Wednesday 31 May 2023

giftme roundup 2

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 Continuing from my last post ( this is the final batch of models tatted for the March game - Gift Me (#giftmeEndrucks) in our FB group. Patterns are compiled in the Basket/Bowl/Bag Directory - ( and all patterns are derived from Endrucks' 1920 book 'Die Schiffchen-Spitszen’ which was presented in modern format in the Endrucks 1920 Project - (

11. Daniela Galli -
E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Basket. Pattern shared (new)

E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Bowl. Pattern shared (new)

E17 - 3D Egg Shell. Pattern shared (new)

12. Brookie Heightsmen -
E27 - Fence/Basket with #pickme motifs from E8 - flowers and E32 - butterfly

E44 - Easter Basket (new)

E44+E1 3D Easter Basket with Bunny. Pattern shared 

13. Beata Sumowska -
E31 - Lacy Basket

E17 - 3D Egg Shell.

E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Bowl

E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Bowl filled with iridiscent pearls

E31 - Lacy Bowl upended and ....
In truth, this bowl was tatted in late February directly from the German book and as expected, the doily cupped into a bowl. 
E31 - Lacy Bowl with eggs for the game

14. Antonia Lai -
E17 - 3D Egg Shell.

E17 - 3D Egg Shell.

E17 - 3D Egg Shell.- one half. 
This could well be a mini bowl!

E31 - Lacy Bowl (partial)
This is what she said - "My bowl did not work well as I chose the wrong thread. It is cotton embroidery thread and is so difficult to tatt. I like the colors though.
I did not complete the whole pattern.

It goes well with little chicks. Perhaps I make it as a pin cushion cover.
I enjoyed the pattern and will do it again.

15. Anna Tedesco -
E17 - 3D Egg Shell

As always, Anna tatted more than just one! She is a 'Faster Tatter'!

16. Anna Pagliari -
E17 - 3D Egg Shell - one half.

E17 - 3D Egg Shell displayed as an egg bowl!

17. Anna Bonelli -
E44 - Basket (or Bowl) of Flowers 
E25 - Flowers decoratively inserted

E31 - Lacy Basket "for a little chick" with a slightly modified handle.

E3- Chocolate/Fruit Basket embellished with colourful tatted flowers
E1- Happy Hands butterfly

As you can see in the roundups, most participants tatted more than one beautiful model and also played at creatively displaying their work. Most of them have also participated in several of our games and continue to do so. It is what gives us extra energy to think up new ideas for each game of the month.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to Brookie, Daniela, Krystyna, and Paola Bevilacqua for taking the time and effort to share their derivative patterns in time for the game! 

A huge thanks and hugs from 
Ninetta and muskaan
Many many thanks to all our talented participants and designers!

Tuesday 30 May 2023

giftme roundup 1

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Paola Bevilacqua's Pitcher with ladle (E18a+E44)
 for #giftmeEndrucks March2023 

Our Game of the Month for March 2023 was sort of a continuation for the February #PickMeEndrucks game (roundups in April). Having tatted all those motifs, we needed to collect and display them in a basket or bowl, etc., in order to gift. Hence we called it Gift Me Endrucks and the patterns were from the Basket Directory (which contained both 2D and 3D patterns). Of course, tatters were free to create a new derivative which we are happy to note happened as the model above shows. Some designers were requested to create a shareable pattern of their old models, and they enthusiastically complied! 

#GiftMeEndrucks Mar2023 -- Endrucks 1920 Project FB group
All patterns derived from Endrucks' book ‘Die Schiffchen-Spitszen’,1920 and now compiled in ....
Basket, Boxes, Bowls Directory -

The images are arranged from Z to A, and while the participants might be few, most of them tatted more than one model from the same or different patterns!
[E3, E1, E42, etc., refers to the original pattern from which each motif was derived or adapted.]

1. Stella Marina
E18a+E44 - “Conca Abruzzese” (Pitcher) with ladles. Sewn with beaded flowers on fabric on a hoop. 
E3 - Fruit/Chocolate Bowl embellished with crystals and pearls and tatted flowers.
Both the above pitcher and bowl along with 2 other displays.

2. Silvana Buonvino -
E28 - 3D Bowl with her #pickmeEndrucks motifs strewn around. (new)

3. Paola Emilia Rotuletti
E31 - Lacy Bowl with little knick-knacks and a tatted dove. 

4. Paola Bevilacqua -
E18a+E44 - “Conca Abruzzese”. Pitcher with ladles. Pattern shared (new)

E18a+E44 - “Conca Abruzzese” - mounted and framed along with tatted butterflies and flowers/foliage. The background showing a lady with the pitcher n her head is also painted by Paola.

5. Muskaan
E37 - Rubik's Cube Box. 
My intention was to either stuff it and use as a pin cushion, or line it with transparent sheet for shape and usage. However, besides joining the 'lid' with metal jump rings, I didn't do anything further. However it has turned out perfect for my air pods, situated cozily in my bedside drawer. 

E44 - 2D Basket

6. Margaret Davies - (
E3 - Fruit/Chocolate Bowl 
E3 - Fruit/Chocolate Bowl now laden with a tatted bouquet!

7. Lella Loops -
E17 - 3D Egg Shell and E1 - Happy Hands Butterfly from #pickmeEndrucks; all needle-tatted.

8. Lea Di Palma -
E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Basket/Bowl with a cozy little chick!

9. Krystyna Mura -
E31 - Lacy Bowl (or Basket) and 

E31 - Lacy Bowl (or Basket). Pattern shared. (new)

10. Debra F Cox -
E18a+E44 - Pitcher, displayed with #PickMeEndrucks butterflies and flower.

There is another batch of pics to show! It is such an exciting feeling to be part of such a talented and enthusiastic group!
to be continued ...

Many many thanks to all members displaying your creativity and sharing your pattern.

Sunday 28 May 2023

my DAL tadaaaa

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 And the reveal!!!! My version of the 3rd Round design-along for the DAL Celtic Snowflake. This is where I first posted the game - My next two posts showed my own dilemma, course correction and solution trial (thanks to Anna Bonelli!). 

Several techniques, effects, stitches, and their modification have been used to achieve this result. 

I am very happy with the end result. I challenged myself and am quite satisfied.

Tatted in Red Rose size 20 threads (equivalent to Lizbeth size 10), the final size is 14cms.
Motif 1 = 4cms ; Motif 2 = 7cms.

I did away with the Josephine rings. For the tip I used a decorative picot; for the treble arches I used graduated treble tat stitches.

This is how it looks in toto. I would've loved to try Sam's visualization of the flake in blues and greens. Hopefully I will do another one in finer threads using the water effect.

To anchor the are thread in the center, after doing a lock join, I made a tied stitch (as in encapsulation) at the very base and then again at the tip. The bare thread is deliberately left uneven to give an open, free-style look.

This is the same, but from the back. After all Celtic interlacing creates a different overlap on the two sides.

Again from the back.

We now have a total of, I think, 15 models submitted or WIP, with 6 patterns (I have to write out mine to make it 7) and 2 more patterns promised. I have started compiling them in a Google Doc but it takes time to get it all done properly since time needs to be squeezed in, LOL.

Tuesday 23 May 2023


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 Remember my problem and the mood to give up on my own 3rd round design? Well turns out there were two possible solutions! Anna Bonelli suggested something in Italian which, though lost (on me) in translation actually threw up the first solution to my mind! After making the join I could leave some bare core thread, work and interlace the large ring, then go back and cover the bare thread with 'tied' stitches using the 2nd shuttle!

Anna then tatted a sampler to show what she meant, and that is the solution I adopted. Notice the ring is now horizontal instead of vertical, and I made it smaller too.
Meanwhile I had this idea to use block tatting at the tip. It caught my imagination and between these two elements I allowed my shuttles to do the work, starting with treble tatting arches.
I like how the block appears like a flame. 
In several places I hadn't made any picots. Used a finer crochet hook to clear enough space for a join.
To offset any denseness, I did the bare thread thing in the center. I could use dot picot strings, but wouldn't it be overkill?
Just like the Josephine Ring at the tip of the 'flame' is an overkill, right? Although I cannot decide on the JR above the treble tatting arch.
I was going to include decorative picots, but I like the clean lines here.

So what is your verdict? 
I am open to suggestions since I haven't yet started tatting. Oh and this time I'll be using a muted shade of yellow.

So far the design-along has roped in 12 tatters: 1 diagram only; 5 models only (1 WIP); 5 models with patterns; and 1 late starter. I will collect them all in a Google Doc with shareable link so feel free to join the game whenever you can .... 
My journey so far -
Many many thanks to Anna Bonelli for her wonderful solution that got me going!