Saturday, 8 January 2022

here we go again

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 I shouldn't, but I am! Yeah, I should've been working on my numerous commitments, but these hearts were calling to me and I am taking life easy and don't want to regret my actions/inactions. Being tiny, they kind of fit into my Life Interrupted, so there! 

1 & 2 were what I shared yesterday - and they needed improvement. Enter trials 3 & 4 respectively.

I tried 2 things together. One was to make asymmetrical split rings (thanks, AlenAlea Rako), and the other was adding another row of chains below. I also added more joining picots for stability.

Trial #4 is the picoted version of trial #2 - gentle gradation - and I like it. 
TIP: This version can be made with shuttle and ball by using any of the Lock Join Plus options to change direction. ( )

Forgot to include this yesterday. The encircled portion is the heart I am trying to make. Notice how it is much broader here than in my free-standing ones? I tried to mimic the count for the most part in my first trials. But it is the pull from the rest of the round(s) that creates this stretched shape. Perle cotton versus mercerised cotton could also be playing a small part.

Here are the old and new versions together. Is there any improvement? I'm not so sure. And because I added a stabilizing picot for the long chains, the arch is higher than wider, changing the overall outline.
Picots are missing because I wasn't sure of the new count, but I think addition of decorative picots would certainly lift it up. 
Here the picots definitely perk things up! I even considered a Josephine Ring on the inner chain but Mickey Mouse came to mind.
Future idea - Make those 3 inner picots long and joined later to the curved chains, thus filling the negative space.
3 hearts in a Shamrock arrangement, just like Diana Howe had done with the Happy Heart from Endrucks' pattern #1 -

TWoT Notes: Interestingly, of the 4 hearts, 3 follow a different sequence/path! It helps to tat in multiples - each time you get a clearer picture, you focus on subsequent or peripheral aspects, .... and small pieces are just right to tat multiple times, LOL.  

So, dear tatters, what's your opinion and feedback? Which patterns should I share?

Friday, 7 January 2022

hearty round robin

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 ...well, kind of. His Kid was inspired by my design within pattern forays, the latest being 3 possible hearts from Endrucks' doily #37 that I shared here - She quickly belted out 3 trials from Mary Konior's Josephine edging -

In turn, this spurred me to pick up my shuttles and attempt my own trials in whatever time I could muster. Being tiny I managed them both today itself. 

I chose to start with the 2nd encircled pattern from my earlier post since it was the smallest and would be quick to tat. Not bad, but not happy, either with my work.
3 cms wide and 2.75 cms high

Wondering how it would look without the spilt rings, I tried a variation -
Again, this needs better working (it is not blocked, either, just off my shuttles). But I like this version better with clean lines.
2.75 cms wide and 2.5 cms high

What do you think? Which do you prefer? Or would you like patterns for both? Any suggestions for improvement?
Worked in Anchor size 20 (equivalent to Lizbeth size 10). 

Future Idea - I have yet another idea - add a split ring at the side of the variant and repeat the heart and SR to create a round ring of hearts, all in one pass! Will have to work out how many hearts would form a complete circle.
And as I had hinted here - , I 'inaugurated' my new sketch book with these sketches :-D

Thanks, Sue, for getting me out of my stupor and joining this fun exploration 💖

Monday, 3 January 2022

feeble firsts

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Believe me, I have never done bauble tatting! Oh, every year I think I will embellish at least one bauble, but all for nothing. In December 2021, the admin of the Italian FB group 'Chiacchierino: Filo Amore e Fantasia' held an online event with my MatheMagical Star pattern and several tatters used it to cover their bauble ornaments. All this really inspired me to do 2, er 4.

Due to paucity of time and energy, I settled on using whatever motifs I had on hand - a SOUP (Sewing On/Using Pieces) moment. These 4cm ornaments will soon celebrate their 20th buy-day! At the time we didn't have a lot of options in this city and since the tree was decorated only the 1st 2 years, I am hesitant to buy. Next time I will certainly include more beads and crystals, more flamboyance. Perhaps I Should buy a few good quality and larger sized baubles. This little exercise has got me excited and more confident.

In chronological order - 

Bauble #1 - This edging is draped diagonally and temporarily taped down behind. (don't look behind!). But in Anchor size 20, it is too thick. A daintier edging/insertion would look better. And a tiny motif or 2 on the bare side spaces? 
Interlaced Cumulus pattern -
Bauble #2 - There is no good angle to capture both flakes in a pic. These are in Lizbeth 20 and perhaps the reason I put them together. Spin Away above and ConcentriCity below.
I used a matching blue metallic thread to join the 2 flakes together. It really isn't difficult! Without cutting the thread from the reel, I sewed through the picots, and finally adjusted the tension and positions before snipping, tying, and hiding. Keeping the thread on the reel gave me a lot of leeway with no fear of running short.

Bauble #3 - This is the small version of the MatheMagical Star in size 40 - the only one that ... the others were too large for this bauble. And I kind of liked how the crystals sat like a crown on top.
On the underside is the Folded Fun Star. I hope you can see how I went a bit adventurous and joined the 2 stars.
Bauble #4 - Messy but looks better in real. I was going for an organic look by not tying down each twisted picot. But very difficult to photograph.

I simply sprinkled a few of my snowflakes instead of suspending them - yup lazy. Hubby even offered to put up a string of lights but I hope to be better prepared next time.

It happens Every year! I let the sunny days slip by and when I finally get around to decorating the tree, the sun gives me the slip! So the pic comes out insipid. Oh well, this should be a staunch reminder to start early this year!

I really want to thank all the wonderful versions shared by tatters around the globe - in the event (one tatter inserted it inside a transparent star ornament; and others who used beads in exciting arrangement) as well as ornaments in general - that got my juices running, finally. Feeble firsts, but determined to be better later this year!

All the star and snowflake patterns can be found here -