Friday, 10 November 2017

Am I the right person?

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Especially where picots on tatted lace are concerned?
I generally go for minimum decorative picots, preferring clean lines that show the design clearly. Not that I don't admire the lacy, airy effect of picots.

A couple of weeks back Agnieszka (Frywolaga) invited her readers to a fun picot challenge.
She usually makes 2 versions of her beautiful patterns – one with and other without decorative picots. This time she shared a picture of her Doily #10 without free picots and those interested need to put in picots where they wish. She sends out instructions for the next round when the previous is finished.

When I first set eyes on her doily I loved the simple lines and didn’t want to muck or clutter it up with picots (sorry, dear picot-ists, no offence ;-D). But when I received the 1st round pattern, I had to think slightly out of the box and came up with the following …

Here are my first 2 rounds worked in Anchor size 40 …
I used a double picot in round 1 enhancing the floral effect.
Measures 2.5cms
She shares her suggestion here

Dot picots in the 2nd round.
Measures just over 5cms

I hope to repeat both type of picots in later rounds.

It really is fun! And knowing the complete design, it becomes easier to plan ahead. Just hope I do a good enough job while enjoying the journey. If you wish to join in, the links above provide all the information.

What I did muck up, though, was this simple pattern - the Onion Ring Magic Square #2. I had no problem following the pattern or direction, yet stumbled on simple joins! Thrice rings are attached incorrectly. Noticed only in the picture when the negative space seemed wonky. 

Since I wanted only the one square, most joining picots in outer chains were discarded. (Next time I might even discard the free picots on inner rings ;-P)

Onion rings were tatted with same shuttle. Inner ring from backside, turn work, outer ring from frontside. Outer ring is looped from Behind the inner ring as I had done for the marigolds here.. I found it much quicker to work especially when not using 2 colours. This is the onion ring join used - very effective.

with or without picots, tatting is always lacy fun J


  1. Well, a challenge is a challenge!

  2. I love your double picot, floral version!

  3. For someone who doesn't really enjoy picots you seem to be off to a fabulous design with picots!!! :)
    Your square is pretty even if it's not perfect! :)

  4. I'm still trying to master dot picots. Sometimes I love a good challenge, and other times I prefer to stick with the familiar. I'm glad you're willing to be adventurous!

  5. Jane, Michelle, Sue, Diane - thanks for your kind and encouraging words :-) Yes I do like the floral version with double picots!
    I know what you mean, Diane!
    Hope to get back to tatting after a week's hiatus.