Monday 24 April 2023

patterns galore

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 In one of my recent posts I mentioned how we are curating patterns, models, ideas derived directly or secondarily from Eleonore Endrucks' ‘Die Schiffchen-Spitszen’, 1920, and collecting them in categorised Directories. The format is similar to the EP doc with pics of the model and link/details to the pattern. So far we have released 7 directories listed below (click on the blue text).

1. Hearts -

2. Butterflies -

3. Flowers -

4. Foliage -

just 'coz every post needs a pic!
The top 4 directories include patterns we chose for the #pickmeEndrucks Feb2023 event - the roundups of which you enjoyed in my last 3 posts. These include hearts, flowers, foliage, and butterflies including some 3D patterns. Above is the collage used as cover pic in our FB group that month.

And Judith Connors shared the Eye Spy Heart pattern (with slight tweak) derived from Endrucks' pattern #3  in 'Talking Tatting', Feb2023. She very graciously shared the pdf with us.

5. Baskets -            This directory consists of patterns/models/ideas for baskets, boxes, bowls, including egg decorations, which we shared for our #gitftmeEndrucks Mar2023 event. 

6. Coasters & doilies (round) -

7. Bookmarks and Insertions -

At present we have two more directories close to finishing, and one completed directory that will be released for our May event!

Creating these directories is helping us keep track of the derivatives from each original pattern. Otherwise the increasing volume of new derivatives/adaptations was making it difficult to get a bird's eye view of what our Endrucks 1920 Project has brought forth. It is also easier to update each directory with new derivatives.

Earlier we were including these in the main Endrucks 1920 Project document (EP doc) - the size kept increasing yet not everything could be included. Hence this solution. Eventually we will keep only the main patterns in the EP doc and move all derivatives to their respective directory. There will be no need for the Gallery of Possibilities there either.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the wonderful tatters who continue to make the Project grow beyond expectations!  - Ninetta & Muskaan

Wednesday 19 April 2023

pickme roundup 3

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 And this is the final batch from our #pickmeEndrucks Feb2023 event! At least for now. Because motifs are allowed to trickle in whenever they wish to! Enjoy the visual delight of the first two batches here - and here -

15. Paola Emilia Rotuletti - is always a prolific participant with beautiful tatting to share.

Garden Cosmos (E12) & Life is Bliss butterfly (E32) 

Krystyna's Butterfly (E12)

Pretty Me Butterfly (E3)

Grazia Butterfly (E16)

16. Roberta Porati - cheerful display!
Happy Hands Butterfly (E1) & Happy Hands Shamrock (E1)

17. Ruth Palsson - made this linked pair of hearts as an engagement gift!
Eye Spy Hearts - linked (E3)

Eye Spy Heart (E3)

18. Sally Biggers - Adapted Krystyna's Garden Cosmos into a 3D version with beads and also shared the pattern! 
3D Garden Cosmos (E12)

19. Silvana Buonvino - another prolific tatter and participant!
Calmful Heart (E32)

Pretty Me Butterfly (E3) & Calmful Heart (E32)

Happy Hands Shamrock (E1)

Pretty Me Butterflies (E3)

Happy Hands Butterfly (E1)

19. Stella Marina - hearts around a butterfly!
Happy Hands Hearts (E1), Pretty Me Butterfly (E3),
Calmful Hearts (E32), Eye Spy Hearts #1 (E37) 

20. Vani Kattoju - Unfortunately alphabetical arrangement means Vani comes in last, but not least.
Pretty Me Heart (E3), Grazia Butterfly (E16),
Life is Bliss Butterfly (E32) 

Hope you enjoyed this collection of beauty. You might get to see some of these motifs arranged in our next game - #giftmeEndrucks March2023. We took a break in April and hence our Feb and March events continue into April.

Even if you are not on Facebook, you can join us any time - leave a comment here or email me. After you show us a pic of your first Endrucks' motif, we would love to send you a gift!

Many many thanks to all our participants for their lovely motifs - keep them coming 

Friday 14 April 2023

pickme roundup 2

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 Continuing from my previous post (, showcasing more models from the #pickmeEndrucks Feb2023 event -

8. Jekaterina Bunina

Eye Spy Heart (E3)

9. Krystyna Mura - 2 of the chosen models from her numerous adaptations from pattern #12. These are now presented as separate pdfs.
Garden Cosmos (E12)

Butterfly (E12)

10. Lea Di Palma -
Pretty Me Butterfly (E3) & Krystyna's Butterfly (E12)

11. Lella Loops - needle tatted
Happy Hands Butterfly (E1)

12. Miki Minny - tagged her butterfly on a paperclip.
Life is Bliss Butterfly (E32)

13. Meenakshi (muskaan) Jain - related blog posts with some details/notes - 
Calmful Heart (E32) & Life is Bliss Butterflies (E32)

Pretty Me Butterfly (E3)

Garden Cosmos (E12)

Mother's Day Heart (E5)

3D Buttercup (E39) 

Floral Center (E42)

14. Ninetta Caruso - shared the pattern for her Valentine's Butterfly derived from edging #32.
Life is Bliss Butterfly (E32)

Valentine's Butterfly (E32)

Valentine's Butterflies (E32)
Grazia Butterfly (E16)

So we still have one more batch of pics to show! And as you can see, new patterns crop up during the event! 

to be continued ...

Many thanks to each and every participant for your lovely works!

Thursday 13 April 2023

pickme roundup1

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Our game of the month for February was to pick and tat motifs from a collected assortment commemorating spring. These included hearts (it was Feb after all), flowers, butterflies, and foliage, all derived from Endrucks' patterns. We created categorised Directories for each to make patterns and ideas easy to access (more about the Directories and links after I finish the roundup). I have been posting my own choices with some background.  

Actually the motifs could be used as standalone, or could be gathered together for the March game of the month .... more about that later. Since links to the directories will be shared eventually, I am not sharing any direct pdf links, only the models tatted by our lovely members. Let the suspense build up a bit before I lead you to the respective patterns.

#pickmeEndrucks Feb2023 -- Endrucks 1920 Project FB group
[E3, E1, E42, etc., refers to the original pattern from which each motif was derived or adapted.]

1. Adriana Tomanin
Happy Hands Butterflies (E1)

2. Antonia Lai - extracted both a butterfly and a heart from E32 and shared the pattern with us.
stages of development

Life is Bliss Butterfly (E32)

Calmful Heart (E32)

Flying Fox and Foliage (E3)

3. Beata Sumowska
Valentine's Butterfly (E32)

Reflections Snowflake (E17), Pretty Me Butterfly (E3), Foliage (E14)

4. Bonnie Swank -
Beaded, needle-tatted version of Life is Bliss Butterfly (E32)
5. Brookie Heightsmen -
Happy Hands Hearts as butterfly (E1)

Calmful Heart as butterfly (E32), Foliage (E8), Fence (E27)

6. Carol Lee Parry - blogged the heart and butterfly motifs here - and here - 
Calmful Heart (E32)

Life is Bliss butterfly (E32)

7. Debra Fitchen Cox -
Life is Bliss butterfly (E32)

Garden Cosmos (E12)

Grazia butterfly (E16)

This is the first installment and we have two more batches to show! Most members have tatted more than one motif and many have incorporated their own tweaks. 
to be continued ....

Many thanks for colouring our Spring with such beauty!

Saturday 1 April 2023

Happy ITD

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From one end of the earth to the other, from one tip to the other, hopefully all tatters have celebrated or will celebrate their passion today 🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫