Wednesday, 29 November 2017


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This month I Love Tatting consisted of working a pattern with at least 4 split rings. I kept tossing ideas in my head – so many to choose from! Jean Lugert’s rose was a top contender – it’s on my to-tat list. Or a pattern from Karen Bovard’s book? Then there were 2 of my own designs – one prototype done a couple of years back, and another – a split ring snowflake, no less – in my sketchbook. Also jostled with some braid ideas.
Finally fate intervened in multiple ways and I chose a pattern mixing colour effects, techniques, and events. And kind of apt – 3 colours for edition #3 of kocham frywolitke!

Adaptation of
Patty Dowden’s Mardi Gras Snowflake
for I Love Tatting / Kocham frywolitke 3
Googled Mardi gras colours and loved the 3 that showed up! Never tried this combo before, and in order to get the right shades, I chose Anchor embroidery threads – 3 strands of each colour.
My initial thought was to wind 1 strand of each colour, but discarded the idea.
And in order to use all 3 colours, with justice to each, I planned on adding another round.

Substituted single shuttle split ring (SSSR) with the 2-shuttle split rings (SR) to comply with the challenge. Incidentally, SR is a composite ring while SSSR is a true ring.

The path wasn’t easy! Here is my 1st attempt. Something was wrong, I knew, but it took me a long time to figure it out.
Decided to start afresh and made the very same mistake at the very same spot again!!!! 
This time I unraveled and re-tatted. Kept a close eye thenceforth ;-P

This is how the original pattern would look. It measures 6 cms.
One of the advantages of split rings is that one gets to play with colours in interesting ways.

The additional round is worked with 2 shuttles because of the thrown ring. But one can work the round with ball and shuttle by making it a mock ring.

Stitch count for this round is notated in the picture, but it can be changed to suit your preference and tension.
I deliberately used simple lock joins throughout.

It measures 8 cms now.

There are a couple of mistakes here but I’m still happy with the outcome. The purple chains create lovely petal outlines around the center (as do the yellow halves). And if we increase the stitches, the ‘petals’ will overlap!

I hope you give this a try some time - with SSSRs or SRs. Either way, it's a beautiful design.

happy tatting always J


  1. Replies
    1. I was going to write 'carnivalesque', Jane, but it has a slightly different meaning, or rather a literary context ;-P

  2. I love the motif and LOVE+++++++++++ the three colours together. I think I know what my next project will look like :-D

    1. YAY, Slyvie :-) Saves so much time when we don't have to go looking for an inspiring pattern/project ;-P

  3. The colors look great together! It's been a while since I've done a SSSR, but I do remember that I found it easier than a SR. I'll have to take the time to try them both again so that I can remember why. I love that the challenge was to tat something with at least 4 split rings. I probably would have tatted a motif and then made a chain of split rings for a book mark... taken the easy way out! ;-)

    1. Is it perhaps that SSSR merely requires finger or loop tatting, Diane, with no change of method to tat the 2nd side, unlike SR?
      If you visit Justyna's blog (link to I Love Tatting) you will be pleasantly surprised that many tatters successfully & beautifully applied that very same idea of a 4 SR braid for bookmark :-D

  4. I am so used to finding new techniques almost every time when visiting your blog, that I have just googled "substituted single shuttle split ring", thinking it must be some new trick I hadn't seen before. Oh my, how silly!
    I love your choice of colours on this design, it is very playful.

    1. You crack me up, Lavi.... I can't stop grinning!!! Hmmm, SSSSR? ;-P
      I like the colour combo, too, and each is symbolic - green for faith, golden for power and purple for justice.

  5. Beautiful Mardi Gras snowflake with so many techniques! Excellent!

  6. Wow, amazing project, so colourful, looks great. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I try to do something, maybe with small changes. I have idea. Thanks for attending with our challenge "Kocham frywolitkę" :-)

  7. Prześliczna praca! Pozdrawiam serdecznie:-)

  8. Thank you tatters :-)))
    Marilee, the foundation is basically just split rings. But using colours gives such a different impression, doesn't it.

    Justyna, I am very eager to see what you make with it !

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