Tuesday, 6 November 2018

it's flying !

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............flying straight to you
butterfly tatting pattern

You’ve already seen these little butterflies in a couple of my recent posts (links at end) where I asked for volunteers to test tat the pattern. They have graciously obliged and with feedback from Jane McLellan , Bonnie Marriott, & Leta Fuller, I now have the final pdf to share with you.

Coloured Cluny Butterfly

early trials/versions, with prototype
I have chosen only 3 models (versions 6,7,9) for the pdf, but each of the 9 that I tatted had a slight modification or variation – be it in colour placement, decorative elements, wing direction, element size, technique…..
The following images will speak for themselves. Arranged in chronological order, it simultaneously provides an insight into the design process. 
version 1
version 2
version 3
version 4
Measuring 2cmsx2cms in Anchor 20, I recommend a thick Lizbeth 10 or it’s equivalent.
version 5
This is designed as a quick practice piece for coloured Cluny Tatting. However, it can just as easily be done with one single colour, with thread wound continuously on 2 shuttles.

version 6
I used directional tatting (frontside/backside), but it is optional. 
version 7
Choose your favourite method of Cluny tatting or follow the pictorials listed in the pdf or in the Tutorials tab above
Leta wove her First tallies using this pattern and is happy (as am I) with how well they turned out!
version 8
version 9

As you can see, there are numerous possibilities, many more than are shown above. Bonnie’s friend saw these as cute earrings! Now that’s an idea to be explored further. Ninetta used treble stitches on the decorative chain for large wing.
Let your imagination take flight and soar alongside this little butterfly!

My sincere thanks to Bonnie, Leta, Jane M, Ninetta, And Anita  - 
you helped me fly  this little baby !

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  1. A sweet butterfly, with lots of possibilities, and perfect to practise clunies.

  2. Lovely butterflies, so many possibilities, it looks like a creativity kit more than a pattern, lol! Thank you!

  3. Thrilled you like them, my dear tatter/blogger friends :-))) Hugs

  4. Your exploration in Cluny Tallies would be an excellent tatting proficiency lesson. Lots of take-aways!

    1. I'm thrilled you think so, Anita !!! Thanks :-)))