Monday, 13 February 2017

lost lines, knotted lines, lattice lines

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A force majeure situation involving theft of cable lines has affected my online activity,
So I guess this is my 'punishment' for not keeping the last post short ! I did regret it, soon after it was uploaded - the pictorial could've been converted & uploaded as a separate pdf - an addendum to the main pattern - for those who needed to see the steps. Oh well, too late. 

Sure, go ahead and heave a deep sigh of relief to be temporarily rid of my verbosity ;-P
Will be posting from my tablet for a while ; unsure of how the pics really look ... at least it won't add to the backlog.

Armenian Lace

Continuing with the next 2 stitches, videos of which have been uploaded by Totus Mel. 
Love the Fancy Single Side stitch, a row of which I added to the Square Knot rows later.

As I see it, so far there are only 2 basic movements/knots to remember - kind of like vectors, because direction determines choice.
We use one movement if the next knot is to be worked to the left of present knot ; and a similar but 2nd movement if the next knot is to the right of present knot.
Simple !!!! Of course,  getting the loop lengths even is a whole different story

Lattice Tatting

Evolved many weeks back. A prototype, still on shuttles, unblocked,  unshaped.
I wanted to present it as a proper bookmark with a  few filled-in hearts for Valentine's. The sketch was ready. But the technique needed a bit of polishing & cleaning up before sharing.
Not surprisingly,  got busy with a lot of other stuff.  
Have you seen this before ? If no, then wait a bit more for the reveal.
This is not filet tatting, and much simpler to work.

throw me a line, won’t you ;-P


  1. Although I have not been tempted to pull my Armenian lace books off the shelf, I am following your posts with great interest. Pure laziness has kept me from learning more about posting from my tablet. I hope all gets sorted out soon at your end.

    1. I do work on posts, or edit them, & occasionally post from my tablet. I use Chrome browser, no app. But it is often harsh on my eyes.
      As for Armenian lace, I'm trying to make the most of her great videos, without getting into it seriously. Trying out one stitch every week is a good enough pace ;-D

  2. I find it difficult to post from my tablet, especially to upload photos, but you seem to be doing fine! I've done lattice tatting from the Julia Sanders book, different from yours in that it uses 'sets' rather than normal tatting. I look forward to learning more!

    1. Uploading pics from Gallery is no problem, Jane, but since I like to notate the details I have to use Photoshop app which often gives a super-close-up, in-your-face view ;-P
      I know the latticework you refer to - came across it while searching for it on Google. As you observed, it is not the same technique, but it Is one we use in a slightly different fashion perhaps.

  3. Interesting post, I look forward to seeing more on the bookmark.
    Never tried Armenian lace it looks interesting but I have a lot of things in the go at the moment.

  4. I love how tatting seems endless with possibilities this latest is unique looks fun was it hard to tat?

  5. I'll try to get the bookmark started as soon as I can, Margaret :-)

    So true, Carollyn ! No, it is not difficult, especially not for you :-) It has it's own rhythm, too.

  6. I haven't seen the lattice lace before! It didn't strike me as being the same as that in Julia Sanders' book. I'll look forward to more details on that.

    For now, I am steering clear of Armenian lace. I have too many tatted projects in my mind... ;-)

  7. Glad you like it Corina :-)

    Hi Grace :-) My Google search didn't throw up this technique either. From what I came across, some blocking would be needed to get a diamond shape. In the above prototype (which is simply a combination of known techniques), the shape forms naturally and holds. I'll let you know when I work and post it :-)