Tuesday, 20 March 2018

65 + 126 + 24 and one

Sent and received !
Rather sent and received and sent and received and sent and received and sent and received...

When the hubster realised I was going to send 55 squares, he panicked and insisted I courier them. Cho chweet. 
In the end, though, I sent in 65 squares : 55 from Cathy’s original pattern and the rest from 3 of my patterns (Classic Square ; Heart Square ; & Quatrefoil Square in size 40). I tied them in batches of 5.

Since the rates were same for the first 500 gms, I asked Usha whether she would like me to include her group's work as well. She couriered me the package, & I received it along with a surprise  ....
A beautiful letter and her exquisite lanyards and oh so lovely beads !!! 
Yay. It came in handy almost immediately when my new glasses became a bit loose & I feared dropping them! Very light & beautifully worked - the sparkle of the crystals is not captured here. 

So the 1st sent was by Usha & her group; received by me.

The Happy Tatters group had collectively sent in 126 squares, some from own original designs. 
9 tatters with 126 squares and wishes (scroll down for screenshot).

Even with our collective tatting and stuff, the padded envelop barely weighed 200gms!

Thus 2nd sent was by me (through my BIL); received by Cathy a couple of days later.

Meanwhile I received another envelope from Vrinda, delayed by a day, with 24 more squares
4 each from 6 original patterns! Wow!
We decided to send this by ordinary mail, keeping our fingers crossed.

The 3rd sent was by Vrinda; received by me.
4th sent was by me in a new envelope; received by Cathy about 12-13 days later.

I am so very fortunate to have seen firsthand all the lovely tatting from the Happy Tatters group !!! You can see a lot of their work on Usha’s blog. Above is a screenshot from Cathy’s facebook listing
And Usha’s gift to me is priceless!
I can take credit for motivating Vrinda to share her square patterns ;-P She has used different techniques to create her squares, and given them adorable names, too. Cathy put each pattern up on facebook.

I also have Vrinda’s gracious permission to share them on my blog. So don’t go away – my next post will have her square patterns (in my notation). And also a listing of the various 3x3 cms squares that creative participants have shared (it’s good to have the links all in one place, right?).

The deadline for receiving squares has been extended to the end of this month 
and the tatted fabric will be displayed at Les Halles Saint Gery.

Many many thanks to Cathy for her graciousness and help throughout,
including sharing her personal address for the courier.

Oh, but before I leave there was another lovely sent & received a few weeks back (this has been a hugely delayed blog post due to health reasons). 
This is the latest and sadly last issue of Frivolté(k)ring. This time they included my Block Heart bracelet pattern. If you remember, last year I had the privilege of sharing my Curly Cross pendant pattern with them. Since it is their last, I asked for a physical copy instead of pdf. They graciously obliged.
A very special thanks to Mari-jan !

Between all this sending and receiving, I have made new friends and forged old ones !
That’s what this global initiative represents – a unity of purpose and meeting of minds.

Oops I forgot to thank the men in my family - hubby & his younger brother for their role in the Tat a Monument in Pink ;-P


  1. Those are so many squares! I really like the name of the group "Happy Tatters" :)
    And congratulations for getting your pattern published. It is a shame they will stop publishing it.

  2. What a wonderful process of sending and giving!

  3. Lots of wonderful squares from everyone!! :)
    Love the hearts pictured with the new book!! :)

  4. I treasure my International friends I've forged through tatting. I am constantly amazed at how similar we are. (Your glasses could be mistaken for my frames!) that makes me Happy!!

  5. Wonderful encouraging post 😄

  6. Wow, many squares and I really surprised but happy that are so many people around the word who love tatting :-) Nice post :-)

  7. And You gals make me Happy :-))))

    Lavi, the Dutch tatting group will continue to share patterns, but not in this book form. Yes, it is sad, but such administrative activities take up so much time and effort that it is difficult to pursue the creative inclinations.

    Ah Mel, how cute !! These are my Favorite glasses, too. Although now I only have lenses for this half-frame (can't afford 2 sets of progressive lenses that may need replacing every few years ;-P).

    Justyna, it amazed me, too. And to think that I still know of so many more tatters who haven't participated. Who says tatting is a lost art?! What made me even happier was seeing the number of Indian tatters who sent in squares independently too - I didn't know there were so many.

  8. I love your new eyeglass lanyards. I have found them very helpful, not like hubby who is always looking for his, my glasses are always on, my head, my nose or my neck. Congrats on all the squares made and sent.

  9. Lovely lots of squares, I posted today some more to her, it should have been posted Monday but we had snow and I coukd not get out to go to tte post office, we lost our post office in our village so now it's a trip to the next village.
    Lovely lanyard.

  10. Muskaan, thanks for all your efforts to include Indian tatters squares lot in your courier and posting the pics here. I haven't been able to post them in my blog. It's your big heart showing the gratitude for each tatter. I, and the group too are proud of being your friendship.

  11. Bernice, you do paint a comical picture - Mystery of the Missing Monocles ;-P Usha's lanyards are really pretty!

    Margaret, I loved the new squares you made & showed on Craftree :-))) They are on my to-tat list as well.

    Usha, the pleasure is all mine :-)