Sunday, 28 May 2023

my DAL tadaaaa

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 And the reveal!!!! My version of the 3rd Round design-along for the DAL Celtic Snowflake. This is where I first posted the game - My next two posts showed my own dilemma, course correction and solution trial (thanks to Anna Bonelli!). 

Several techniques, effects, stitches, and their modification have been used to achieve this result. 

I am very happy with the end result. I challenged myself and am quite satisfied.

Tatted in Red Rose size 20 threads (equivalent to Lizbeth size 10), the final size is 14cms.
Motif 1 = 4cms ; Motif 2 = 7cms.

I did away with the Josephine rings. For the tip I used a decorative picot; for the treble arches I used graduated treble tat stitches.

This is how it looks in toto. I would've loved to try Sam's visualization of the flake in blues and greens. Hopefully I will do another one in finer threads using the water effect.

To anchor the are thread in the center, after doing a lock join, I made a tied stitch (as in encapsulation) at the very base and then again at the tip. The bare thread is deliberately left uneven to give an open, free-style look.

This is the same, but from the back. After all Celtic interlacing creates a different overlap on the two sides.

Again from the back.

We now have a total of, I think, 15 models submitted or WIP, with 6 patterns (I have to write out mine to make it 7) and 2 more patterns promised. I have started compiling them in a Google Doc but it takes time to get it all done properly since time needs to be squeezed in, LOL.

Tuesday, 23 May 2023


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 Remember my problem and the mood to give up on my own 3rd round design? Well turns out there were two possible solutions! Anna Bonelli suggested something in Italian which, though lost (on me) in translation actually threw up the first solution to my mind! After making the join I could leave some bare core thread, work and interlace the large ring, then go back and cover the bare thread with 'tied' stitches using the 2nd shuttle!

Anna then tatted a sampler to show what she meant, and that is the solution I adopted. Notice the ring is now horizontal instead of vertical, and I made it smaller too.
Meanwhile I had this idea to use block tatting at the tip. It caught my imagination and between these two elements I allowed my shuttles to do the work, starting with treble tatting arches.
I like how the block appears like a flame. 
In several places I hadn't made any picots. Used a finer crochet hook to clear enough space for a join.
To offset any denseness, I did the bare thread thing in the center. I could use dot picot strings, but wouldn't it be overkill?
Just like the Josephine Ring at the tip of the 'flame' is an overkill, right? Although I cannot decide on the JR above the treble tatting arch.
I was going to include decorative picots, but I like the clean lines here.

So what is your verdict? 
I am open to suggestions since I haven't yet started tatting. Oh and this time I'll be using a muted shade of yellow.

So far the design-along has roped in 12 tatters: 1 diagram only; 5 models only (1 WIP); 5 models with patterns; and 1 late starter. I will collect them all in a Google Doc with shareable link so feel free to join the game whenever you can .... 
My journey so far -
Many many thanks to Anna Bonelli for her wonderful solution that got me going!

Sunday, 21 May 2023


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My previous post 'promised' a 3rd round and also invited you to join in. Good news and bad - my round hasn't quite worked out as I had imagined but the great news is that tatters have already sent in their Gorgeous 3rd (and in some cases even 4th) round. Most have shared their pattern as well. But let the suspense linger till the next post.

I wanted to include another interlacing in this round, this time with a ring. First part is fine but then came the logistics problem! Notice the arrow? If I lock join the chain at this picot, how do I get the large yellow ring to interlace?! See, one should always 'think through' - yeah, I'm no good at that!

I tried a couple of options to no avail especially since this is a very large ring. While at this stage, I can insert the shuttle through the space, it will become harder once more arms are joined. There is one more option I can try - floating or bridging chain, joined back into a mock ring. But with this 40 stitch ring, it will be too much work. Oh, or I could shift to needle instead of shuttle!
Moreover, I am not at all happy with the overall look including the last-minute decision to use black. I was going to use 2 small ring between the arms but then I might get accused of copying another pattern. And seeing the lovelies that have come in, I feel totally inadequate at designing as good a round. So, I might shelve mine for the present till inspiration strikes.

Speaking of inspiration -
It turns out the first 2 rounds/motifs are very similar to Jon Yusoff's beautiful 'Quantiesque' Snowflake'. (free pattern here - During my quick online search for Celtic models/patterns, this one did not show up. The most common were motifs by Rosemarie Peel and Sue Hanson, besides a few others. In the mood to try my own, I thought to improvise with twin rings in the 2nd motif (all models used only a single small ring at the end of the long arms). 

Now both motifs are very basic, beginner level. 
Motif 1 is probably something every antique tatting book begins with after the edgings. Ditto for Motif 2. Nothing proprietary after over a century and half.  
All we do is change the look slightly when we change the count or picot placement, or what we do with it/them subsequently.

Further there are only a very limited ways in which you can interlace, right? Again interlacing dates back to Mlle Riego  if my memory is reliable.Yet, the first impression is very similar to Jon's first 2 motifs [her 2nd motif has twin rings but with a short chain between them; the length of the long arm chain is also shorter than mine]. 

Jon explained all this rationally so much better in response to a self-aggrieved third party complaint.

Another similar start was brought to my notice yesterday. Renulek's 'Plait tatting' motif (free pattern here - Was Jon's snowflake the inspiration for Renulek's start? 

I know one thing. In my attempt to Not be influenced by the models that came up in my search, I ended up doing something similar to Jon and Renulek - both exceptional designers! I am nowhere in their league, LOL, as evident in my botched attempt above.

Be ready to be inspired and wowed by the models and patterns coming in .... stay tuned and my 'lazy' friends, keep your shuttles at hand!