Tuesday, 6 March 2018


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Lavi has come up with an artistic visualization of the snowdrop flower, ensconcing it in heart-shaped foliage!!!
I already had size 40 white on my shuttles, so got to work right away.

Lavi Damian-Boja (Dandelion Lace) 

It is one of those patterns where multiple pathways are available.
Just like in Coretta's Rose with so many alternate ways of working (not to mention all-chains starting with a mock ring).
Going by her comment, the pattern is still in a bit of development stage. She has 2 versions on her blog.  
I decided to work the white flower first, using a single shuttle. At the end of the 3rd ring, I lock joined to the 1st ring through a tiny space left before tatting over the tail.
This ensured I had an attachment point for the calyx later.

Loaded 2 shuttles CTM, with green. Changing the sequence a bit, I started with bottom ring, and up the inner chain. Then the next ring (calyx), attaching the flower, and down the outer chain.
One can simply move across the base ring using the under-over or alligator join to work the 2nd half. However, since the ring is so tiny, I did a lock join, then moved shuttles to other side.
With my tight tatting tension I ended up with 90 to 100 half stitches in the Josephine chain!

This would look great as a pendant in metallic thread! It will give it the strength to hold shape as well.
Other ways to stiffen this piece :
- diluted PVA or fabric starch
- padded tatting (adding additional core thread)
- padding the stitch (pds).
Perhaps some beads in one of the arcs would work, too?

I tremendously enjoyed working this little motif. It has the elegance of Nicola's Kiss Curl heart, yet with more 'story' within it.

And to give an idea of the size of the 3D carnation in an earlier post -


Many many thanks for sharing the pattern, Lavi.

hope you give it a whirl, too J


  1. It's a sweet motif, I think it would look good on a greeting card.

  2. That is a pretty design!! :)

  3. Thank you for the kind words and for trying out the pattern! You have a few good ideas that I need to try. I really like how it turned out for you :)
    Oh, sorry about the Josephine chain. I was counting pairs of half stitches, so those should be 84hs actually...

  4. Thank you so much dear tatters !
    Carollyn, I got your comment notification inmy mail bax, but it doesn't show here. I think there was some glitch y'day, with twin notifications showing up for some ;-P

    Jane I agree- it is ideal for a card or applique !

    That's a relief, Lavi - I was mortified at my tatting tension ;-D Glad you like this. I hope to try the other version as well. Hugs

  5. This is lovely. I love your notes on tatting it. I need to come back to this and give Lavi’s pattern a try.

  6. Love this pattern, and have visited Lavis blog, I have put this pattern on my to do list

  7. Thanks Coretta & Margaret :-) It really is a beautiful pattern. Looking forward to seeing your snowdrops in spring!

  8. I just checked on what you said and maybe this time my comment will be posted :) you heart is fantastic love it!

    1. So sweet, Carollyn :-) Always a pleasure to hear from you!

  9. Love the pattern. It may be a beautiful pendant.

    1. Yes, Alka, a pendant would be perfect - simple & elegant :-)