Saturday 22 February 2020

not one ring

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Snowflake #10 in Land of Laces’ 25 Snowflake Project

And you thought out of 2019, out of mind! No, I haven't about posting the left out patterns! When Anetta invited me to share a snowflake pattern and something about myself for her Meeting with Tatting series, I took the longer path instead of giving her an already published pattern. On the 1st of every month, she intends to share a design and designer, and everybody can participate.

Rosette Enchained Snowflake & Ice Drop
free pattern pdf (click to download)

This pattern was first created in 2016 and I have since posted several models. It is made of Chains Only, for what was to be Set 2 of the This Way or Tat series of diagrams. I don’t know when that series will resume, but at least the pattern is here.

The entire motif is worked from the front, in clockwise direction.

Whether you choose 1 or 2 colours; shuttle and ball or 2 shuttles; the join used to switch colours/shuttles; the technique used to change curve of outermost chain; etc., can result in a change of direction.

Hence it was to be one of the practice patterns for the TWoT Set 2 – Chains Only. A fun way to study how our choices affect direction, and may differ from what the designer/pattern says.
The entire snowflake motif is worked in one pass. In the 2 outer rounds, there is a short 2ds chain which can be worked as a split chain by advanced tatters. But if you are not in the mood, why not try the vintage style of leaving some bare thread at the back, lock join, and continue with next round. For all practical purposes, it is not discernible! Don’t do it for a competition, though ;-D

Continuous tatting, vintage style -
In this collage, from top right –
  1. last chain in 4th round with a picot join to the right. Remember to keep both threads to back of work before making join.
  2. Complete 2ds, and lock join to 3rd round (pic shows back of work)
  3. From front, pull up a loop of shuttle thread, and make a lock join leaving sufficient bare thread.
  4. Continue with next round. Voilà, no split chain required.

I have already posted the choices one can adopt for the concave chain segment in last round. It is also part of this pdf. 

Ice Drop
The ice drop is probably a novelty, being made only with chains. There are 2 separate motifs – one larger (yellow), and the other smaller (green). 
 The pattern remains almost exactly the same as the snowflake, except for more repeats. 

When working the 3rd round of smaller motif, the join is made simultaneously through Both previous round as well as the respective round of larger one. With a crochet hook, pull a loop of ball/chain thread through both picots, pass shuttle through loop, and snug tight. Hence simple picot join, not a lock join. The cabochon is inserted before the last 2 joins are made.

Click to download Rosette Enchained Snowflake & Ice Drop pattern

I hope you enjoy this pattern and play with colours, embellishments, etc.

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  1. This is lovely and I need to make my yearly ice drop 😃💐💐

    1. 😄😄😄 Don't delay much longer, Carollyn. You have less than 10 months to decorate your tree 😉

  2. So many possibilities. Beautiful tatting, it’s not easy to make sure chains are all equal and even.

    1. I agree, Jane. Luckily the chains in this are short, but I often struggle with getting them snugged just right!

  3. Beautiful pattern and tatting!

    1. Now that I have worked with a few brands/sizes, threads play a huge role in getting neatly tatted lace, Ninetta.

  4. Beautiful pattern thank you for sharing your patterns

  5. It's amazing to see what can be tatted with chains only! Thanks for sharing your lovely design. I especially like it as an Ice Drop!

    1. Come to think of it, chain is a more complete element than a ring! Chains can become mock rings, not vice versa.
      Hardly surprising you like the ice drop, Diane ;-P

  6. This is lovely! Thanks for the pattern.

  7. Marja, Sue, & Agnieszka, thank you so much :-)))

  8. Replies
    1. My pleasure, Anetta :-))) Glad you became the motivator to complete this presentation ;-D Hope your participants enjoy it, too.

  9. Śliczności :)
    Pozdrawiam ciepło.