Saturday, 21 July 2018

anybody interested?

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I need a couple more days to work on the treble tatting pictorials - mainly the presentation. Meanwhile here’s a free pattern in case anybody is interested….

Periodically this post turns up in the top-of-the-week scroll. I really don’t know who is interested and what they make of it. Anyway, you can see that it’s been trending again this week and finally caught my fancy. Despite the ideas I presented then, I didn’t make anything further myself. Thought it was time to rectify that lapse. So here is a circular edging made with a tweaked count of Mónica Manceñido’s Peace and Tolerance Tiny Heart motif. 

Tiny Heart Circular Edging
click here to download pdf

I was going to link adjacent motifs with chains and rings, but that would mean a whole lot of designing and testing work. So I decided to follow a simple path just to see how they lie first and then move on to more design elements or rounds.

In order to determine the exact number of motifs required for it to lie flat, 
I blocked it (rolling pin, of course). Hmm, just one more motif was needed.

design tip : I learned that if the count of the middle rings is smaller then I will get a closer circle, with fewer motifs. With the present count I need 16 motifs around. For a larger circle, one can add a split ring between each motif instead of a mock picot.

The pdf contains only a diagram and dimensions. 
UPDATE : If you have already downloaded the original pdf, please note that the middle rings of adjacent motifs link to each other. This linkage was missing in that diagram.
Or download this new pdf with correct diagram.

For those preferring a written pattern, here it is.

2 shuttles, ctm.
Split rings, mock/false picot,

Worked I Anchor size 40, each motif measures 1½ cm X 1½ cm.
Outer diameter of edging is 8½ cms and inner diameter is 5½ cms.


R1 : 10 – 4 – 4. rw
*Ch : 4 rw
R2 : 4 + 4 – 4 – 4.
R3 : 4 + 6 – 6 – 4.
R4 : 4 + 4 – 4 – 4. rw
Ch : 4 rw
SR : 4 + 4 / 10. mock picot
SR : 4 – 4 / 10. rw*
Repeat from * to * till there are 16 motifs. Join last motif to the first one (join R4 of last to R2 of 1st as well as last ring to first).
Note that the last ring of 16th motif can be worked as a normal ring.
Tie, cut and hide ends.

This is the basic pattern. It can be used as a frame, a coaster edging, on a card, sewn to a quilt block, etc.

For now, I am not doing anything further to this edging, 
but will keep it in mind for future adventures.

see also Tiny Heart Poppy - a 3D flower made from the heart motif. Some day I will get around to diagramming it in Inkscape.

Hope you enjoy tatting the pattern.
The circle of love and tatting is eternal!


  1. That design could tempt me to try my hand at hemstitched linen centers!

  2. It’s sweet. I agree with Diane, I visualise it with a linen centre.

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    1. Wyszło super!
      Zawsze najlepiej sprawdza się metoda prób i błędów. :)
      Pozdrawiam Ciepło.

  4. PLEASE NOTE : New pdf link uploaded since the diagram in earlier one had a link missing. See update above. The new file can be downloaded with this url :

  5. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!!! Please note the change in url.
    Diane, I agree - a fabric in the center would look and work nicely :-) For now, I'm going to use this as a template for the future. I'm hoping to do convert of those design ideas.

    Sue, the cross is next on my list. Let's see how it turns out. I have the pathway identified, but the actual working may need many trials.

    splocik, sometimes we hit paydirt with first trial ;-P

    Have a great weekend, everybody :-D

  6. Thank you for sharing your pattern, your edging is beautiful in the red colour, i will be trying this

    1. I hope you enjoy tatting it, Margaret :-) I tats up pretty quickly.