Wednesday, 6 July 2022

happy beaded tatting

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Happy with my newfound progress on beading! 

The gold bead was used in place of the tatted ring between motifs. However a single gold bead was smaller than the required distance and I shredded my first attempt with 4 motifs. 

Kept wondering what to do when I visualized having 2 seed beads on either side of the gold. Could it be done? Yay, yes I did it!!!! 

I am getting good at solving my own beading problems ;-P

This is the only WIP pic I will post. I am hoping my final piece will be a bit of a TaDaa moment since there is a story in there.

Friday, 1 July 2022

spying again

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 I have been spending all my tatting time in front of a computer screen, writing, updating, coordinating, ..... Too much 'intellectual' activity without dirtying one's hands is not the way to have fun!  So I took a little time off last night and did a trial of this heart.

If you remember it is the 3rd hearts that I outlined in Endrucks' doily #37 here - [pattern for the '2nd' one has already been shared here - 
Tatted in Anchor size 20, the size is perfect for earrings or pendant. Or a brooch or charm.

This was a quick trial to get a feel of the shape, etc. Worked continuously in one pass.
A few things that need tweaking -
1. Proportion - it should be taller!
2. The side ring on the left bottom needs to face in opposite direction for symmetry. Also, the joining picot there was a bit too long, hence the untidy effect.
3. The side rings can be asymmetrical in order to achieve a better overall shape and height.
4. Make the topmost chains longer and also join them above the center.
5. Decorative picots/beads
What else do you think needs improvement?

I have this idea to add long picots in one pair of negative spaces, and join the chains above to these --- like a filling. But it will be in the faraway future unless somebody gets in on the game ;-D

Monday, 27 June 2022

just for kicks and koels

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 I find myself mired, happily enough, in several tasks and commitments some with a definite deadline. It means that even though I've  been taking pics to share, and collecting patterns to share, blogging might have to take a backseat for a few weeks. I certainly hope there will be a few hours to spare once in a while to publish a post.

Pausing with a few quick shots ....

I don't like to throw away pruned twigs. This morning, when I snipped off a few overgrown shoots from our ficus plant, I put them in a little pot of water. Let's see how long they last.
And I stuck the Happy Hands Daffodil to brighten the greens 馃槃

Remember I told you how hubby has taken to displaying my lacework? These are a few on the dining table. There are a few more under the bowls. I took this pic over a week back, without proper lighting.

Same day same time, but a slightly different angle. I'm sure you can identify a few of them? 

Over a week back, while exercising in the morning, a female Koel alighted on the tree in front of our balcony. The plumage and beautiful mottled grey feathers were on full display and quite majestic. Unfortunately by the time I went in and brought out the phone, she had shifted. However, she was joined by a male.
I tried to take a good pic, but my skills are sorely lacking.
And in this video, my hands were shaking. 

Last year, we enjoyed the antics of a courting couple! The female would call, the male would approach, the female would hop on to another branch! This ritualistic dance step repeated several times and finally the female flew away leaving a desolate male behind.