Saturday 31 December 2022

tagme roundup 2

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In case I can't take pics in time to wish you tomorrow (waiting for some sunshine), let this bell toll away the old year and ring in the new with bright cheer and good health.

The 2nd contingent of bells and angels are on show here. This is a tertiary adaptation of Endrucks' pattern #37 by Margaret Davies for our #tagmeEndrucks game in November 2022.
Pattern links
1st roundup

11. Paola Emilia Rotuletti, always enthusiastic, tatted both the bell and angel.

12. Paola Bevilacqua also a prolific tatter, worked at least 3 bells and added them to her glass and crystal bell collection.

13. Pam Hemenway tatted this Christmassy angel in needle.

14. Olga F Vincencio joined us for the first time with her beaded bell.

15. Ninetta Caruso lifted her angel's wings using treble stitches and also added a halo.

16. Muskaan tatted this angel in size 20 hued maroon. 
This gold beaded bell has a missing ring on either side, hence it is a bit shorter. In place of the ring below, I continued with a lock chain of 3 or 4 stitches, moved the large gold bead in place and returned back with another lock stitch chain.
More of the models (some unfinished and discarded) were worked while doing the stepwise presentation for the game and for the respective pdfs.

17. Mela Cabo is another tatter who always joins in and has tatted several E patterns.
This teal angel has the middle chains parted, thus decreasing the negative space.

18. Maria Renee also joined for the first time with her 2-toned bell.

19. Margaret Davies shared her version of the bells. These are her notes -
'Here is the photo of my bells, when I got to the ring at the bottom, I attached the chain but before doing the ring I did a chain of 3ds, then made the ring with the beads around the edge and a larger bead in the middle, closed the ring a chain of 3 ds joined to the chain and carried on with the chain to the end.
The stitch count for the ring was the same'
Many thanks, Margaret!

20. Lou Bunker, did a lovely job with her beaded version.

to be continued....
I have one final batch to share. As you can see, our participants ranged from first-timers to veterans and it is very encouraging. 

Many many many thanks to each of you for contributing to our success and our collection. 

Thursday 29 December 2022

before and after 4

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In November, our Chiacchierino FB group held an event. Daniella Galli diagrammed and presented a 3D angel pattern designed by Rita Santoro - Angelo Veuliah.

The skirt/gown looked like a bell and I was immediately tempted to tat one.
This is in Chameleon Sanbest 6 strands. It is most definitely true to its name! It actually changes from a musty gold in the shade to a vibrant green in sunlight!!! Wow.

The After version with beads, and other knickknacks strung through.

It is worked in one pass. My tatting could've been better, but ...... 
I also tatted one wing in regular thread. My idea was to tat several and use them as petals for a flower. However the single wing is still on the shuttles. Perhaps some day ...

💙 Many many thanks to Roberta and Daniella for this fun diversion 💙

Wednesday 28 December 2022

knit picking

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 I am vegetating - happily! Partially the aftermath of a double infection, partially the cold wave, partially the break in momentum, .... There is literally tons I want and have to do yet cannot rouse myself. And I can't even feel the guilt ;-P. I have literally pushed myself to write this post today, something I love doing otherwise - gotta start somewhere.

Lily Adam of the hugely popular Just-Tatting FB group recently invited some of her friends to join a new group she started called Knit It Fix It. After 4 long years, her hope and encouragement finally roused me to knit something long on my to-knit list. 

I have forever wanted something proper to scrub the soil off potatoes and this being the season for freshly harvested potatoes, it seemed everything fell into place. I chose this size 3 mercerized cotton and UK#12 needles to knit a very basic pattern. The variegation was part of the reason, besides the fact that it was my first ever knitting with thread.

Worked in the diagonal - another first for me. The increase is from 4 stitches to 54 and then reduced.

Today I put it to the test scrubbing potatoes and the texture worked beautifully. Hubby thought I had made a coaster/mat and liked it very much! Now there's a thought and a good way to use up some of my thread stash while selecting a new stitch/pattern for each! 

This is the most basic pattern I found on the net -, but am open to any tips for the future. Care to share your tips?

Undoubtedly, it was great to pick up my knitting needles after so many years and knitting with thread was enjoyable, too. The advantage with thread is that it does not have to be confined to the winters. But of course one needs the will ;-D

Friday 23 December 2022

tagme roundup 1

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#tagmeEndrucks - Endrucks Angel and Bell pattern by Margaret Davies

Previously I have presented the roundups in ascending alphabetical order. This time let's reverse the order to give full justice to everybody. These are previous posts on this game we played in November in our Endrucks 1920 Project group -
and the pattern -

1. Winnie Ho tatted 4 bells and in her Jingle Bell version she incorporated her love of embroidery in a tatted frame. This bell sold in her craft show to rave review by her buyer.
Notice the tiny tatted bows on the 2 top bells.

2. Vani Kattoju tatted her angel in this cheerful colourway. 

3. Stella Marina tatted her glittery angel in silver metallic.

4. Silvana Buonvino made this two-coloured bell.

5. Sharada Rajan ran out of thread in the purple angel, but persevered and completed it later. She worked a 2nd in Lizbeth size 80

6. Ruth Palsson tatted 2 angels, the 2nd with beads.

7. Roberta Porati worked a two-tone angel

8. Renata Niemczyk (Renulek) couldn't resist the call of the bell and recently shared her bell.

9. Reiko Akamatsu, ever resourceful, tatted several angels, joining them on the go. 
She had to cut off her first attempt at the 3rd angel due to an error, but persevered to create this beautiful coaster/doily. I especially love the central motif with concentric chains!

10. Pina Barone tatted a bell and flipped it over for an angel. The beautiful halo appears to be tatted as well.

to be continued .....
This is the first roundup for this event. Plenty more to be shared!

Many many many thanks for playing along so enthusiastically!

Monday 19 December 2022

before and after 3

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 Like I said earlier, this month's game had a wide range of stars and snowflakes patterns and possibilities shared by Krystyna Mura. I would've liked to tat plenty more but doubt I'll have it finished by 22nd when the contest ends. This is the 3rd one I enter in the contest where some have reached close to 30! 
This 8-pointed Star from the Filligree collection is supposed to be worked continuously, starting with the outer round and climbing into the inner one.
This is my Poinsettia version, as the colours might attest.

Several factors contributed towards my tatting it differently - in 2 separate rounds, starting from the inner one. I started with a Floating Beads string which remains unattached except at the starting point.

One factor was the confusion over the mock rings. Hence I showed how I'd go about it. Ninetta went about it differently and later tried this method too.
All beads were pre-strung on shuttle #2.

After each SCMR, I make an unflipped half-stitch or hitch. It is invisible yet holds the mock ring in place without any possibility of distorting it's shape. It is something I've done for a very long time now.

It is only when I took pics that I noticed the flipped ring on the right side. 2 beads should've been on the outside.
Tatted in Anchor size 20 with a mix of beads and crystals.
It was easy to add the missing yellow bead while working the outer round. I was supposed to break the extra bead on the inside but didn't get around to it.
Now, here's something different I tried which could've been better (it distorted one of the chains/arms) - In order to complement the green on the tips, I wanted beads on the inner trough as well but these needed to be on the core thread! I really hadn't thought it through (which is not my strong point anyways!).
For one, the tension of the core thread should be extremely well-calibrated. 
2nd, the sequence goes as follows if we want the triangulation --- 
pull down the loop for joining in between the 2 yellow beads, 
move the green crystals along the core thread,
THEN close the join. This positions the 3 crystals as a triangle.
All this is a bit wiggly.
Yet the core thread can still slide freely, hence care must be taken while tensioning the next chain.

I'm happy with my idea and that it was something 'new' I attempted, though the execution leaves much to be desired. 
Again no ends to hide coz I used both to suspend the star with....trying to cut corners ;-D

Saturday 17 December 2022

heart angel bell play tag

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I was supposed to do this post in November, but I got entangled in other stuff and completely forgot about it! Better late, despite the extra task of re-inking the pics to change Nov to Dec.

Good friend Margaret Davies ( been a very active participant in our FB events, sharing her tweaks and adaptations as well as her trials and patterns.  ( 

Back in July ( I had shared the prototype pattern for a heart extracted from Endrucks' pattern #37, even though I was not happy with it's proportion. Margaret jumped in to enlarge the heart. Such a simple and effective solution to raise the height by adding a ring on either side! 

ENLARGED ENDRUCKS' HEART by Margaret Davies - click on pdf link to download the pattern -

When she posted her pic, someone thought it looked like an angel, and she again took up the gauntlet and converted the enlarged heart into an angel! We asked her to share her pattern for our November FB event and she enthusiastically agreed, sending in the written patterns. 

While tatting it to prepare for the game, #tagmeEndrucks, I noticed that it made a beautiful bell when turned on it's head. Thus we have 3 patterns in one - angelic!

ENDRUCKS' ANGEL and BELL by MARGARET DAVIES - pdf link to the pattern -

This is my completed angel, worked in 2 colours for the tat-along. You have seen parts of it in 2 earlier posts (links below) but not the complete model. This is such a versatile pattern in the sense that we can follow different paths, use different techniques, embellish in numerous ways, and use in different ways, too.

For the tat-along I deliberately left out the beads in my model though the diagram and written pattern in the pdf follow Margaret's beaded models.

I will need multiple posts to showcase all the models that came in, some with very interesting tweaks or displays. Stay tuned to be inspired! Meanwhile hope you enjoy our little gift to adorn your festive season.

Many many thanks, Margaret, and hope to see continued participation  ❤

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