Wednesday, 8 February 2017


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2 TIASes and a book

Tat It And See 2016
Jane Eborall
I didn’t participate last year. But there's always so much to learn from Jane's ingenuity :-)  So I started both projects together, tatting and taking day-wise pics, but didn’t keep it up.
The carrot & greens are made with some leftover embroidery strands. For the greens , I used my spot adaptation of Corina’s fringe. Instead of the core thread, though, I joined them to the picot thread, while forming the picot, and snugged the picot tight. I found this quicker, easier, leaving no floppiness either.
This Brer Rabbit has found a juicy carrot and is excitedly calling out to his friend Herr Hare to share it together. Brer Rabbit is wily, though and might just give the greens to Herr Hare, keeping the carrot for himself ;-p 

 World of Wildlife
Anthony & Jacqueline Nayman
This is one of a set of 3 coffee table books including ‘The Oceans’ and ‘Space’ by Fergusson Publishing, Chicago.
At the start of each chapter, the wildlife of each region is depicted on the map graphically, giving a bird’s eye view of the range & distribution of fauna. And of course, there are lovely photographs and history. Have I read the entire book ? Ummm, no! But I like to flip pages and settle randomly on something.

Tat It And See 2017
Jane Eborall
The final came all you soon, but journey was joyful, with so much enthusiasm from all participants. 
She measures a petite 2½"× 2¼" in size 20 Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest.

This dame must enjoy her walk (it's almost sunset!), too, flaunting her beautifully designed gown from The House of Jane ! She's just as much a trooper as our Jane is ☺ 

happy tatting always J


  1. Funny bunny :) I read about the Armenian lace - thank you for your inspiration:)

    1. I'ii be waiting to see your lacework, Anetta :-)

  2. I enjoy flipping through books for inspiration. Books of music that is ;0)

    1. musical strings in the head and thread strings in the hands ! Wow, Mel :-)))

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sue :-) She does have a velvety gown ;-)