Thursday, 3 August 2017

Q squares and flower

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Sharing the square patterns in the Quatrefoil series – 2 versions and a happy bonus !

Quatrefoil Square Flower !

But first things first ….
These are the 2 versions of the square medallion, worked in size 20 and size 40. 

More pics, along with a larger square arrangement - to be converted into a magic square.
I traced out 4 different pathways for a quatrefoil magic square - 
triangulation , squared , zig-zag, and spiral ! 
Tatting trials of the first 2 are shared here. Zig-zag is what I have used for the upcoming bookmark, and spiral is something that popped out when I arranged the 4 tatted medallions for the above pic ! Some of these pathways are rings-only, while some require a short chain to span, especially if one wants to work with 2 colours. But more on that in future posts.

Jane has joined 6 individual triangles to create a circle ! Yet another shape :-)

Each version laid side by side.

Basic Quatrefoil
I have been including a Basic Quatrefoil diagram/pattern with the pdfs. Here is a complete explanation of what a quatrefoil is, and what factors affect and effect the final shapes created from repeating the quatrefoil. The above sheet can be downloaded as a pdf here.
Once the basic working of each shape is understood, the basic pattern for quatrefoil is all that is needed. 

The trial motifs have grown almost exponentially it seems. So I moved them all into a transparent plastic envelop. I took out 2 of my prototype squares when working on the final pattern, and they came out with a phase shift one on top of the other. Voilà it bloomed into a flower medallion ! 
This bonus pattern is included in the pdf. While tatting there is ruffling – an inherent design feature. However, if picot gauge is used as directed, the final piece will lie flat after a bit of blocking.
I tried to add picots to the inner rings, for more of a floral effect. I don't think they add much.

Just ideas if the flower medallion is used as a motif ….
I do want to add a couple of rounds to one of the flowers to create a coaster. Don't know how successful it'll be - my first time !

My next post will be another vintage edging, after which I hope to share how I end my quatrefoil medallions along with the 4 pathways (on paper).

till later then,
 happy tatting always :-)


  1. Wonderful, thanks, I'll try the square too.

  2. Lovely designs. I can see a possible coaster pattern, assuming you will continue with your rings only and split rings idea. I'll keep an eye out for that as well as the magic square pathways :)

    1. Robin, last night I took more printouts to finalise the different paths for a 16-motif magic square and guess what - the triangulation path turned out to be the same as the squared one in this case. And the latter is simpler to work.
      But the Best part is that the Spiral pathway will be the easiest for this pattern and will work with all shapes !

    2. Yes, the triangle and square visualization are merely a way to break the magic square into smaller shapes. They both cover the same pathway, and it is the only pathway that I am aware of to make an infinitely large magic square without ever reaching a dead end.

      With your rings only pattern, the center of the four square mat is a little different and doesn't conform as well to the triangular pathway. I wonder if your spiral pathway is infinite? I will have to see what you've come up with!

    3. Robin, yes the spiral pathway is infinite for square. For triangles and pentagon, so far I have traced only a single round of attached motifs (as in Jane's circle of triangles and in the pentagon collar/circle I showed earlier. Have to see how it works for multiple attachments in a much larger fabric. This has become a pleasant obsession ;-P
      I will post the skeletal pathways because tatting will take much longer.
      It was a pleasant discovery and exploration, though, and shows how a magic pathway is not necessarily singular but may depend on the pattern :-)

  3. I really love this Quatrefoil series, thank you so much for sharing the patterns :)

    1. Thanks & welcome, slyvie :-) I hope you enjoy tatting a few ...

  4. Wow!!! You amaze me with all the unique designs flowing out!! I love all the different things you have created with this design!!! :) And the flower medallions are awesome!!!! :)

    1. It is kind of addicting, Sue ! I will never be able to do all that is emerging just from this piddly quatrefoil ;-D But I hope tatters will have fun with some of them ...

  5. Lovely patterns with your creativity Muskaan!!!

  6. My head is spinning with ideas! Your square flower really caught my eye. Seeing fabulous ideas such as this is probably why I have so many works in progress!

  7. Very lovely patterns and amazing ideas! Thanks for your precious works :)

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Usha, Diane & Daniela :-))
    Diane, I hope your ideas come to fruition so that we can all enjoy & I totally agree about the neverending list of new tatting

  9. Very lovely patterns and amazing ideas! Thanks for your precious works :)


  10. It's interesting to see all the shape you've created with only rings. I love the red one !

    1. I still have a lot to share in this series, including working them into a larger fabric in one pass - magic pathways :-) Thanks