Tuesday, 3 July 2018

what do you think?

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I’ve worked 2 more Blossoms motifs and 1 more butterfly (sequentially arranged in pic below). What do you think … where can I improve? 

Blossoms Motif #2
Stitchcount is notated in the pic. Join as per model. Each floral motif or medallion is worked separately, joining as we go. If working in single colour, it is possible to climb out with split rings.

This time I placed yellow in the center ;-P
It measures 2"×1½” in Lizbeth 20.
TIP : I use a luggage tag loop or larks head knot to attach thread for leaf. This knot makes the leaf secure and less floppy, since both threads pass through the loop before tensioning.

Blossoms Motif #3
Here the direction of motif is changed, bending towards the left.

This one gave me a bit of grief - I just couldn't fathom where to place leaf(s) without increasing the size of the motif. I tried to layer 3 leaves on the bottom flower, but it didn't look good. Snipped off. Finally ...
There are 2 leaves here, the smaller one partially hidden. 
I think this tinted green won't work, right? Perhaps snip and change to the solid green?
Measures 2"×1½” in Lizbeth 20.
All 3 motifs together. They make a nice little garland, don't they?

It would be so much quicker and easier if I settled on one motif and the rest of the thieves followed their leader! But where is the challenge and wonder in that ;-P

Blossoms Butterflies 
My 2nd attempt at the butterfly.
I enlarged the top wings and folded the body ring from bottom up, unlike the first attempt. 
This is easier to make, and to add antennae.

Here they are together - is the 2nd one an improvement over the 1st? 
Should the body ring face down instead of up?

This is all I have for now. My next post will be a tip on how to work with black or dark thread especially smaller sizes - something that hit me recently !!
keep  tatting cheerfully  J 


  1. It could be a bit boring to make them all alike! Looking good.

  2. What do I think? I think, "Wow!" I'm pretty sure I haven't put that much thought into how motifs go together, which is why your results are so much more interesting. I would have blindly followed a pattern and hoped for the best. The tinted green does seem a bit off compared to the other colors in the garland. The bolder green seems to be a better fit. As for the butterfly, I think your second one is an improvement over the first, but I like them both!

    1. I like to stretch myself where tatting is concerned, Diane ;-P
      Another reason I don't mind creating these new motifs is that the leftover or rejected ones can easily be used on something else.

  3. Lovely flowers! And also love those colours, they could be very pretty on jeans or other blue fabric, it escapes me, which colour is the dress? Just because you asked, I like the first version of the body for the butterfly, but in any case it's a nice pattern!

    1. Precisely, Nin :-D They will go on a white saree. After a few more are made, I will take a photo against one of my white saree and share.
      I kinda thought you'd prefer the 1st butterfly more ;-P

  4. Your flowers and butterflies make summer come alive with beautiful colors!!! :)
    They are all wonderful!!! :)

    1. I'm so thankful for these Lizbeth shades - pleasure to work with and keep me cheerful, Sue ;-D Bought them at the right time!

  5. The motifs are beautiful! I like the small overlaps, they look good. I would suggest making several arrangements, maybe something with 3 flowers placed as a triangle. I agree that using solid green would be best or maybe a variegated thread without very pale green, because it seems to fade in the background.
    The butterfly looks a lot better with the improvements you made to it. You could try placing the ring on the bottom and connecting the left and right wings after 1-2 DS to make them a bit raised, so the butterfly is more... 3D.

    1. Yes, I will snip off that tinted green and replace it with the solid, Lavi. But I might not arrange the flowers in a triangle - kind of want to keep the size and general shape same (although I'd love to make one for the pleasure of it :-D)

      Thank you so much for the 3D idea !!! I hope I understood it correctly and will be able to implement it :-)))

  6. I love your flower.spray and the butterfly
    Sorry for the late comment had a few busy days

    1. Thanks, Margaret :-) It's never too late ;-P
      Hope you had a lovely b'day!

  7. I prefer this butterfly attempt. Very nice design, as usual.

    1. Merci, Claire 😊 I made another slight variation of the butterfly in the lavender ribbon here : https://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com/2019/01/a-gesture-of-thanks.html