Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Patty's square pattern and peeks

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It’s been a long time coming, but finally here. It is a single page pdf (although a 2nd blank page has adamantly inserted itself!). Patty kindly permitted me to share the pattern and her pic.

Besides her original square in red, she later PM-ed her 5-arm version using the very same stitch count! The central picot is longer, holding 5 seed beads, and each ring is linked between 2 beads.

As already shown, these are my 3 motifs, using 3 different thread sizes …

… and connected into a bookmark using Curled Ring Connectors (CRC).

I’ve been having more fun with these CRCs
These motifs made at the turn of the century, are linked together with 3-way CRCs, and a bead(s) added in center.

And here I’ve worked the CRC in metallic thread (1 strand of embroidery thread), using them to link sequins.
TIP : As I worked this, I realised a better way to make the CRC. Instead of curling each ring around the element and lock joining, it is better to tat the rings involved in the CRC (2, 3, or 4) and then curl each of them by turn. This creates a more compact and solid connector.

Both bracelets are finished but will be revealed at a later date.

Grazie mille, Patty, per condividere con entusiasmo il modello

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Daniela's effects

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playing some more with Daniela Mendola’s effects - filigree stitch and mimosa knot...

I couldn’t snip off the Dora Young Knot/Join filigree center from the large motif; but found a medallion I had used in one of my pictorials and finally tried Daniela’s original filigree stitch
This time I had no difficulty doing it with lock joins! But I deliberately ended off without completely filling the space – thought it looked good. Also didn't want to risk messing it up ;-P
This is the best close-up I could manage; all others are hazier than this.
Medallion was worked in Anchor 20 while filling in Red Rose Pearl cotton 8.
The filigree stitch with lock joins and my variation using Dora Young Join/Knot together.

While rummaging in my sequin stock for the butterfly in my previous post, I found this star and was drawn to work petals around it. Mimosa knot was ideal for the pointy tips. I winged the stitch count. Chains of [3 - 6 Mk 6 – 3] linked to previous petal and lock joined to sequin.
Anchor size 40 thread scraps were used.

In the lead composite pic, I included Jeanne Lugert's 3D rose because of the mimosa knot leaves I shared here. 

And besides Daniela's own video for mimosa knots, I shared my stepwise instructions here, and Karen Cabrera has promised us a video on this for next month (see comments)! So keep your shuttles ready!

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Lenore's ribbon

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Remember the positivity ribbon I designed specially for my friend? She was strengthened by your response and thoughts. The day she came back with good news was the same evening I received news of another online friend who is terribly ill. Do good and bad news travel in pairs?!
Simultaneously, a facebook group Chiacchierino: Filo, Amore e Fantasia put out Lenore’s pattern, with diagram by Ninetta. Read details here, along with pattern links.

I chose teal (in pearl cotton) to support my 'always tatting' friend.

The 2nd ribbon has beads in 2 colours – green and transparent – the rings going up have green, while on the return the chains have green. Opposite for transparent beads. I wanted to give it a dimensional look, though not very successful

So do come and say 'Hi'. Let's send her some good cheer & prayers this Easter weekend.