Tuesday, 7 February 2017

hooked !

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on TIASes, tatting on paperclips, and block heart !

Fish Paperclip
Phyllis Schmidt
Georgia has a great new surprise project every month on the Online Tatting Class. Phyllis’ tatting on a paper clip – a new pattern every month through this year ! The first one for January is this cute fish.
I had thread left over from a recent project – a size 3 or 5. So the fish is a bit large, but my first on a clip and I like it ;-P And it was such a quick tat, too, except that I forgot where to add the bead and ended up having to undo the half-tatted ring. Bead has to be on the shuttle, Not around the hand, silly me ! See, I can even make it stand upright  :-D  
Hmmm, I just noticed. See, instead of printing the pattern, I had quickly sketched the diagram and jotted a few things. Only now, as I compare her tatted model with mine on the large screen, do I notice the difference in tails (compare the caps).

Please note : To be sure, RODS is reverse order of a normal Flipped double stitch, not the unflipped second side of split ring, which is called a Reverse Stitch & it subsumes a reverse order but of unflipped half stitches.

Tat It And See 2017 – Day 10
Jane Eborall

Sniggering BC3 
thinks we're 'over the bend'
Clueless still
my Day 10 I send 

All my guesses
didn't pass the test
Setting it aside 
I'll, errrr, take a rest

I'm still going with a lady in a gown and this is her hair/hat/hood ; the rest of her ensemble shawl or cape will appear next, crossing over the neck with an alligator 'pin' (join) and tying off at that tiny little picot on the right !

Large Block Heart ....

I have so much lined up to share, but don't want to make this too lengthy ... so we'll all just have to wait a while longer ;-P But here's a peek into a single Block Heart - a larger one that can be used as brooch, pendant or lapel pin, or perhaps something else. This was the project with size 3 or 5 thread with which I made the fish above. It's still a work in progress, though, and I used a different join.

Many thanks to Jane and Phyllis for sharing their delightful patterns and I look forward to tatting more of them !

happy tatting, till then


  1. Everything looks wonderful and I love those fabulous colors!!!! :)

  2. I've long admired the tatting on a paperclip idea, but never got around to trying it. I do like the fishy!

  3. I remember all the tatting on paperclips several years ago. I went crazy buying cute paperclips, but never got around to tatting on them! Love the fish!

  4. The thread and colourways (there were 5) are pretty, Sue, but too thick for everyday tatting. Yet, one never knows when they might come in handy ;-)

    I won't be using the paperclips as bookmarks, Jane & Diane, but this was too cute to miss ! And I actually designed a house on clip (on Phyllis' list) last night - great way to clear shuttles and hand out :-)

  5. Your fish looks beautiful. Love the color. I had thought of tatting the fin that way to begin with (great minds think alike). No right or wrong way. A nice design choice!

    1. Note to self - just looked at the pattern at the fin. Will reword so it can be done either way RODS or second part of split ring. I can see where it might be a little confusing.

    2. I'm so happy you approve of the fish, Phyllis ! We all Loved the cute little thing & I very much enjoyed tatting it :-) Thanks for sharing it

  6. Hey that look very cute, I like mine better but never gave the pattern out sorry about that.
    Love the heart very sweet idea :)

    1. I remember your delightful fish, Carollyn ! I had it in mind when tatting this :-)

  7. meraviglioso , io amo i quadratini al chiacchierino