Friday, 6 July 2018

treble no trouble

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treble tatting (tds) motifs

The problem reared it's head again but this time I hit treble 20 (reference to darts)!
Turns out I was rolling the core thread rather than 'transferring' the rolls on to the ball thread loop. How terrible and how silly – if only I had paid more attention to the video!

Once this puzzle was solved, everything went smoothly and happily.
In fact I stopped using a separate crochet hook – my shuttle hook sufficed. This is what a bit of practice can do ;-D

I made a mistake joining the 3rd ring in wrong space -- noticed only when the 4th ring needed to be linked.  Instead of cutting, I unwound the yellow core and pulled off the chain stitches. Imagine my immense surprise and pleasure when even the tds unravelled !!!
Pattern for this motif

TIP : For climbing out -- I reversed the order of work, making the lock join with 2nd shuttle first. Then performed the same with shuttle1 but before closing the loop I inserted/encapsulated the shuttle2 thread.

I got so engrossed watching an exciting match that I made chains instead of rings around the center of the flower. Thankfully I was using short lengths of thread (leftover), so it was easy to pull the stitches off the core thread.

With the blue flower, I became comfortable hiding the cream tail within first few stitches (tatting over tails) – ds as well as tds! Pass the tail through the base of the tds loop just before pulling it close.

I noticed one thing. Even if the central tds ring lies a bit flat, the next round of rings pulls it all into a 3D flower.
Pattern for the 3D flower.

The tail(s) have been left uncut because I may need to work them into a tiny bouquet in future. It’s messy to store but keeps my options open.
It is easy to invert the petals with a sleight of hand! In the center, the blue petals are inverted. In the inset, both flowers have downward facing petals. I see a toothpick attached to the base of these to use as an umbrella for a drink!

I’d like to explore treble tatting a lot more, but it’ll have to wait a while. For now, I can only hope that Ninetta doesn’t distract me further ;-P 
I suggest reading her recent posts for a clear understanding of this technique and it’s place in tatting. For all posts/info on Treble Tatting start here.

UPDATE : see Ninetta’s comment below for TWoT tip

Many thanks, Ninetta, for this new technique and the lovely patterns !
(and keep the sneak peeks coming)  ;-P


  1. Well done for getting the hang of it.

    1. Jane, the flat motif reminded me of Usha's first dot picot motif (inner round) and I am wondering how these 2 will look on one motif - gradation in size! All for another day, though :-D

  2. Thank you very much for trying! Fantastic!
    Your tip about climbing is what I actually do, but I thought to do slow movements for the video. Also, you can try yourself, the shuttle which passes in the other loop will take both thread on that loop side. So, in the video the pattern will continue on the left of the mock tds. It is useful to know. Honestly I hope it's clear enough. :)

    1. Thanks, Nin :-) I totally understand why you showed the climbing out in that way. For a first time, we all need to understand what is happening and why; until we can create our own shortcuts.
      And yes, it is clear. Emerging from the 2nd shuttle side will make the next round move counterclockwise - TWoT at work ! ;-D

  3. Looks like you have got it now!! :) They look great!! :)

    1. Really pretty easy once I 'got it', Sue, except that I needed to remember to make a 'crochet chain' through the vsp before starting the rolling part ;-P

  4. I have not had time to try this new idea, your look like you have got it,

    1. Yes, I am comfortable with the technique, Margaret :-) I only wish I had more time to focus on this -- Nin is belting out such lovely applications ;-P

  5. You are getting good at the trebles! (btw, do you play darts? :D)
    I love the idea for umbrellas for cocktails, that would be fun for a party!

    1. (grinning sheepishly...) I've only played darts with my niece when she was little, Lavi; I Googled for 'treble' references/usage ;-P