Friday, 17 February 2017

in the fold !

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It's always fun to learn a new technique.  And then experiment, compare, ....

In Tatting Design class, Susan Fuller introduced the half moon split ring as a design element.  I had tried it only once before, then forgotten about it. This time was different, having acquired some more experience and understanding of multiple techniques.

Splitting Rings

The half moon split ring (hmsr) , to me, is worked like an upside down split ring (SR) !!!
The shuttle 1 flipped stitches and colour show up on the Lower/right side ; in Split ring, they show up on the upper/left half.
Stitches in both halves face the same side in hmsr,  while they face outwards throughout the split ring.

 It forms a double arc like a crescent or a half moon, depending on stitch count of the 2 arcs.
If 2 colours are used, we can tat up a scalloped braid or a wavy row of rings.
Add a bead in the notch and you have yourself a neat little bracelet !!!
Decorative picots or seed beads on the outer arc create even more interest.
In center of 1st pic, 3 hmsr joined back form a kind of triangular inner line (ecru), and scalloped on the outside (pink).
And notice the wavy line undulating around an almost straight line  in 2nd pic ?
Many possibilities and effects.

Folding Rings 

While practising the hmsr, it was pretty natural to compare it with Folded Rings .
(Curled ring is another way to "fold' a ring, and is compared with Folded Rings here).

And after figuring out how to create a table on my tablet, I prepared a comparative and characteristic tabulation. (Table format gets lost when copy-pasted here, hence the pdf route)

Download  Table comparing Folded Ring and Half Moon Split Ring  (revised Feb 17, 2017 in response to Martha's comment below) 

The pics show practice and experimental pieces, hence not of best quality, nor consistent.  Stitch counts, though, were kept largely consistent for comparison.
HMSR braid (2nd pic) : shuttles were switched between rings.
1. (SH1 loop) 12/8
2. (SH2) 12/8
3. (SH1) 12/12
4. (SH2) 12/6
5. (SH1) 12/16
Compare hmsr #1 & 5, both made in same manner, but with more stitches in inner arc. And suddenly the inner arc becomes the outer arc !!!
What if the both halves were equal ? Wouldn't it look like a double scallop, but with one colour hidden ? Nice way yo carry a chain effect !

Folded Rings (3rd pic)
1. 12 set a 8
2. 8 set b 12
3. 12 set a 6 set b 12
These are only a few. So many more can be found on Martha's tutorial.

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I apologise for not staying in touch - down with the flu . Hope to get back in the loop soon. Till then, happy tatting :-)
Oh, and there just might be a surprise introduction to another "project" I have involved in this past week. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Spring is in my heart

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a tatted heart and a romantic classic for Valentine's Day

Spring is in my Heart !

Block Heart Brooch / pendant pattern notated on pic. It measured : 1.25" × 1.75"

I visualized the bright 3-petalled mustard flowers - a harbinger of spring in North India. The fields are literally yellow as one drives across the region !!!

Pattern for freeform Floral sprig 
SH1 - yellow ; SH2 - green , in size 40 thread.
Flowers : R1 : 2-8-2 ; R2 : 2+8-2 ; R3 : 2+8+2. All small picots.
Leaves : R : 1 (-1)×10 with large picots.
Stem between elements : short Josephine Chain of 4-6 hs.
Sandalwood beads sewed in center while sewing on the sprig.
A teardrop gem sewn in later.
A size 20 heart beside the larger one.

The Thornbirds
Colleen McCullough

This family saga book was a thank-you gift from a friend & colleague three decades back. Loved it then, loved it again !
The main protagonists, Megan & Father Ralph, are effortlessly brought to life, with memorable interactions.

Drogheda, itself is a looming,  vast , vibrant protagonist almost ! Her descriptions of the sheep station & the Outback bring it all to life, very vivid, very potent. A superb glimpse into farm life & breeding, the hard life, the struggles & loneliness, etc. And when the first droplets of rain fall, I could rejoice as if I were right there.

When I Googled to see if it was made into a movie, my jaw literally dropped !!!! Richard Chamberlain as the priest - Wow ! 
I could Totally visualize Rachel Ward & Richard together. 
And how ironical - the man was unavailable to women both in the story and in real life ! Now isn't that a pity ;-P

There was a personal surprise, though. High praise & gratitude for the valour Indian soldiers ! But the war narrative was the only part of the otherwise perfect story that seemed a bit a drag.

I'm sure feminists pan the story, and some if it may be "politically incorrect" in today's world. Whatever. A story well told, that touches the heartstrings is a winner ! A personal quest for perfection , for the ideal - that's how I see it. 

💖💞💗 Enjoy :-) 💗💞💖

Monday, 13 February 2017

lost lines, knotted lines, lattice lines

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A force majeure situation involving theft of cable lines has affected my online activity,
So I guess this is my 'punishment' for not keeping the last post short ! I did regret it, soon after it was uploaded - the pictorial could've been converted & uploaded as a separate pdf - an addendum to the main pattern - for those who needed to see the steps. Oh well, too late. 

Sure, go ahead and heave a deep sigh of relief to be temporarily rid of my verbosity ;-P
Will be posting from my tablet for a while ; unsure of how the pics really look ... at least it won't add to the backlog.

Armenian Lace

Continuing with the next 2 stitches, videos of which have been uploaded by Totus Mel. 
Love the Fancy Single Side stitch, a row of which I added to the Square Knot rows later.

As I see it, so far there are only 2 basic movements/knots to remember - kind of like vectors, because direction determines choice.
We use one movement if the next knot is to be worked to the left of present knot ; and a similar but 2nd movement if the next knot is to the right of present knot.
Simple !!!! Of course,  getting the loop lengths even is a whole different story

Lattice Tatting

Evolved many weeks back. A prototype, still on shuttles, unblocked,  unshaped.
I wanted to present it as a proper bookmark with a  few filled-in hearts for Valentine's. The sketch was ready. But the technique needed a bit of polishing & cleaning up before sharing.
Not surprisingly,  got busy with a lot of other stuff.  
Have you seen this before ? If no, then wait a bit more for the reveal.
This is not filet tatting, and much simpler to work.

throw me a line, won’t you ;-P