Tuesday, 28 February 2017

sakuras and shuttles

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what does one do when one is laid up in bed, without necessarily lying down ?
Tat, of course !!!
And this lovely pattern, shared on the same day, caught my eye. I've been meaning to tat one of her designs for a while now.

Cherry Blossom Doily 1 Variation
Hye-oon Lee
(of lovelytatting.com)

I liked two aspects - the 16 central outward-facing rings, and the thrown rings on the last round. Perfect!
After a bit of dallying over choice of colours, I settled on traditional pink flowers and brown bark of tree.

Tatted in size 40 threads, it measures 4½ inches across.
Anchor Mercer Art. 4054 : pink - 052 ; brown 00352. I needed less than 2 full bobbins of pink and 1 full bobbin of brown.
Techniques : 2 shuttles , thrown rings, mock ring with thrown rings.

I cut and joined for each round.
Started the last round with brown thrown ring instead of the sakuras.
Click here for the free pattern, and also to view more of her exquisite tatting.
I thoroughly enjoyed tatting this !


Homemade Shuttles

And on a totally different note, now that I can do beads, who knows when I might need a large shuttle to load beads ?! Couldn’t find them on Amazon, so Pinterest to my rescue !

Last year, Tamara had requested testers for her prototype cardboard shuttles on Craftree and this is what I rustled up within a few minutes, using doubled-up cardstock. Crudely made, but worked well enough to give her feedback and suggestions. I was too ashamed to post, coz Eliz had soon made a perfect set!

This time I cut out the sides from an empty L’Oreal shampoo bottle - plastic. And for the central post I used an adaptation of Tamara’s method, with cardstock – merely folding 2 rectangles at both ends and gluing them all. Sandpapered the sides a bit. Still crude, but feels good to know that it is do-able. Needs to be adorned and tested; all that for later. For now, it seems to be holding up fine.
I've placed a Pony shuttle beside it to compare size.

Hey, it just occurred to me that this being the last day of the month would’ve qualified for the pinterest challenge ;-D

 Many thanks to all the designers for sharing their skills ! 

happy tatting everyone !


  1. I wish you speedy recovery. When I'm down enough I need to stay in bed, I'm too down to even pick up shuttles. Kuddos to you for keeping tatting!

  2. Lovely doily, I saved this pattern too the other day, it's on my to do list.
    It woukd have been a great Pinterest challenge but we are doing them every other month next one will be on the 31st March,
    I like your home made shuttle and it's nice it's something that has come from a bottle you recycled. Great idea.

  3. The Cherry blossom is really lovely! Yes, the outward facing flowers make it unusual. I like the idea of recycling but I can't really see myself making my own shuttles. Good for you.

  4. Hope you're fit as a fiddle soon!

  5. You are being creative in so many ways, love the pink and brown the prefect choice you really did a wonderful job, and thanks for pattern. I love the shuttles too and love the thin center cause it appears you can get more thread on them and I too read the comment about the nail polish and wonder if you can't try some on the scraps first to see if it would distort the plastic. great post!

  6. Lovely doily! Thanks for pattern:)

  7. Thank you all so very much ! I thoroughly enjoyed tatting the doily - in 2 days flat was quite an achievement for me ;-D
    I might've cracked my rib, so need to avoid physical exertion & strain for a while. Luckily, it is not affecting my tatting or typing ;-P
    I agree that the recycled shuttle needs some strength, and after Marie's reply, I'm thinking of gluing some fabric, etc. Let's see. It really should hold a lot of thread & beads.

  8. Really lovely doily. I bought the book of Lye-oon Lee. There are really interesting patterns.

    1. I do love her simple elegant patterns ! Thanks, Lilas & congratulations on your own first book :-)