Friday, 17 November 2017

a star is born

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Another new pattern for the, ummm, Medallion Series …

Penta Fleur medallion

This was made over a week back. Nothing much to write here. I wanted to throw off the central ring from a chain and this pattern was the result of that quest. It is tatted in one pass.

I do like the way the long/double picot completes a ‘petal’ and a 5-petalled flower emerges from the confines of a pentagonal star. Based on this I decided on the name and when I Googled it, found that Pentas or penta fleur really is a flower ! Also called Egyptian Star. How opportune is that! Except that I'd already completed it in green otherwise perhaps a red or pink would be more appropriate.

I used Anchor size 20 but we know that it is thicker than Lizbeth 20.
Measures approx 6.5 cms at the broadest points.
Tats up real quick but a picot gauge is required for the long picot. I used a 3/8” gauge held vertically ie. perpendicular to the core thread.

The first trial in tinted blue. Not all chains of same length; other minor tweaks also went on.

Incidentally, while making this, if I had joined the chains differently I get another pattern. I’m really eager to see if the idea works!

This is a diagram-only presentation. In case of any difficulty, you know where I’ll be ;-D

happy tatting always !


  1. It's an unusual motif. Seems to change as you look at it! Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Dzięki za schemat z podwójną pikotką,teraz wiem jak to jest zrobione.

  3. I can't seem to get to the PDF for this motif.

  4. Looks like a great design!! :)

  5. Piękny projekt. Jestem ciekawa co będzie dalej.

  6. I am so glad you liked it & hope you have fun tatting it :-)
    Have a great weekend everybody !

  7. Very pretty! Thank you for the pattern 😀💕💗

  8. Beautiful motif! Thanks for pattern :)

  9. Hope you get time to tat it in future Usha, Sylvie & Anetta :-)

  10. hmmm. Egyptian...... I've gotten to know a gentleman who grew up in Egypt. His Coptic art is always bright, strong colors with gold metallic accents. I recently found some gold beads in my stash. I'm seeing a strong blue or green with gold beads on the picots!

    1. Temptingly royal, Mel !!! Back to Pharoah land :-) Will you give it a whirl?