Friday, 5 January 2018

tada ?

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For the 2017 summer break, Georgia had suggested we pick any vintage pattern and rework it using different type(s) of picots. Who knew I’d be doing that with this brand new doily ?!

Doily #10 (“Pikotek”)
(with my picot adaptation)
designed by : Agnieszka Gawron - Frywolaga
For this last round regular picots adorn the major portion. Wondered whether I should use a triple picot or graduated picots for the small outermost curve. But the soft curve seemed to give the doily a more flowery/petal look.

And to keep that in focus, the inner curve uses a single dot picot, as if moving to the next petal.
I’m not too happy with the colour – it doesn’t seem to evoke a spontaneous “tada”. Well, whoever receives it as a gift will just have to live with it ;-P

This round 10 turned to be a bit tight so I eased the snugging of the chains. 
Perhaps an additional stitch or two in the long chains would help.

Final msts – 26½ cms or 10½ inches across in size 40 Anchor
Doesn't this look like a flower?!

Here’s a comparison of size with Renulek’s 2016 Wiosna / Spring doily.

The pattern presentation is excellent. Uncluttered, with a clean schematic showing both the sequence and the stitch count in each round. Written pattern is also provided, although I didn’t need to even glance at it – the visual said it all.

There are no complicated or advanced techniques involved in the original pattern.

As I said earlier, the format of this picot game is totally conducive to armchair designing! All the hard work had been done by Agnieszka but we could have fun customizing the look with picots. Good ego-booster for any beginner designer !

She will be displaying the completed doilies on her blog. I will update with a link later. 
This journey stops –
Many many thanks, Agnieszka Z

I’m so glad for this opportunity to join in. Not only did I get a beautiful doily, I even enjoyed the process of "picot-ing" with double picots, dot picots, and normal picots !!! Maybe I can use more picots in my future patterns? But not in my newest cross pattern. the prototype of which I will share very soon. 
would you like to go picot-ing ?!


  1. So glad to pick up on my blogging to see this work of art finished. I remember when you started and I love the colors I think it is perfect for spring time or even valentines day and some heart shaped chocolates to a dear friend :)

  2. Those are long chains on the outside. You've handled them admirably, and the final result is flowery and beautiful! Good to practice variations on the picot and finish up with a doily that is Agnieszka's design but yours too!! Clever.

  3. Last row with lots of picots looking awesome!!! Great patience you have Muskaan. Lovely work!

  4. How beautiful this is. Who ever does get it will treasure it...I know I would. The colors are so soft and pretty. I am not adventurous enough to try to change a pattern.

  5. Congratulations on completing the doily! It looks awesome and I think the colour combination is tada enough, but it is not harsh on the eyes.
    It does indeed look like a flower or maybe even a bouquet? Redesigning picots looks like really fun, especially when using unconventional picots.

  6. It looks like a tada to me! I need to be more mindful of what is going on in the tatting world so that I can learn more. I tend to focus on what I already know.

  7. It's beautiful! The colors are gorgeous. Anyone who gets this would treasure it.

  8. Many many thanks for leaving such encouraging comments and lining my journey with pleasantness …

    Carollyn that is a lovely idea! I’ll wait for spring :-)

    Jane, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Yes, the picoting makes it personal :-D

    Usha, when the design is beautiful, the shuttles are eager ;-P

    Michelle, I was notified of your sweet comment but cannot find it here. Been a long time :-)

    Gracie, when the designer herself invites, it’s hard to resist :-D

    Sue & Margaret, thanks for your constant support through this journey :-)

    Lavi, this exercise actually made me think in and of different ways! I’m sure it will help in my future endeavours :-D

    Diane, once the online tatting world opened to me in late 2013, I haven’t been content to tat what I know (unlike pre-2013). There’s a hunger to learn more and apply. But it also creates a kind of rush … pros and cons ;-P

    Stephanie, your words are a treasure :-) Long time no see?

  9. Wonderful doily. great color choice.

  10. Thank you so much Agnieszkae, Marja, and Alka ! It was a fun project for sure :-)
    Alka, I don't know why your comment is not showing up here, though I read the email notification. Thanks :-)