Friday, 24 November 2017


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squared and then some...
I’m getting pretty sick of pink, aren’t you? No option here....

Facebook-ers are already aware. I came across it on Craftree. Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink . Cathy de Greef (Canarithy) is calling for a tatted square in pink to turn the global spotlight towards tatting as well women’s rights. She already has a pattern here. However as long as the finished square is 1.18x1.18” in size 20/30 one can use any pattern.
With Anchor 20 this works out to 1.25”.
I started with a ring and went down instead of around. This is a medallion with a central/shared picot on first chain ! Switching shuttles accomplished the entire piece. The picots linking adjacent chains could've been slightly longer.
She will sew all squares together and adorn a monument with the fabric. The FAQ has all details. I’m not mailing it, just showing my support here. Many tatting groups around the world are already on the task - come join in.

Friendly Anita Barry sent me a delightful presentation titled Taboo Tatting. Print the document on both sides of a page and fold to get 8 little pages of tips, patterns, and ‘puzzles’! It is very handy for travel-tatting. I love how inventive she is!   
eg. she chose a vintage square pattern. You know the 8 alternately small and large outward rings? And all those ways to avoid a twisted picot when joining last ring to first? Here, gasp, she deliberately chose to twist the picot when linking to previous ring.
And I thought I was so smart, thinking ‘why not increase the length of the picot slightly so that the twist is more visible?Dummy!! It simply increased the distance between rings!!! Unlike a regular long picot which can be squished and pulled into an elegant double picot, the twisted one will tend to stay straight and in place. I couldn’t accommodate all 8 rings without ruffling. Lesson learned – the square becomes a diamond.
Instead of regular decorative picots, I used my twisted floating picots.

Still had 2 lengths of pink thread left over and some time. Beaded the ball thread and wound both scraps on a shuttle. The only ‘decorative’ button I could find in my stash only had 2 holes. But I finally tried out Fox’s enticing button tatting!  Oh it was so quick and enjoyable and instead of 12, only 10 repeats sufficed. 
Here I was smart ;-P I worked 5 rings in one hole then continued to next hole. It was easy to see that 5 more rings would take me around. Otherwise I could add one to the first side later.
I can see why this can be addictive, except I don’t really know where I’d use them all. She's been adding a tail to use as a bookmark. I can see this as a bookmark charm or pendant/jewellery.
The button is 2cms and with tatting it comes to 5cms across. An enclosed space medallion where the central space is covered with a button.

Here I travel back in time. Without changing the stitch count, I worked my one-pass quatrefoil square medallion in the traditional way – tatting individual quatrefoils and joining as you go. One can play with colours in a different way here.

Last but not least, I test tatted Guoda’s lovely first snowflake pattern. Her way of notating conflicts with what I am used to or familiar with. But then there are so many ways to skin a cat! Once I changed the diagram to my comfort, it worked smoothly.
I enjoyed working the LTROR (loop tatted ring on ring), and didn’t mind when the thread broke while closing the ring on 4th repeat. Not many patterns use the LTROR, preferring to substitute it with a SCMR. 
In size 40, it measures 8cms across. I can do a better job if I tat it again.

hmmm, one square meal or tatting a square ?
Which would you choose ;-D


  1. Lot of diverse tatting here! Thanks to Tim's post, I've clicked what the Brussels thing is about and will make a plan to participate. I gave a button bookmark to a friend, who said that it works very well. Her mother-in-law said she was going to hang hers up as an ornament.

    1. I like the ornament idea, Jane, except that I am too lazy to actually decorate my tree ;-P I'd rather spend time tatting up more tidbits than hanging them up. But I Loved this button tatting - so relaxing and quick and so much scope to play around!
      Many groups are showing active interest in the Brussels' project and I'm sure she'll receive more than her target of 1,000.