Tuesday, 30 January 2018

better than nothing?

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free bookmark pattern

I wanted to insert some bookmarks in a book to give away as a gift. Rummaged through my stash and chose a few. But an incomplete bookmark caught my eye. Remember I had promised a pattern back in 2014 at the end of the magic square deconstruction?

At the time all I did was the basic/central row derived from the magic square, 
but I couldn’t quite get the next row to work. 
You can see my woeful attempts along the left side before I had set it aside.

Slow forward to 2018 - This time when I laid it on paper, I could easily create a satisfactory design (sketched on the right side).

The recipient loves yellow. I Had to use it.
Combo of Lizbeth Falling Leaves & Anchor yellow both in size 40.
This combination looks even better in real.

The 2 rows were worked separately since I wasn’t sure what size ring was needed.
But if the same colour placement is followed, we can throw rings off row 1 chains using 2nd shuttle. Then the outer row will be mostly chains all around.
It can be worked continuously if we climb out with a split chain.

With requisite beads, it can make a lovely bracelet or choker or perhaps adorn a headband.

Struggled with naming it. Thought of ‘magic square bookmark’ to mark the end, & remind me, of that exercise years ago. But the overall design barely qualifies as a magic square, right?! And the outer row is nothing special either. So what better name than: “Better than nothing” from the heading above ;-P
The book is "Einstein. In his own words" by Anne Rooney. It is a fairly good collection of his thoughts and ideas on varied subjects, with some rare images thrown in. A hardbound copy, good print, and one can pick up reading & leave off anywhere.  

Better than Nothing bookmark pattern

ROW 1 : shuttle and ball
R1: 5 vsp 2 vsp 5. rw
Ch: 6 – 6 – 6. rw
R2: 5 + 2 vsp 5. rw
Ch: 5
This forms 1 motif. Repeat for length required.
To turn corner, omit the 5ds chain. Instead make chain: 6 – 6 – 6.
Then turn back, joining the rings as you go. First ring will be joined to R2, and next ring will be joined to both the previous ring and R1. 

ROW 2 : 2 shuttles
Attach threads to one of the side picots.
R: 8 + 8. rw
Ch: 10 lock join to same place as ring, 8 lj , rw.
Repeat till corner is reached. To turn corner :
Ch: 10 lj 8 rw
R: 6 + 6 rw Switch shuttle
R: 10 switch shuttle
Ch: 8 lj 10 lj 8 lj 
Continue with ring as before. 
Turn other corner in same manner.

Add decorative picots if desired. 

a question :
Do you think it should have a tail? If yes, any suggestions?

Enjoy  J 


  1. It’s way better than nothing, I think the name doesn’t do it justice! How about Einstein’s bookmark?? I like your outer round and your colours.

  2. Beautiful!!! Loved colors n pattern too.

  3. Beautiful bracelet/bookmark. My niece's birthday is coming up. She likes to read and likes jewelry. This could serve a dual purpose. Thanks for the wonderful pattern.

  4. Piękna zakładka ,dziękuję za wzór !

  5. Very fun to see and thanks for the pattern, I too like Einstein's bookmark :)for a name!

  6. Lovely bookmark, no tail required.

  7. Lovely bookmark and colors, better a name than nothing or numbers, like someone you know who she is...

  8. Definitely better than nothing! I love tails on bookmarks, but I think this one looks fine without one.

  9. See, I never know how a pattern is going to be received! Thank you all so very much for the enthusiastic encouragement and suggestions :-)))

    Okay, so we'll name it Einstein's bookmark if I get around to creating a proper pdf, Jane.

    And no tail.

    Marie, I'm thrilled you're going to make it for your niece (the bookmarks are for my niece's b'day as well !!). In case there is any mistake in the instructions, please let me know.

    Ninetta, you are too funny ;-D

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  11. I like Jane’s idea for the name.
    Also yes! I want it in a headband. Hmmmm adding to my list.

    1. Excited to see your version, Coretta !
      On 2nd thoughts 'Eureka' would be a more apt name considering .... I'm no genius like Einstein ;-P

  12. The bookmark's name is a bit unusual, but it tells a story and that gives it more charm. I love the idea of giving a book with a bookmark in it as a gift, I will have to try it too. I was also thinking it would be interesting if the bookmark matched the theme of the book somehow.

    1. Lavi, muskaan has done several special bookmarks to match themes or the colors of the book cover. You might want to search this blog for the posts. They are inspiring.

    2. Lavi, as Eliz says, I've done bookmarks in colours or chosen motifs for ribbon bookmarks to go with the book theme. So far I haven't been able to make a complete bookmark solely for a book. But there are some very creative people on Craftree who have done it !
      Hopefully your idea will prompt me towards it :-)

  13. I'm chiming in late as usual, but I love it and I'm glad you opted for no tail. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

    1. Eliz, I'm Always happy to see you whenever you can :-D

  14. Just looking at this on your blog after seeing it in Craftree. I love it! :-)

    And, I'm thinking it would look good as a cross, though it would be rather big...

    1. Grace, cross is an excellent idea considering this is after all a magic square derivative! One can reduce the number of repeats and also extend the arms horizontally.
      I should try to diagram it ...

  15. Yes I like a tail on a bookmark, lovely pattern

    1. Margaret, I love to add tail(s) too, but this one has a few extra repeats (I got so caught up in the enjoyment that I didn't notice the length ;-P).

  16. Replies
    1. So glad you liked the pattern, Eugenia :-)