Saturday 11 February 2023

truant heart

Pin It now! The truancy continues, well at least on some days. On other days I am simply vegetating hoping to rouse myself. 

This time it is with two heart patterns shared by our clever and prolific designers - Ninetta Caruso and Daniela Galli.

Mother's Day Heart by Ninetta Caruso - 
This is a derivative from Endrucks' pattern #5. I worked it in Sanbest metallic.

Instead of the beaded strings, Ninetta left bare thread on both sides - a nice effect! In a conservative mood, I strung beads on the thread after all the tatting was completed.

Can't say I am too comfortable working with metallics ... for one thing, the front and back side are not clearly distinguishable.
Just one more pic, LOL.
The pattern which was first included in the main pdf for pattern #5, is now shared as a separate pdf and is one of the patterns in our #pickmeEndrucks Feb2023 event in our Endrucks 1920 Project FB group.

Albero dell'amore (Tree of Love) by Daniela Galli - 
This heart shape is so biologically correct, isn't it?! 
There were large colourful beads added to the rings, and I was going to sew them in, too. But ....
I love the overlapping Victorian set chains. I worked this 2-round deign in one pass by starting at the left and climbing out with a split ring so that I could continue around with a 3rd round ...

Not willing to distract from the effect, I avoided the large beads. 
Instead, I added another round of chains to the top half, with seed beads ....

And this is what came of it - the biological shape ensconced in a stylized iconic heart shape.

Worked in Anchor size 20 (equivalent to Lizbeth size 10), it turned out kinda large.
This pattern was shared by Daniela Galli in an event in their Chiacchierino: Filo, Amore e Fantasia FB group.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on both hearts, and hope the designers don't mind my tweaks. And both hearts are quick tats, beads notwithstanding!

💗Grazie mille per questi meravigliosi schemi, Daniela and Ninetta 💗

Tuesday 7 February 2023


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Yup, I cannot remain disciplined for long, LOL. Spending too much time at the compy made my fingers itch to pick up my shuttles after a longish break. Well, the perfect foil was our February game which has a bunch of small motifs to select and tat. Another reason was helping out with presentations ....

In chronological order ... tatted for Pick Me Feb 2023 (#pickmeEndrucks)

Judith Connors published her variation of Endrucks' pattern #34 in her newsletter a while back. And Antonia made a slight 'mistake' thus leading her to call it Butterfly edging. The butterfly was clearly visible, but also a heart!

Antonia Lai's Calmful Heart is extracted from that same edging #34.

And these are the Life is Bliss butterflies from the same, as they were being tested and tweaked. The final pattern is the one like the right, but with the wings attached towards the base.
Tatted in size 20.
Stephanie Mc (Tattimic) joined and improvised 2 hearts from #3 to create this Pretty Me Butterfly last year. I enjoyed tatting it, using a SCMR instead of SR for the center. The diagrammed pattern has been updated with written instructions.
Tatted in size 20.
Three butterflies together.

Krystyna Mura adapted #12 into soooo many patterns, one of which is the Garden Cosmos. I haven't used this Lizbeth size 40 shade much and chose it, Turned out the ball had leftover lengths on the ball. 

The original pattern has 11 petals. I ran out of thread on one shuttle and the other was close on its heels. Hence tied off after 8 petals to create this slightly 3D form.

Instead of beads at the tips, I used Victorian sets on the middle third of chains.

Krystyna adds a single bead in the center while on the go. I waited to see how large the negative space was to choose the appropriate bead. In the end I strung fine seed beads (yellow and black) on one of the tails, coiled it around and sewed it down.
This was made possible because of a gift of large-eyed beading needles from Madhur! Now I nave no reason to not use beads, except of course my own lethargy, LOL.
The tails are left coz I might add a stem and leaves later.

So this is my indiscipline - my strong tendency to get distracted!

Many many thanks to all the designers for these beautiful patterns!

Monday 6 February 2023

the cover covered

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 It's February already and instead of posting the arrangements I spoke of last time, here is the completed doily. The former will be shared at a later date.

This is Reiko Akamatsu's reworking of Eleonore Endrucks' doily on the cover of her book. It is tatted as separate parts, unlike the original which is worked continuously using shadow chains to climb out. 
For our Jan 2023 tat-along game Ninetta released the pattern in 6 parts and the doilies are still coming in - exquisite works in a range of colours/shades!
Part 5 motif (the orange and green one) was worked separately (I will share it next time) and then in Part 6 we attached it to the main body. I used the same green as the center, but as you can see the blue seeped into it. 
Something interesting emerged, though - notice how Yellow the same thread looks when positioned on the side of the orange/green motif?!

The three Part 5 motifs attached. Ninetta had to tweak the count for it to fit. I guess our tatting tension is way tighter than Reiko's.

The same but rotated. Different angels and all that ;-P

This the 2nd little motif of Part 6. I added 2 different shades to work it, using a shuttle and ball and reverse join instead of lock join to return.

Completed in 7 colours/shades inspired by a dancing peacock. In size 40, using different brands of mercerised cotton. It measures a wee bit over 16cms tip-wise. 

This was not a doily I would've tatted since it did not appeal to me. But at Ninetta's request to work it in 2 colours, I started and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. However, after seeing some of the versions that have come in, I can't but admire the design and the vision of both the designer and the tatters. And some of our tatters have worked it multiple times already!

Meanwhile our February event has started which will segue into our March event. 

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Many many thanks to Reiko and Ninetta for their wonderful commitment and work