Friday 1 March 2024

waiting for spring

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 It's been a long winter and we are barely stepping into spring. We expect a few more weeks of waning winter since Holi is late this year.

Hubby has been prepping our little balcony garden and this time we have Jasmines. There are plenty of blooms and buds on the plant, I simply picked up two that had dropped. Their fragrance is milder than mogras (which I've shared before). 

Hubby took this sunrise pic on the leap day! The sun looks a lot farther (smaller and less red) than in real life, blame it on the phone camera. 
For almost three months we barely had any sunlight during the first half of the day which is mostly the only time we get direct sunlight. A lot of it had to do with severe air pollution. Finally the last ten days or so have been glorious and we've been able to sit and enjoy some Vitamin D time!

And I pruned some ajwain this morning. These leaves have since been washed and separated, and the twig broken into smaller pieces to dry and use in dishes. 

Just wanted to say Hi and hope you are all doing well! 

Thursday 22 February 2024

Endrucksian Links

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 You might remember that we had created categorised Directories of derivatives from Endrucks' patterns and I shared links as and when they were ready. Now all derivatives are removed from the main EP doc which contains mainly the 44 reworked originals in pdf format. 

Besides this trimming, we also created a Spreading the Word doc so that keeping it updated, along with good sized pics, would be easy. Check out how members have spread word of the book or Project through teaching, articles, exhibitions, etc.

And then there are the games we hold in our FB group. All links to these - from the introduction, rules, album, roundups, etc. are listed in this new EP Events doc

All this was necessitated otherwise the main EP doc was getting too large and unwieldy. Now we have active docs that stand alone and there is plenty of space for expansion.

However, to make it easier to refer, reference, share, and save, all important links are compiled in this  E Links doc which can be saved and other docs accessed through it. Here it is --

There is still work to be done in creating the collage strips for each directory, updating the EP doc content to reflect the new perspective, etc. We'll get there eventually, LOL.

Meanwhile, here's my first collage of Endrucksian Tatting for the cover of our FB group. We are on a break from gaming till April, but we have invited members to take a pic of all their E tatting thus far to adorn the group cover. 

For the cover, we needed a 2:1 pic size. I chose 16:9 in my cell phone camera since it was closest to the requirement, and after resizing, I hardly had to crop it. Also, I had placed all these motifs on a rectangular wood tray, leaving some space bare on the right (for the notations). This worked well.

The motifs are chosen from two boxes close at hand. Most are in clear plastic zip pouches according to the pattern number. Hence you see multiples of the same pattern. After taking this pic I now think I might require at least 4 or 5 such collages to cover all the E work I've done so far. Let's see .... 

Sunday 18 February 2024

happy surprise

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I was tatting a sampler last night to show placement of beads. In my head was a possible zigzag effect but was so happily surprised to see this shape - such graceful arches! 

On pondering, it is 'elementary' - since the stitches all face the same direction, the broader waistband of the stitch creates an uneven arch -- the same reason why a normal tatted chain curves!

I haven't decided how to put this effect to use - possibly a necklace or even a bracelet? 

It would've been even better if the beads were all the same size. Overall the chain remains straight.

If anybody is interested, here's the 'pattern' for Beaded Scallops:

    One shuttle and ball, both pre-strung with seed beads.

    [ 1 bb1 bbbb bbbbbb repeat for desired length.

The 'up' bead(s) are on the ball or picot thread ; the 'down' beads are on the shuttle or core thread. The red beads are on ball thread and the green on shuttle thread.

TIP: Be careful while snugging the cluster of 3 down beads and 1 up bead to avoid gapsosis. I left the shuttle thread a bit loose, made sure the up bead was positioned and snugged properly, then tugged on the core thread to snug the down beads. 

It might've been done before, obviously. However, this is my very own experiment and trial which threw up an unexpected effect. In fact I had first loaded all my beads on only one thread and it was only when I started tatting that I realized my mistake and went back to string beads on both threads ;-P

Happy happy dance!