Tuesday, 6 March 2018


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Lavi has come up with an artistic visualization of the snowdrop flower, ensconcing it in heart-shaped foliage!!!
I already had size 40 white on my shuttles, so got to work right away.

Lavi Damian-Boja (Dandelion Lace) 

It is one of those patterns where multiple pathways are available.
Just like in Coretta's Rose with so many alternate ways of working (not to mention all-chains starting with a mock ring).
Going by her comment, the pattern is still in a bit of development stage. She has 2 versions on her blog.  
I decided to work the white flower first, using a single shuttle. At the end of the 3rd ring, I lock joined to the 1st ring through a tiny space left before tatting over the tail.
This ensured I had an attachment point for the calyx later.

Loaded 2 shuttles CTM, with green. Changing the sequence a bit, I started with bottom ring, and up the inner chain. Then the next ring (calyx), attaching the flower, and down the outer chain.
One can simply move across the base ring using the under-over or alligator join to work the 2nd half. However, since the ring is so tiny, I did a lock join, then moved shuttles to other side.
With my tight tatting tension I ended up with 90 to 100 half stitches in the Josephine chain!

This would look great as a pendant in metallic thread! It will give it the strength to hold shape as well.
Other ways to stiffen this piece :
- diluted PVA or fabric starch
- padded tatting (adding additional core thread)
- padding the stitch (pds).
Perhaps some beads in one of the arcs would work, too?

I tremendously enjoyed working this little motif. It has the elegance of Nicola's Kiss Curl heart, yet with more 'story' within it.

And to give an idea of the size of the 3D carnation in an earlier post -


Many many thanks for sharing the pattern, Lavi.

hope you give it a whirl, too J

Monday, 5 March 2018

the haze is lifting almost

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As we sat down to breakfast one cold winter morning, this ghostly vision emerged! Spooky!!! 
Now these pics were taken in mid-Jan. In our over 20 years here, I have Never seen such a layer of haze in the morning!!! The sun rays through the French doors may show up some suspended dust particles, but never this.
After the initial pic (from top left clockwise), I moved the air a bit & this Casper disappeared for a few seconds only to regroup into almost exactly the same configuration! We thought it might be a dust haze. But that wouldn’t coalesce again in this manner, would it?

It was almost like the clouds on a high mountain – you can walk through them! We had encountered such great clouds in Munnar - ephemeral. They would enter into the room and disappear again all within seconds.

And a time-lapse collage of the Super Blue Blood Moon on the evening of Feb 1st, for a half hour between 1927 to 2006 hrs. 
Taken from our balcony with the smart phone, hence the haziness - no close-ups or sharpness. This is the best we could manage. We couldn’t capture the eclipse in these pics either. 
The black spot in the moon is because of my cut/paste, though. The collage below shows the very first & last pics during that half hour... 
Once while flying to Chennai, we saw a HUGE Orange moon from the aircraft. It was rising and seemed so very close & on fire! One could reach out and touch it, almost. An unforgettable sight.

Now for the haze in my eyes …. well almost lifting.
The blur in my peripheral vision is moving further outwards as my eyes adjust to the new spectacles. It still takes me time to focus on the middle range & I cannot encompass the wide screen of a 17” computer screen. But the strain & ache is decreasing daily. Perhaps another week, but I will try to blog a bit & also fulfill some of my commitments. Thank you for your lovely wishes!