Thursday, 17 January 2019

a small gesture

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A tatted gesture for a very special person
Will you join me in sending positive energy and prayers? 
Just a little 'Hi' in the comment box to show we care.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

celestial razzle dazzle

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an adaptation of Sharon's Dec 28 snowflake. Although “undecided”, I am so glad she decided to share the pattern.
In the pics the sparkle seems spotted. Part of the reason is that a single metallic wire is twisted with cotton thread. In real this wire creates a stronger and nicely cohesive shine. 

I loved how the elements in this flake seemed to fan out! Which is why I waited to tat it in metallic threads thus magnifying the radiation and radiance! So this time I have a sunflake with a few differences, if you can spot them?

What I did differently :
  • Increased motifs to 7 instead of 6 because there was cupping.
  • Worked the 2nd round with thrown rings, instead of chains-only.
There was ruffling as the rounds were added, but roll blocking flattened it okay. Made me think I could've retained 6 dendrites! The cupping is NOT a reflection on the design; it is my own shortcoming with such medallions.

What I could’ve done differently :
  • Make longer joining picots in inside facing gold rings, thus keeping the motif count to 6.
  • Reduce the gold & increase the silver.
  • anything you would like to suggest ???
In Red Rose size 20, it measures 11cms. Now to attach it within a large enough frame to hang in the window, letting it razzle and dazzle as it catches the sun’s rays.

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Friday, 11 January 2019

new and old

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metallic thread, background, snood

As promised yesterday, this is the medallion (not blocked) I started immediately, using Red Rose metallic thread.
The thread is nice to tat with – soft and smooth - but very strong. It is so much easier than using 2 or 3 strands of metallic embroidery thread.
I did consciously loosen my stitch tension. And no extra half stitch at end of rings. 

TIP to close ring: While closing rings, pull evenly till almost the very end, then another tug towards the left (for right-handers) to close that final gap.

TIP to retro-tat: I had to un-tat a ring. It felt safer & easier to undo half stitch at a time (using the blunt head of #10 crochet hook) instead of forcing open the ring. After a few stitches were taken out, it was easy to pull open the ring loop wider and quickly unravel the rest.

Playing with camera settings for background using same metallic thread medallion. Didn’t know my phone camera had such a wide range – these are only a few I selected to upload. The top right is 'autumn'.


And a UFO from mid-2016! I kept finding and losing it in my closet. But this time when I found it, I felt energized to complete it. Perhaps Eliz's perseverance rubbed off on me. Also, I need to replace this 2017 snood because some of the end chains have frayed due to daily friction.
It measures about 5½ cms across (in size 40) while I need at least 7 cms. So off to the drawing board to chalk out some rows. I intend to use a dark shade - brown or black - to keep the spinning wheel in focus. Now to decide how to fill that space - a daunting task.