Friday, 27 July 2018


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….continuing from previous post ... 
The final post in this treble tatting series covers joining a tds to a previous element and my way of tds variations... multiple ways to skin a cat !

Any new element can be linked to a treble tat stitch as we would when working with normal double stitches. We can use a picot join, a lock join, etc. – whatever the pattern calls for. While so far all Ninetta’s patterns make the linkage between 2 tds, it is possible to link within as well – the long arch (when seen from top) can be used to pull a loop through.

What if one needs to link a tds to a previous element/picot? The triangle pattern needed such a linkage. I was stumped at first, then figured a way out. It looked similar to Ninetta's tatting, so I went ahead confidently.

Turns out, she does it in a different way! And she has graciously sent me a collage of her method to share here. And also a comparison between both methods !!!

How to join a tds to an element
Ninetta’s method :
1. 2tds made and now need to link to the white ring.
2. Make a picot join by pulling up loop through ring picot and …
3. … make the second half stitch of a ds.
4. Pull a loop through the ring picot again, and… (follow step 6 onwards)
5. pass shuttle through and work the 3 wraps.
6. 1 tds made with joined element.
The next pics show the front and back views.

muskaan’s method :
1. after making 4 tds, I need to join to the yellow ring.
2. insert hook through both the vsp of previous tds AND the yellow picot, and … (follow step 4 onwards)
3. …pull up a loop
4. pull up another loop through it to make a ‘chain’…
5. … and continue to finish the tds by wrapping thrice around the loop
1 more tds made after the join.

tds variations – my way
Nin and I had independently and simultaneously tried out variations in the tds. She has posted her method here and I had explained mine here (graduated). Turns out that they were again accomplished differently. I took a few pics and collaged them ...
Instead of explaining each step, I am merely pointing out the difference - for complete steps, please refer to this pictorial.

tds with 1 wrap
Skip steps 4 & 5 in pictorial (ie., skip a 2nd loop/chain) and make only 1 wrap (instead of 3).
This is almost like a dot picot (but wider) ; works well for a gentle slope/graduated effect.

 tds with 2 wraps
This follows the tds right upto the wrapping stage where only 2 instead of 3 wraps are made.
I made a regular tds after this (seen in pink)

tds with 4 wraps
Here, repeat steps 4 & 5 – ie. make an extra loop/chain ;
and make 4 wraps instead of 3.

tds with 5 wraps
similar to tds with 4 wraps, but with an extra wrap (5 wraps).
In the center, the tds & it's four variations are visible.

Ninetta made her 5 & 7 wrap variations similar to the normal tds, except for increasing the size of the first picot, and of course the corresponding number of wraps.
I still have to try this to see for myself how they compare and whether one looks better than the other.

Incidentally, this treble tat stitch can be made in needle tatting, too. Perhaps Ninetta will share some more info on this….

This post concludes my present foray into the tds, despite all the lovelies Ninetta continues to post (and challenge privately ;-P). I need to get on with my multiple pending patterns, projects, et al. 

hope to see this fun new stitch taking root and springing new designs.


  1. I love learning from you!! :)
    I really want to try this, but I have orders that must be filled first! ;)

    1. I truly appreciate your sweet support, Sue :-)
      Take your time, all these tutorials aren't going anywhere ;-p

  2. Thank you very much for putting all together :) you are the best! Unfortunately I don't have any info about how to do the needle tatting version, except the name of a lady that a month ago wrote in facebook that she accomplished it, her name is Helga Shilders Havers. I'm very curious, of course!

    1. Grazie mille, Nin :-) I'm sure needle tatters will soon catch on, too.