Monday, 13 November 2017

binging on picots

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Who would've thought !
What can I say, it happens....

Remember adding picots to the doily challenge?
My plan was to repeat dot picots in the 3rd round of Frywolaga’s Doily#10. After tatting 3 chains, it just did not cut it for me. There was no enhancement - quite the contrary – almost tacky.
Out came the snippers and, hey what the heck, I fell back on our trusted, time-tested regular humble picots!

Why not go the whole hog? And it seems to works, doesn't it ?!
Measures just over 6.5cms in size 40 (without taking picots into account).

The unintentional upswing is how all linked rings (rounds 2 & 3) form continuous garland around.
Just like in my clover wreath pattern – when tessellated, the pair of rings from each motif form a floret! It was unplanned - the florets just emerged.
It amazes me how every little experiment offers learning, discerning, and designing opportunities!

This is turning out to be quite a fun learning experience :-)

binging laced with no calories – happy tatting J


  1. Beautiful doily, I like your picots!

  2. Aha, decorative picots have their place after all!

  3. It's looking fabulous!!! :) I love how bold it looks in spots and then lacy in other spots!! :)

  4. Piękne równiutkie pikotki !Pozdrawiam.

  5. I love the way this is progressing. Excellent choices!

  6. Oh thank you so much dear friends and Agnieszka for giving me this opportunity !!! I look forward to getting back to this - it's a beautiful doily :-)

  7. Simply beautiful with lots of picots looking like a garland!!!!