Sunday, 14 July 2019

counting magic

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Snowflake/Star #5 in Land of Laces25 Snowflake Project

You are well aware of my mistakes in simple counting! Not this time. Using an elementary numerical sequence, I created a new snowflake … oops, star. So you understand why I am calling it the MatheMagical Star.

On the drawing board, it started off as a simplified, symmetrical spin-off of the Spin Away flake and can be worked with ball and shuttle!
I started with the 1st double ring (at the base) on top left arm, and proceeded to the tip of the arm decreasing each ring by 2 stitches.
I didn’t like the ring facing inwards between 2 arms, so changed direction from the next arm on.
The tip was going to be a single ring, but to avoid floppiness and to get a gradual gradient, I chose a clover….

As this progressed, I kept getting an uncanny feeling like it’s been done before. I first searched my blog and perhaps this is what caused the recollection – Sparrow Kelly’s ‘Celeste’

Hunted online (Google, Craftree, pinterest) for more snowflakes and stars and came across a few that seemed similar at first glance, but they all have single rings along the arms, not double rings. Usually the chain segments differ as well. 
However, if you think it’s been done before, please do leave a comment with details.

Started out as a snowflake, but could only fit in 5 arms, hence a Star Is Born!
Deliberated for ages whether to fill in the center or not. One of the ideas was this snipped off star from my doily. The 5 chains fit perfectly, but design-wise it is a misfit, right?

Another idea was to have inward rings. I tatted each ring individually to get a feel.
At the time it looked a bit cluttered and I liked the outlined negative shape. Hence started in Lizbeth size 20.
It measures 4½ inches. (In Anchor size 40 it measures 4")
I visualised the open center as a frame for a little photo. Or to dangle a charm....

This one has silver gunghroos (bells) like the ones used in anklets. And they make a dainty sound when jiggled.
The lead pic has a real sapphire pendant. Conch shell was another idea I had.

Comparing the 2 together, the tatted center doesn’t seem too bad. What do you think?
Should there be an open center or a filled one?
Or would you like to have both patterns? Since I haven’t had time to complete the pattern presentation, it will help to know when I upload.

I am currently tatting another smaller version (therein lies the magic of maths) but with those rings filling the center. More in next post along with pattern. This evening I have a date at Wimbledon and ordering-in dinner, yeah !!! Will Federer's star radiance increase by another grand slam win or will Djokovic dominate?! 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

bunch of pattern updates

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There are quite a few updates I need to share. I will be updating the respective posts, too. This is the reason I suggest going through the related blog post even if there is a pdf, since it is easy to add updates :-D.

Recently I realized that the pattern link was corrupted and irretrievable. This gave me a chance to add the Patchwork bookmark pic.
Here’s the new link : Snowflake (6-pointed motif) pattern

This doily has long measured picots which are Functional. I worked the doily in Anchor size 40, but what if one wants to use a different thread size?
I worked a short chain with same thread and found that a 7mm picot is equal to the width of 7 double stitches! And so on. Easy to remember and convert.
Just substitute 1mm tall picot with 1ds width.

You may remember that this is the round robin doily which Coretta had started. She graciously accepted to share the pattern link. It is a Google Docs link and the pattern presentation is a mix of 4 different styles, but will take time to clean up. 
Coretta also invites you to a new round of designing – continuing from the 5th round onwards. If interested, please leave a comment here or on her blog here (or on facebook or Craftree)
Here’s the pattern link : Hexaflower Doily pattern 

In the beaded version of this snowflake, there is another way to work with ball and shuttle, if you do not wish to use direct tatting (unflipped stitches). Simply make a SLT & reverse work to tat that chain segment. However, you may have to pre-string the large bead on to the shuttle thread, instead of unwinding. Many paths, but be vigilant.
I added the tip the next day, but blame the oversight squarely on my lack of focus due to fever.

And what's a post without some visual masala?! So here's some unfinished work.

Intertwining Bracelet - Anastasiya (Hobby Point)
Inspired by Aliona Racu’s bracelet in facebook several weeks back, I started this Ankars/Celtic  bracelet in June. 
For the pink pieces, I loaded one bobbin, then kept pulling out a length of thread to work the chains. Thus I got ctm with a single shuttle and fewer ends to hide. 
I’ve had all these pieces ready but need to continue watching the video to assemble them. And I just haven’t been in the mood – what with being consumed designing snowflakes et al ;-P

Boxy Maple Leaf – Vicki Clarke
Like last year, Vicki again did a very Canadian tat-along which I started immediately - twice in fact (the one on left is in size 40, the one on right is pearl cotton size 8). But somewhere along the way, I lost the will to continue. I didn’t like my colours, I didn’t like my tatting, and I couldn’t focus. I still haven’t cut off the threads, so I might get around to completing it someday. My apologies to Vicki for my bad outcome.

She then shared a 4th of July tat-along pattern – Rockets Red, in 3 stages, which turned into a lovely flower! Saving it for a future date.

On a happier note, though, I have done my trial for the next snowflake - well it turned into a star - and just need to work out the center. So stay tuned :-D

Sunday, 7 July 2019

dream castles

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Happy International Lace Day !

Snowflake #4 in Land of Laces25 Snowflake Project on facebook & instagram

Minarets in the Sky Snowflake
November 2016 was when I first uploaded a collaged image of a snowflake I was working on.

I had worked a sample that September as part of the This Way of Tat? (TWoT) series – in fact it was meant as the final practice pattern since there can be a lot of directional changes depending on various factors. Well, that series is still in limbo, but I’m gradually sharing the patterns.
What I like best about this design is the dome shape created by changing the direction of chains. However, this is also the biggest ‘flaw’ in the design. It causes ruffling when tatting, and has to be blocked for flatness.
(In Lizbeth 20, this measures 2½” as a hexagon side) 
It is something I tried very hard to rectify, through numerous small tweaks in many trials but was unsuccessful. I will be extremely pleased if you wish to try your hand or leave suggestions.

There is hardly any ruffling in the beaded version where the small base rings are removed. However, the domes tend to overlap slightly.
The beaded version is quicker to tat as well and can be worked with one shuttle and ball if short chain lengths done with unflipped (reverse) stitches.
UPDATE TIP : Instead of direct tatting, one can make a SLT and reverse work to tat the tapering chain segment, making requisite adjustments to bead, etc.
For the large gold bead on top, I tried using my Floating Beads method, but it does not give a snug and stable finish. After trying a couple of the usual methods, I finally settled on threading the beads as and when required and using the transparent seed bead as an anchoring bead.
I later added this Swarovski crystal in the center, although it can be worked in during tatting bu holding it on a long picot in the first ring and joining across later.

While the white one reminds me of marble domes as in the Taj Mahal, the yellow & gold is for the Golden Temple in Amritsar. It is surrounded by water, though here the central blue is for sky with little stars.
Again, patterns for both versions are included in the pdf.
download Minarets in the Sky Snowflake pattern here