Sunday, 8 July 2018

revised and new

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So I completed the 4th motif and also changed the leaves in the 3rd.

Blossoms Garlands

I enjoyed playing with the 4 motifs to create 2 possible garlands for spring ! All that is required is to join them and perhaps add a leaf or two where necessary.
Garland #1 (on the left) has motifs 1 & 2 ;
Garland #2 has motifs 3 & 4.

Blossoms Motif #3 (revised)
I changed the colour of leaves in motif #3 and also tweaked the stitch-count. 
Much happier now. Revised leaf pattern is on the pic. 

Blossoms Motif #4
Stitch-count for the fourth motif is notated in the pic.
I added a different flower shape in the middle. 

Design TIP : I realised that as the number of motifs increase, it will become easier to design. In order to decide where to place leaves, and how many leaves, I placed one of the previous motifs under a white card paper; placed and positioned this new motif over it; and it was easy to see whether the leaf(s) looked good or not.

In Lizbeth 20, this motif also measures 2 x 1½ inches
What I cannot decide is which way to sew it on … which do you like better?

whatever the weather, spring is never far from a tatting heart !


  1. Love the garlands, they have so many possibilities! Motif 4 could perhaps be used as a corner decoration too.

    1. I Love your idea of a corner, Jane!!! I had been thinking of a slim edging(s) for the pallu eventually, but may be corners would look better. Thank you so much :-)))

  2. The garlands are beautiful! And thank you for always sharing your stitch counts, I would love to try some. For a card, I think you could also try to add a butterfly on top of the flowers.
    Regarding motif 4, I like the first version better, with the 3 leaves pointing downwards.

    1. Thank you , Lavi - love the idea of butterflies over the flowers/garlands !!! I had been planning on using any discarded motifs on cards - they look so pretty. Threads & colours make such a huge difference to one's tatting and the overall look!

  3. Such beautiful flowers!!!! :)