Sunday, 4 November 2018

split down the middle

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........ err, not the body, but the numbers!

Of the 40 thieves Alibaba is supposed to nab, he’s reached the halfway mark of 20. Now, due to a change of heart, this has become the body of the elephant and only the tail is left – the 20 that are remaining form a puny mass. But I’m not telling now – you’ll just have to come back to see the tail, and probably the entire elephant!

Here is how the latest 5 bodies look laid out in 4 different directions ! (click here for a 'mugshot' of all 20)  
Blossoms Motifs 16-20
Following are the pattern notations for these 5 motifs. 
All worked in Lizbeth size 20 with single shuttle.
rosette ; picot join to the right ; luggage tag loop or larks head knot ; lock join.

Blossoms Motif #16
2½"× 1¼"

Since these are all ‘prototypes’, I sometimes found it difficult to attach the next rosette at a particular point, since there was no picot on the earlier rosette. I countered that by linking current floret somewhere along the line, keeping the overall stitchcount intact. 
I have given the count for that particular petal/ring in the image.

Blossoms Motif #17
> 2¼" × 1½"

Blossoms Motif #18
<2" × 1½"

Blossoms Motif #19
> 2" × 1¼"

Blossoms Motif #20
1¾" × > 1¼"

Oh, and all shuttles emptied for a 2nd time as the last motif was being completed. 

Blossoms Yin-Yang Bracelet/pendant #2 (idea)
Motifs 16 & 17 can create a nicely niched yin-yang bracelet. 

Blossoms Wreath/Garland #5
‘Tis the season for wreaths! 
 All 5 motifs arranged to form a medium to large wreath or garland.

Blossoms Wreath/Garland #6
 A smaller one, perhaps for a card or as a tree ornament, with only motifs 18 & 19.

More garlands/wreaths : Small (#1 & #2) Large (#3)Medium (#4) .

Tatting is happiness personified in all seasons! J 


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    1. I'd almost forgotten that word, Jane! But it is perfect for my next post on this topic ;-D

  2. Yes I agree with Jane, my favorite is 18, 20, and then I saw the bracelet and necklace. I love these colors but here in autumn land I would love to make this in deep red and golden and deep dark pink, I guess you would call it Victorian colors. Oh you got the imagination going!

    1. They definitely would look good in fall colours, Carollyn! Keep the imagination going :-)))

  3. Beautiful! Love the idea of garlands!

    1. Ninetta, I think the garlands can act as a frame as well? Thanks :-)

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    1. Thanks, Sue :-) They always make me happy!

  5. I love your little motifs. I've saved every one of them. And...I never do that!

    1. That is High praise, indeed, Linda!!! Hope you enjoy working through them :-))