this time she converted her heart motifs into earrings. 
E37 - Enlarged Heart earrings

9. Meenakshi (Muskaan) Jain - I extracted a small motif from doily #28 and tatted a prototype pendant (or earring) and then tweaked the count and included beads for the game.   
E28 - pendant prototype (new pattern)

E28 - Crown Jewels Pendant/earrings (new pattern)
The pendant/earring clearly showed a heart in its design and I merely needed to enhance the heart shape.

E1, E3, E28, E37 - bracelet, earrings, pendants.
Only one was tatted for the game, but I took a collective pic of some of the beaded jewellery I've tatted from Endrucks.

10. Nancy Moore - our new member had an interesting visualization ....  
E7 - Beaded Edging for Queen of Hearts costume
In her own words - 
"This is the pattern I will start with. I am making a Queen of Hearts costume this year and this will be perfect for the lace edging. Thank you for creating the English pattern and posting it.
This is the 2nd attempt. I want the finished lace to look like a row of queen’s heads. I like the gold thread but I think the seed beads at the top will be clear glass and I want to insert red glass faceted beads on the “crown” as well. They have been ordered and if they don’t fit, I will have to adjust the pattern. It is hard to find tiny faceted beads!"

We look forward to the completed edging and the costume!

E8 - Earrings "Trust You"

11. Ninetta Caruso - couldn't participate with a new model but her 3D earrings are timeless!  
E8 - Earrings "Trust You" (2020)

12. Sally Biggers - has been creating new derivatives or adaptations and sharing the patterns as well! This time is was a pendant but she noticed a couple of mistakes and tatted a second model. 
E10 - Beaded Pendant (new pattern)
This is what she says - 
"As my #wearmeEndrucks challenge for May, 2023, I have created a pendant using Lisbeth Metallic Thread #325 (Gem Stone), a single Precosia 3 x 4 mm faceted Crystal bead and 10 silver lined crystal beads (11/0) around the edge of the motif.
I modified Pattern #10 from Frau Endrucks' book"

E10 - Beaded Pendant (new pattern)
And here's a TIP from Sally - 
"Metallic thread was used in this pattern because I enjoy the bling it gives to earrings and pendants. Metallic threads are made from synthetic fibers so they don't absorb oils from the body, and don't tend to become discolored the way cotton and other threads will with wear."

So this is the second batch of models and experiences. Patterns can be found in the Jewellery Directory -  and in the main EP doc -
A third and final batch will be posted soon. be continued

Again, we can't thank our participants enough for all their enthusiasm and work!

Thursday 20 July 2023

luggage tag loop

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 Since Georgia Seitz's site is still in transition to the new site ( and not everything has been transferred, I needed a link to the luggage tag loop or lark's head knot. So I took a few pics from my Jan 3, 2023 post (, making it easy to share.

This loop or knot looks like a double stitch and in the same colour it can be an 'invisible' join/addition. Following are some of the ways and situations in which it can be used - 
  1. To add new thread. I have used it add green thread in the Blossoms Project.
  2. To add new thread in a ring. When running out of thread, new thread can be added before closing the last ring using a LHK. Credited to Judi Banashek (thanks, Gillian Buchanan). See Marilee Rockeley's video here -
  3. Marilee uses the method to add the third (core) thread in pearl tatting in the above demo.
  4. To start on a paper clip -
  5. To hold space on the core thread for an inward picot or a starter picot on chain instead of using a pin or clip.
  6. To make measured mock picots and inward picots -
  7. To attach a tassel -
  8. (UPDATE) To add a fringe - a spot adaptation of Corina Meyfeldt's method -

These are a few that I can recollect at the moment, but I am sure I'm missing something ;-P Perhaps the knot in my head will clear at a later date and I will update this post.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

wearme roundup 1

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 The game of the month in our Endrucks 1920 Project FB group for May 2023 was #WearMeEndrucks. Participants could tat any piece of jewellery or even a parure from our Jewellery Directory of derivatives -  or from the main EP doc

Our only stipulation was that it have beads or bling.

As expected, we were greeted with a large collection of models, with tatters inspiring each other to go for more! A few versions have trickled in this month too.

Proudly presenting, in alphabetical order ---

1. Anna Bonelli - elegance personified ...
E1 - Happy Hands Necklace

2. Anna Tedesco - the lady with lightening shuttles who just cannot stop at one!
E1 - Happy Hands Necklace #1

E1 - Happy Hands Earrings, two pairs.

E1 - Happy Hands Necklace #2

E1 - Happy Hands Necklace #3

E1 - Happy Hands Necklace #4 & #5!
These were submitted in July and here's what she says - 
"Long over due, finally got pictures done. In the dark neck I've reduced the number of knots to 3 and 6 instead of 4 and 8. Beautiful mauve flowers, freshly picked and drying for the winter herbal teas."

3. Antonia Lai - hesitated initially since she did not have metallic threads. But look how beautiful her models turned out ....
E17 - Lace Day Earrings

E20 - Bracelet

4. Brookie Heightsmen - always manages to surprise us with a different perspective ...
E4 - (incomplete). 
Here's what she says - 
"This E4 I replaced all the picots with beads and put after each ds. did with chain sts. also used 10 lb monofilament fishing line for the core thread.this gives a little stiffness."    
E4 - Pendant - front and back
In her words - 
"This was made to honor the new King (of UK) and our veterans. Made from E4. The star represents the USA and the pearls are like in scripture: the pearl that was hidden and looked for. That's how I see the heroes of war. Of course the opulence of metallics is for the Royals. It was for the new King and the colors are also the flag of both country's.

5. Daniela Galli - was inspired by Anna's version and strove to tat her own version.

E1 - Happy Hands Necklace

This is the first batch, with more to follow .... Clearly Ninetta's Happy Hands Necklace turned out to be a hot favourite! It was fun to see the different colour combinations coming in ....

... to be continued

Many thanks to our wonderful members for these drool-worthy models!

Wednesday 12 July 2023

SOUPy vine

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Our game of the month for July was to tat a bookmark from any of Endrucks' patterns. Her book has a lot of edgings making it easy to choose one and adapt into a bookmark. I've done it with a few of her patterns already. However this time I went with a SOUP* (*Sewing On / Using Pieces) bookmark.
Bookmark directory (soon more models will be added): 

I was actually rummaging for another project through my Endrucks' models stash which is now so huge that it is stored in several different truffle boxes! My eyes landed on these hearts (these include trials and prototypes) and it felt like a good opportunity to use them. It would keep them 'in line' and also be of use.

Not wanting to make it 'permanent', I tatted something that can be cut off if required.
This is my SOUPy Vine Bookmark from E37 for the game ....

Tatted with only one shuttle using teal shade, it is made solely of rings. A bit free style. 
The two large 'leaves' are lock joined to both heart motifs and joined somewhere along the edge, too, for stability. However since the heart edges did not have picots, I had to pierce a fine crochet hook into the space and make a join while tatting the ring.

In her book, Frau Endrucks advises: 
Should you have forgotten a picot, poke a needle between the respective double knots. The picot created that way is large enough for joining. 

Wanting to avoid cutting and hiding ends after each pair of rings, I went with a half-closed ring string! 
TIP: Half-closed rings (aka half rings, scallops) act like split rings with thread(s) emerging at a point away from the start. 
Each HCR is 3ds.
The leaf rings range from 20 to 30 ds.

The heart motifs were worked in Anchor size 20 which is like Lizbeth 10. Adding this connecting 'vine' in the same size would make it too bulky for a bookmark. Hence the vine is worked in Anchor size 40.

The tassel is made of short leftover lengths in brighter colours. And another HCR string or vine is inserted to sort of bring it all together.

The entire work took me less than 2 sittings and was a fun task. I now have one more bookmark to use!
In different colours the leaf rings could've been butterflies 🦋 .

PATTERN: Eye Spy Hearts #1 derived from Endrucks' #37 (E37). All hearts derived from Endrucks' book are collected in the Hearts Directory

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