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A list of all my tutorials & experiments. Click on each (blue) to reach the post &/or download the pdf (pink). Most are presented as step-by-step pictures of actual tatting, but for many, I hope to diagram & convert to pdf ... some day.  Please note that these are what work/have worked for me. Hopefully they will work for you, too. Feedback & Input is Always welcome. If you would like me to do a specific tutorial, please email me (in my profile), &/or leave your contact email.
Happy Tatting, Always :-)

See also tons of Tatting Tutorials and Resources links that cover almost everything -  

(This page is under construction, with a lot of past tutorial links still to be uploaded) 
last entry : July 20th, 2023

Adding Findings Atop Beads  Jane McLellan's solution to adding findings/hooks to beads in a diamond formation 
Raised Beads (Alternate method)
Beaded SR Braid - part 1 Beads on 3rd Thread ;   NEW 2021
Bead Effects (some tips and ideas)

FLOATING  BEADS - diagrams to be uploaded 
Part 1 Pictorial - FB in thrown ring ; (see also Part 4 for alternate method)
Part 2 Pictorials - FB in Ring, variations, and Under Chain ;
Part 3 Pictorials - Varied effects & applications including FB string, in & out of SCMR, Stacked, Fringe, length variation ; Concentric (bead within beads).
Part 4 Pictorial - alternate methods and method used on sequins, and tatted rings.
pdf soon
Part 5 Pictorial - FB in SR, SCMR, and SSSR. 
practice patterns : Floating teardrops earrings (pdf link) ; Noorjahan's Rubies parure (pdf link).

Measuring the Picot (pdf) - comprehensive article on the various ways to measure picots. blog post.   
Inward Picot with Marker - tips, advantages, links
comparison between Interlocking, Mrs Mee, and Tuft picots.
Picoted Josephine Rings - various picot effects such as Interlocking picots, Mrs Mee picots, Tuft picots, etc. comparison, observations, and notes
How to estimate length of central picot that has many rings joining to it.
SLT Picot - to switch colours/threads adding a picot. Useful in block tatting, changing chain direction, etc. 
Measured Picot on the Core thread - or mock picot or inward picot pictorial using LHK/luggage tag
Intruding Picot pictorial ; effects and application #1 ; #2 ;

DIRECTION of Tatting : This Way or Tat? (TWoT) Series : (to be continued)
How and why tatting changes direction ; how to adapt and customize our tatting by referring to a compilation of diagrams. The series is divided into sets which include diagrams, instructions, exercises, practice patterns.Preface : Quo vadis
Introduction - an overview, who and how it can help, snowflake patterns, observation table pdf file
Set I - Rings Only - diagrams, patterns, questions, exercises, ... pdf file  UPDATED pdf link
Left-handed Tatting - a comparison of right- & left-handed tatting by Eliz Davis
Coming next : Set II - Chains Only
Paths/choices when climbing out with a split ring using Mark Myer's Luster Snowflake as an example to show process. pictorial pdf.
Magic Pathways - in Fortuna square

CHAINS in Shuttle Tatting  My ready-reference sampler list of numerous chains in shuttle tatting, pdf file
Changing Chain Curves - Convex, Concave pdf file Video for needle tatting the methods demonstrated by Bonnie Swank
S-Chain with Picots or Picoted S-Chain pictorial ; as seen from the back.

12 Cluny Tatting Tips
Hanging & Split Cluny Leaves 
Broad Cluny Leaves  multi-Warp Cluny Tatting. And Introducing "ONE SMALL STEP" to make the closing of tallies Easy !
Warp Four Cluny Tatting Tutorial - 2 Versions. pdf file
Warp Five Cluny Tatting Tutorial - pdf file
Cluny Shapes and Effects - such a variety, including 3D, & freeform - see it to believe it!
 COLOURED (and Basic) Cluny Tatting - first trials
The Basics of Cluny tatting - winding the loom and weaving the tally.  
Hitch the Loom - an important step before weaving (Edwige Renaudin)
Cluny Loom - converting a card loom into box loom (Jean Gordon)
Basic Colour Variation - working with 2 colours. See also bracelet pattern
Two-Colour Cluny Tatting - pictorial showing 2-coloured striped tally. practice pattern (butterfly) with pdf
Three-Colour Cluny Tatting - pictorial with 3-colour striped tally. prototype patterns.
Four-Colour Broad Cluny tatting - pictorial with 4-colour striped tally

How to Unlock the Lock Join - a stepwise pictorial . Also published in "Tatter Chatter" Sept 2015.
Joins in Shuttle Tatting Part I -  Demystifying Joins 
Joins in Shuttle Tatting Part II - Shuttle 2 to the Rescue
how to reduce colour blip in Lock Join
Equidistant join
Picot Join to the Right (pictorials using Rotate Work)-
Part 1 (outward rings); 
Part 2 (chains & down join); 
Part 3 (terminology, and range);
Part 4 (inward rings) 
Slope and Roll Join - pros, cons, links

LOCK JOIN PLUS Series - aka Reposition Methods
#1 - 
Summary & Practice Patterns pictorial pdf ; 
Lock Join pictorial pdf;
Reposition Threads pictorial pdf;
Shoe Lace Trick (SLT) pictorial pdf; (see also SLT Picot below)
Reverse Join (RJ) pictorial pdf
Twist Work (TwW) pictorial pdf
#2 - 

CURLED  RINGS (Ninetta's Curled Rings)
Concept, description,  comparison
Some Effects & how to
More Possibilities
Final Options / effects

MOCK RINGS - Types/Formation   
Mock rings made with ---
Under-Over Join part 1 ;
Under-Over Join part 2
Lock Join part 1 ;
Lock Join part 2 (mock onion rings) ;

Split/SCMR - a slight variation/adaptation
For Large Rings - experimenting with different methods to compare effects.

ABOUT  STITCHES : Comparison/Characteristics

Padded Double Stitch - Discussing & showcasing the potential of the self-padded DS or BDS or DDS - much beyond straight chains ! First Trials. 
Folded Rings & Curled Rings
Comparing Folded Rings and HMSR pdf of table
Half Moon Split Rings (HMSR) & Folded Rings . pdf of table
Inward & Outward facing rings - explained by comparing ring to a fish. pdf link .
Twist Work in Reverse Stitch (TwW)- a stepwise pictorial. This is also how stitches are wrapped in Daisy Picot
About Dot Picot
Comparing Picots - Interlocking, Mrs Mee, and Tuft picots
Treble Tatting (tds) -  a visual study ;  stepwise how-to pictorial ; how to join & variations ;  half treble  ; tds worked as a Twisted picot pictorial ; Notation for graduated or variable tds.   
Measuring the Picot - so many ways to measure picots - complete article pdf  part of article published in Bellaonline July 2018 
Filigree Stitch with Dora Young Knot/Join - filling enclosed spaces.
Mimosa Knot - deconstructed
Knot Stitch - pictorial and Comparing Knot Stitch and Split Chain  NEW 2021

1. INTERLACED  SPLIT  RINGS  BRAID and similar techniques
How to Start Interlaced SRs   
Over & Under Interlaced Split Rings .
Under & Over Interlaced SRs 
Interlaced Rings revisited - pictorial  
Interlaced Rings with only 2 shuttles - pictorial 
See also Switch the Core  

Interlocking Split Ring Braids - Part 1 using Ninetta and Karen's methods ; Part 2 using Kathy's method ; Part 3 Tatted Rope Chain Ninetta's method. 

Beaded SR Braids - part 1 Beads on 3rd Thread ;

Perpendicular Concentric Josephine Rings - how to make 3D Onion Josephine Rings !
Padded Tatting Solutions. Part 1 - Starting with an auxiliary thread! Especially handy in 3D tatting.
Padded Tatting Solutions. Part 2 - Ending with auxiliary thread from the shuttle itself !!!
Corina's Fringe (a spot adaptation) - Adapting Corina's fringe 
Twisted Picot (Floating) (TwP)- stepwise pictorial, & variations
Twisted Picot (Floating) with Knotted Bead(s)
Curlicues - pictorial (dead end / floating / single shuttle split chains)
Rings Enrapt / Wrapped Rings - an experimental new effect, which can also be used in bare thread or mignonette tatting to reinforce or to make 2 colour tatting possible as applied here.
Overlapping Split Rings - A quick & simple way to achieve a Celtic tatting effect using only SRs.
Tatted Cotter Pin Links with a Double Twist - taking off from Marilee's original tutorial, some possible directions
Ikuta Picots Method 3 - pictorial pdf Overlapping picots and variations
Josephine Ring Cluster - pictorial included in pdf
Chain around ring how-to : Row 9 of Renulek's Wiosna 2015. Lots of other ways to tat same motif.
Changing colours in onion ring type motif - various methods shown in same motif as above.
Layered Onion Rings
Double Core Split Ring - working Starlet & Leaf Clover motifs continuously in Renulek's Snow Doily, using 2 colours. pdf with diagram.
Captured Onion Ring - Kathleen Minniti's method   
Captured Onion Rings compared   
Picoted Josephine Rings - comparing methods with process pics - regular/Interlocking picots, Mrs Mee picots, Tuft picots (2 ways) 

Winding Thread CTM 
Winding Shuttles CTM 
Making Skeins from Hanks (or Balls) 
Making Balls from hanks - very useful for HDT !
Bobbin Shuttles - How to firm up a loose/running bobbin 
Starting Dead End Chain (SSSCh) - including Curlicues
Starting with a chain (& starter picot) in 2-colour tattingpictorial pdf
Closing a Ring - experimenting with different methods table pdf
Hiding End Tails without a Knot - vast compilation of links and tips. diagrams-only pdf 
Tatting over Tails - the middle pathPART 1 & PART 2pictorial pdf  
Hiding ends Knot-free in rings - as in Quatrefoil medallions pictorial pdf
Making the thread last longer - using extender thread ; SCMR instead of ring
Hiding Colour Blip in Lock Join 
Switch the Core - optimizing thread usage in split rings. pictorial (pdf soon)
Adding new thread WITHIN a ring - pictorial pictorial pdf (published in IOLI Bulletin 2020
Adding new thread to a bare thread or rings only pattern - pictorial
How to Block Lace Using a Rolling Pin - A pictorial pdf included
Hiding ends in Split Ring without sewing 
Whip Stitch to hide tails - with diagram pdf  
Needles used and related tips
Tassels - tips and tricks  
Curled Ring Connectors   
False CTM - PART 1 ; PART 2
CTM with Extra shuttle 2 thread - a tip 
Adding, Hiding, blip-free and knot-free in colour tatting ; more tips/tricks - tips

False CTM - PART 1 ; PART 2
Vintage style continuous tatting  


Magic Circle/Ring in tatting
Gapsosis can be good ... sometimes - situations when a little 'gapsosis' or bare thread space between elements can be desirable.
Avoiding gapsosis in trefoil and thrown ring clusters - a pictorial
Double Core SSSR - hiding unwanted colour diagram pdf of 2-colour motif
Large Ring Options - 4 different ways of working a large ring.
How to estimate length of central picot that has many rings joining to it.
When to Post a Shuttle?
How to String Beads - pictorial
How to count stitches in black or fine threads - with diagram pdf   
How to Tat Uniform Motifs and medallions - a list of 10 general factors. Jeanie Schekel's additional tips.
How to power a shuttle winder - Jean Gordon with pdf & video.
SLT Picot - to switch colours/threads adding a picot. Useful in block tatting, changing chain direction, etc. 
Measured Picot on the Core thread - or mock picot or inward picot pictorial using LHK/luggage tag

Techniques may have different names but there may be some common factor running through them. Once we can tease out these common threads (presented as Sets below), learning becomes easier. 

Set I : Overhand Tie - this movement is common in SLT, CKP, Puncetto knot, Pointed chain.
Set II : Rings on Ring - thrown/floating rings off a central ring can be done by SQDR (or R on SR), RR, SCMR, LTROR. (Central Ring with Multiple Thrown Rings)  pdf with table, pictorial, practice pattern
Set III : Picot Gauge in relation to Core thread & half stitch - including a comparison between Interlocking, Mrs Mee, and Tuft picots.
Set IV : Gapsosis can be good - situations when 'gapsosis' is required.
Set V : Post a Shuttle - 13 situations when posting a shuttle is needed.
Set VI : One-Pass Lace - characteristics and comparison between Magic Square, Magic/Infinite Pathways, and one-pass doilies
Set VII : Creating a Point - (only listing with links) mimosa knot, 1 stitch SCMR, pointed chain, dot picot, ... to be pictured soon.  
-         Shoelace trick (SLT), switch shuttle or reverse work
-         Frivole’s one-stitch SCMR  
-         Jon Yusoff’s pointed chain 
-    Martha Ess’ folded chain (2 half-stitches) 
-         Usha Shah’s dot picot (or a half stitch dot picot as in pattern, to reduce 'bulk')
-         Ninetta Caruso’s right angle
-         Daniela Mendola’s mimosa knot 
Set VIII : Thrown Ring Methods - so many eays to make thrown/floating and 8 rings! pdf file.
False CTM - part 1 ; part 2

Hybrid Tatting - thoughts and use of needle in shuttle tatting 

2 quick tips  ;   2 sliding tips  ;

QUICK  DESIGNING  IDEAS  - Numerous paths to designing 

moved to Tatting Patterns & Designs

An attempt to graphically represent various stitches & techniques in shuttle tatting. An ongoing series.
FS/BS Tatting or when to use DS & RODS  pdf file


  1. Somewhere in your blog I saw a comment concerning cutting out mistakes. I think you were just cutting out a section; if so, could you provide a tutorial on how to reattach threads on both sides of the section? Plus, a tutorial on joining in new threads would be nice. I've had to dig through the internet (especially Georgia Seitz' and Jane Eborall's sites) looking for different methods).


    1. Hi Susie :-)
      Ave you checked some of the resource/tutorial links I've listed here : . Scroll down ; after the Cluny Tatting section is a section on Hiding Ends. See if you like any of those.

      Jennifer Williams aka cariad also has tutorials with very clear diagrams :

      In case you still face difficulties, let me know & I will happily prepare a pictorial. Feel free to contact me by email. If not, leave comment here about your progress.
      Happy tatting :-)

  2. Can you please give a tutorial on split chains?

    1. Only just saw your comment, Lofty Notions !
      What exactly are you looking for ? Do you want stepwise pictures? You can email me with details, so that we don't simply repeat stuff that is already online.

  3. This is a wonderful resource! Thanks so much. I have bookmarked this page... :-)

  4. Fabulous resource! I am going through each one and learning so much that I can refine my technique with. Have you done finished Joins yet? I’m looking for some more information on “below” joins. Maybe you have posted it in another category and I have not found it?

    1. Glad you find this helpful, Jeanne :-)
      No, I have not yet uploaded the remaining joins (though material is compiled), but if you email me (click on my profile) with your question(s), I'll try to answer.
      A lot of info about the "below" joins is scattered in my blog posts. Enter a specific technique in the search box and you should be able to get some tips hopefully.

  5. I love your headband with ribbon. Do you know if anyone has adapted it for needle tatting? Thank you.

    1. Betty Mae, I hope Pam's notes helped and you could tat the ribbon? 💐