Tuesday, 7 January 2020

all hearts in one

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Barely has snowflake season ended than heart season has commenced! I see hearts ruling tatters' needles and shuttles already. This spurred me to finish compiling all my heart and heart-related patterns in a single Google Docs file with pictures and links.

So here's the link to the document if you wish to scroll through. Hopefully some image will inspire your shuttle or needle. 

Tat ....

  • motifs to glue on cards, 
  • add findings to make jewellery - earrings,  pendant, bracelets,...  
  • make hearty bookmarks as gifts for the book lover, 
  • or convert the 3D flower into a brooch or corsage/nosegay (don't forget to spray some rose attar!)
  • be playful, adventurous,  creative ;-P

A couple of the images are too large but I can't find a way to resize them properly on my tablet. I will get to it later.
Enjoy :-))))

And a few of my past posts with Roses to accompany hearts.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

leap into a new year

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In a couple of hours earthlings will begin to usher in and celebrate the new year. 
A couple of pics of, perhaps, my most ambitious designing challenge to date ..... the furious flurry of the 25 Snowflake Project. I thank you for patiently following my 7 month long journey, and many have thrilled me with their enthusiastic response through actual tatting and tweaking!

I wish all my beloved readers, friends, and followers a hugely creative year ahead with peace, happiness, and good health.
You have all brightened and enlightened my life :-)))

I have made a couple more versions/variations since this pic was taken and will gradually share all patterns.
Find all snowflake patterns here.
I'm glad many of these are flower flakes or summer flakes -- with record winter spell -- chilliest and longest spell for over a Century !!! 

Monday, 23 December 2019


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#24 & #25 in Land of Laces' 25 Snowflake Project.

Phew, it's done! The last 2, in the nick of time. And yet, I feel, actually I find, there are still so many ideas on my drawing board yet to see the light of day. And a couple midway on my shuttles.
Anyways, plenty of time for all that.

First, season's greetings to all my readers. Almost everywhere I see/read, the weather is playing havoc or is pretty 'un'seasonal. Hope good cheer prevails over and above the weatherman's predictions.

#24 is a throwback idea from 2016. This stacked adaptation is called Double Dotted Snowflake. I had liked how the twin dots appear close together, forming a virtual circle,  under the arches. I need to tat one more to confirm that it works as neatly as when 2 separate motifs are stacked. But more details, along with pattern, later.

And the final, #25, is a deliberately wonky tree which has spunk to be seen as crooked ;-p 

I came across this graphic card with this sketch in one of the blogs a couple of months back (can't find that blog now), and Loved the freeform sketch with character!

It was easy to convert to tatting, but beading took me a lot of time.

Now I need to take a group photo of all 25(+) models for this project. Wonder how I'll fit them all in one frame ... i have an idea, but like so many, execution belies imagination ;-D