Tuesday, 6 February 2018

55 in 5 and 1 in 15

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No, no, please don't leave... This is not an equation !
Just my frivolous statistics.
If you enjoy puzzles, go ahead & decipher before reading further J

my newest buy - Lindsay Rogers' 'Mastering Tatting' !
When I made my 1st one way back, I wasn’t sure about mailing it. It had worked out larger than the required dimensions (see pic below) and I was too caught up in loads of other projects, among other reasons.
loosely tatted original square with reduced stitch square
which now measures 3cms in Anchor size 20
Both factors (& the other reasons) remained the same but I don't know what exactly changed my mind. An email from Usha probably. DH knew all of my reasons, yet I couldn't explain what really happened now.
Don’t regret it one bit! I went on a tatting binge for 5 whole days, loving every moment of it, down to sewing in ends. Yeah, I guess Anita got it right - I’m “an overzealous overachiever” ;-P But the 'competition' is with myself.

So here’s the 'solution' to the title –
55 Brussels squares tatted in 5 days.
And at least 
1 of them was tatted in 15 minutes!

Pattern : Tat a Brussels Monument in pink by Cathy de Greef (Canarithy)

I don’t time myself ever. There are too many interruptions and distractions while life goes on when tatting. However I was averaging about 25-30 minutes per square. Then on Day 4 I happened to start a square just as the news went on on fm radio & I finished the square as the news reader signed off – 15 minutes flat!
Huh, didn’t know I could tat fast. 
Errr, I did have fewer stitches to work – in order to get the right size in Anchor 20, 4 stitch repeats are used instead of the 5 in original pattern.
Day 3 - end of morning session in the warm winter sun !
Day 3 - end of evening session in artificial lights
Efficiency & rhythm could be part of the reason, besides the sheer joy of working the pattern – it had enough variety to sustain my interest.
  • All the materials needed were placed in this chocolate box (see pics above).
  • I tatted 2 sessions per day and sewed in the ends at night (day 3 pics above).
  • I stuck to the same pattern, getting into a good rhythm.
  • Used 3 different pinks to create some variety.
  • Used a ball and shuttle. My Pony bobbin held enough thread for 4 squares.
  • Path used :
I started at the same point where Cathy did but with the ring instead of chain. Worked 2 chains around, then reverse tatted (unflipped/wrapped stitches) the inner chain. This eliminated frequent RW or switch shuttle.
NOTE (update) : To join subsequent chains to this central picot, use the 2nd side of Split Ring join.
Continued to end – lock joining the last inner chain to ring picot and completing the last outer chain.
Ending at the starting point meant it was easier to hide ends later.
And fs/bs tatting, hence started the ring in RODS (reverse order of half stitches), which meant all chains were tatted from the front.

When starting I had no idea how many I wanted to make. Then based on each day’s output I decided to give myself 5 days to complete 50 squares. On the last day I contemplated the title of my blog post & decided to increase the count by 5 - how corny is that ?!;-P  
[starting on Jan 31st - 9, 10, 13, 12, 11 squares]

On day 6, with all squares roll-blocked, dried and photographed, I set about tatting a couple of new patterns that I had sketched earlier. I will show them in the next post. They won't be in pink, though - I'm mighty tired of that colour !
I hope to finalize the patterns today and may include it in the envelope to mail to Cathy.

I did find a few of my old squares fit the 3x3cms requirement, but they are in size 40 (quatrefoil squares) and the brown one (undulating) needed a bit of work. So I was very happy working Cathy's pattern. 

Thank you, Cathy, for a lovely pattern
and for the initiative to put tatted lace on the world map !


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jane :-) Now to see if they reach safely

  2. That's fantastic work Muskaan!!! 50 is quite huge stuff. Lovely squares. Wish you could send your own patterns too.

    1. Hey Usha, where's the 5 from 55 ;-P
      I'm going to finalize my patterns today hopefully, and add them to the envelop.
      I have you to thank - without your email I might not have done this :-D

  3. Lots and lots of fabulous squares!! :)

    1. They were Fun squares, Sue ;-P Wish I could've taken a photo of them dunked in a bowl of water for blocking - they looked real cute

  4. Good on you for completing so many squares. I have a few done and will mail what I have by weeks end.

  5. Well you stayed very focused and she will be thrilled to get so many and I think in good time. She got my "six" of them (I say shamefully) she took a picture so that was fun too see. Great work hugs from Carollyn 💟🌹💟

  6. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment and for a worthy cause. And you found the motivation to return to your patterns, too. Way to go!

  7. Well done, mine are still on the way hopefully not lost in the post,
    I am sure our efforts will be appreciated

  8. Thank you all - appreciate your support :-)))
    Every square counts!
    And there are many who have tatted and sent in many far than these ;-P

  9. I tried the way you mentioned with the reverse stitches fit the center chains and I like it but I’m having a hard time with the center join.

    For the two that met size requirement today I used the regular method but I want to give your suggestion another go. Maybe it was more the thread I was using than me not doing it right. I need to try again.

    1. a direct tatted chain (using reverse or unflipped stitches) is just like the 2nd side of a split ring. Hence we use the same join as when linking the 2nd side of SR.
      I will update my post, Coretta.
      And Bernice used a swirl join, as I wrote to you. It is also a very beautiful join.

  10. Hermoso trabajo, yo tambien mande espero que lleguen saludos ee Argentina

    1. Isn't it wonderful how this event is connecting tatters from across the globe, Eugenia ! Thank you for all your lovely comments :-)


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