Tuesday, 17 January 2017

patchwork tatting

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A tatting SOUP bookmark from snowflakes.

What do you do with practice pieces or tatting leftovers ?

You may remember my tatting SOUP (Sewing On / Using Pieces) where I try to put my tatting to functional or decorative use – be it as appliqués or on ribbon bookmarks, envelopes, cards, and so on. It was time for these vintage snowflake motifs to get working!

I’m calling it the ...
Patchwork Bookmark
 using 6-Pointed Motifs by Louise Hauck

update Jan 18,2017 in order to change the blogfeed photo, I am adding this single pic ...

... because it is made by piecing together not just the snowflakes, but also filler bits, tails, tassels, all using short lengths of leftover thread .

I chose to place them one tip into another trough – it looked better than attaching each at 2 tips. This results in an alternating symmetry, being 6-pointed. I sewed the adjoining edges, weaving through stitches to reach the next joining point/picot.

Filler motifs : Yet, there was something missing – they didn’t form a cohesive unit. (refer to the center image in collage). That’s when the idea of fillers hit me, using a motif from the pattern itself ! 4 bits were added, shown by arrows in pic.
With so many options for hiding ends, I didn’t mind weaving in the tails in the filler bits (each started CTM).

Overcoming woes of 2 colours : The coloured snowflake at the end stood out like a sore thumb (it would’ve worked better as a charm). But I liked the tapering effect.
The tails, too, taper with decrease in ring stitches. But it is very subtle.
Tried to bring it all together by making 2 tails and intermixing the 2 colours. Not too happy with it, but ….

My first time trying to fray tassels !
Frayed tassels : Aqua tassel : I tried with toothbrush and also pin . Hardly made any dent.
Then I held the pin horizontal and 'scraped' over the threads - it worked like a charm (pun intended ;-p) !
White tassel : this time I untwisted each thread between fingers. Then used the pin horizontally. Much better and quicker.
I then brushed both tassels with the toothbrush. Beware - don't overdo it ‘coz fibers accumulate in the brush. This is visible in the whitened tips of the aqua tassel.
I was fearful of spoiling the tassel while blocking. But it actually helped!
I’m much more confident now, and may fray picots in a pattern, too. 

This book arrived just last week and I won’t be able to start it till I finish reading my current book …may take a month at least. But this bookmark goes perfectly with both the colours and the title of the book ! A bookmark made with snowflakes for ‘Winter Garden’ by Kristin Hannah

˜l˜happy tatting come snow or shine !  ˜l˜

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Ice drops into the sea .....

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... gets entrapped in an an oyster to turn into a pearl !!!!
Ice Drop made with shell and curled rings

This time I delved right into the depths of the TATemptation sea ;-P
As commented in my previous workings, I had intended to use curled rings for my next Ice Drop, and during a sunny spell I managed to find my collection of shells and other blings. In another lifetime I used them in flower arrangements and for land/sea-scaping in a tray. All my shells are handpicked from various beaches we’ve been to.
I hope Diane won’t mind my naming this composition a Sea Pearl. Why ? Coz there’s a pearl in the oyster !

Sea Pearl Pendant
From Diane’s Ice Drops
Diane’s stepwise pattern , and how to tie the bow

I like this shell – it reminds me of a world map. (see in collaged pic below
Blue represents the water (Anchor 00131, size 20) . 
Variegated colourway represents various seaweeds which have ‘embedded’ the oyster. (Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest size 20).

I had sketched the shell outline on paper, but was not comfortable with it. Instead, I kept placing the tatting over the shell to confirm that the contours were fine.
Pearl is on a large picot on first ring.
            Rings range from 18DS to 9DS, with 3 or 2 picots.
            Chains are mostly 4-2--2-4.
Worked this round in counterclockwise direction. Rings frontside, reverse work (RW), chains frontside, RW.

As I tatted the curled rings, the 'seaweeds' looked more like a lotus. My initial plan kept getting modified and in the end I chose this simple, narrow edge in order to showcase the shell markings.
This round is tried all from the front in clockwise direction. I found this easier.
Rings tatted backside (reverse order DS) and chains frontside, with No RW.
After chain, simply start ring at same point. (I used backside tatting for ring); attach to previous ring; complete and close. 
Then pull a loop of ball thread through round 1 as well as through the center picot of ring. Pass shuttle through this loop ans snug. This ensures curling of ring as well as attaching to round 1 in one movement.
            All curled rings : 6-4--4-6.
            Chains : 8 or 9 as required.

Both back and front were tatted with single shuttle attached to ball thread. 

After completion, the short blue chains didn't give a good outline to the pendant. hence, using short lengths of thread, I added another layer of chains - kind of like waves? 3 such chains were sufficient to give a better outline, as well as add some more layer, as seen in the pic below

The pendant is totally reversible, and can be worn to match the dress ! 

That's all from me for now. It was a nice break from blogging only about snowflakes :-)

I had tremendous fun again, though round 1 took longer with the continuous adjustments. Thank you so much, Diane, for such a superb enticement :-))))

happy tatting always J

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

snowflake and TIAS

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blocks in snowflake and first block of TIAS !

Ninth Day of December Snowflake
Lene Björn

I was inspired by the same 2-colour working of this flake on Craftree as credited and also worked by Eliz here. And so, one of the threads had to be white.

I raided my size 20 stash looking for a colour to go with the white (which is a bit thicker than it’s counterparts), checking each by sight and feel despite my catalogue . I found only one that came closest in thickness – this aqua blue-green 4054-0185 !
For block tatting, equal thickness is critical.

I followed the same block tatting method as described in this snowflake. It works for me. The switching shuttles is too cumbersome. I prefer the flipped/unflipped (DS/RS) with a half stitch riser.

TWoT (This Way or tat?) note : For directional tatting or fs/bs tatting, start the chain backside with reverse order of half stitches. The thrown ring will also be tatted backside.
The snowflake is tatted in one continuous pass in clockwise direction overall.
But can it be tatted all from the front ?

Experiment with all frontside tatting : I tried a little experiment here. Since it is tatted in one pass, I wondered whether I could avoid reversing the work (RW) by using direct/reverse stitch chains and a reverse ring in the centre and tat the whole snowflake from frontside only.
Yes, reverse ring can be applied to thrown ring in this situation.
But I did not like the effect. As you can see, the chain arch is not as smoothly curved, and the base picot space is of 2 colours since core thread is white and ring stitches are green !
Better to avoid the reverse ring and stick to reverse work and normal thrown rings !
BUT, I now realise that I made a mistake in making the ring. If done correctly,  it would work except for 2-coloured base 'picot'.

Future Idea : Using a largish picot at both the inner and outer turns, tat the entire medallion in block tatting. An undulating braid of block tatting !

Techniques : block tatting, thrown rings, fs/bs tatting
Finished Size : 3½”

I Love the negative space in this flake. I'm pretty happy with this snowflake working – blocks and all. Do you share my feeling?


Tat It And See 
Jane Eborall

And now for Day 1 of Jane’s TIAS that has TatLand excited … Yes, the fun has begun !

This little worm creeps out to see
the world in all it’s glory
What will it grow to be
we’ll have to wait, won’t we ?!

Her diagram seemed to indicate spaces between the rings. I hope it is so.
Lizbeth size 20, Vineyard Harvest..

happy tatting always Y