Sunday, 30 April 2017

gifting SOUP

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using tatted motfis and scraps on gifts

Readers may remember that I use up many motifs, trial pieces, etc. to adorn fabric or paper. The acronym (not a very good one) SOUP stands for Sewing On/Using Pieces of tatting.
(click on label on right panel for my earlier “tatting SOUPs”)

Here are a few pics of my more recent ventures.
Since this is in family, and hand-gifted, I merely tape the motifs on the underside. 
The recipients enjoy taking out the pieces and re-using in their own way :-)

I like that the cover brings in some interest…

and I reduce some of my stash, making room for more !
Patterns on this gift wrapper:
Laurel leaves & Wiggly flowers from Ring in the Bouquet
Rosette Enchained – pattern to be shared
Those small fluffy flowers are made with scrap thread (size 40) using Interlocking picots (long picots on a Josephine ring). 


Jane’s TIAS rabbit & Irene Woo’s Heart of a Butterfly have also been similarly taped & gifted some weeks back (forgot to take a pic).
I try to match up the embellishment with the gift inside or to the recipient's taste, as far as possible.


Prior to that, this envelope has 2 of my favorites taped on ...
Super 17 Butterfly (3D in size 40) and
my tiny Hibiscus doodad


Mission accomplished !

Where/how do you serve your tatting SOUP ?

keep tatting - SOUP is healthy :-)


  1. Lovely gifts :) I like your soup! My mum is my first recipient, then I serve the soup around, lol!

  2. Great idea! I have a big acid-free scrapbooking box that holds my tatted treasures... the ones that aren't decorating the house, that is!

  3. I like your soup, mine are put on greeting cards or left in a box until I need something.

  4. Thank you so much everybody :-)))

    Yes, it was fun, Jane & Renata

    Aren't you cheeky, Ninetta! Poor Mom will always relish a daughter's soup, no matter what ;-P Doubt there's much left to go around :-D

    Diane you do serve your ice drops with such a clamor for refills :-)

    Interestingly, Margaret, I've not yet put any tatting on my greeting cards. I do want to create a tatted scene or landscape especially for a card.

  5. Those are all so pretty!! They make a great picture!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sue :-) the large collage covers a colouring book for my dear niece :-)

  6. I always use up my soup. Yours are very pretty.

  7. Nice work! I like to tape little motifs to cards for my mom, and try to match the colors if I can.

    1. Beautiful idea, Mistene :-) They must look so pretty .