Tuesday, 31 July 2018

wound tight

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Two more thugs wound tight by AliBaba ….

Blossoms Motifs#5 & #6
6 of 40 completed. 
All 6 threads are in play here! 
At the beginning of the project, I wound shuttles completely with each colour. 
The center 5 are from the Sunkist mix and the ones on the sides are from Ice mix (Lizbeth 20). 
If you remember, I discontinued the Green Ice since it was too light for a white background.
With fully loaded shuttles, it is easy to pick as desired.

Blossoms Motif #5
Pattern is notated in the pic.
 Measures under 2” x 1¼”. 

Blossoms Motif #6
Pattern is notated in the pic. 
Note that the number of petals in each flower varies.
Measures 2” x 1¼”

I finished both a while back, but haven’t been able to move further. They don’t take long to tat & I don’t mind hiding all the tails, either. Each is a single shuttle/thread component; so tat over tail in the beginning, leaving only one tail to whip stitch at the end. 

happy flowers make for happy tatting !


  1. Oh I love this and you did a great job once again with color choices too! Thanks for sharing the pattern and always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what's new :)

    1. Yeah, I've been pretty prolific at blogging this month, Carollyn - 11 posts! And soon reaching my 400th post, too ;-P

  2. Beautiful colours and tatting! 6 of 40,it sounds as though it was the start of a big doily. Well, almost 400 posts of beautiful original designs, great tips and very clear tutorials and savoir-faire :)

  3. So clever to load them and then go! The pattern is so lovely. It would make a lovely addition to a woman's suit lapel.

  4. They are all beautiful. I love the colors you've chosen.

  5. Your flowers are so bright and cheerful!!! :)

  6. Italian, English, and now French ... way to go, girl!!! Thanks for your lovely comment, Ninetta :-)

    Love when suggestions come forth, Michelle! :-)) I like your idea of these on a lapel or perhaps collars?

    The names truly are mouthwatering, Jane ;-P

    Credit for the colours lies with Lizbeth, Stephanie & Sue ;-D

    Have a great time everybody

  7. Replies
    1. Anetta, I wonder which comes first - happy flowers or happy tatting ;-P