Friday 18 August 2017

hiding ends knot-free

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Hiding Ends Knot-free in Rings
How to start and end patterns in the Quatrefoil Series

I’ve been meaning to share how I start and end the quatrefoil patterns. There are 4 tail ends to hide, 2 colours, and 2 types of rings at start and finish.
There are numerous methods to choose from, many listed here. So we are actually spoiled for choice.
My personal preferences are  -
  1. to hide tails in separate segments and avoid bulk
  2. to avoid knots while starting or ending
  3. to tat over the starting tails, ending in the middle’ of a stitch ('the middle path').
  4. to whip stitch the end tails.
All these have been incorporated in how I start and end my quatrefoil patterns. Sharing a few process pictures here using Quatrefoil Square -

Leave a very tiny space at the beginning while tatting over tail in first ring. 
This ring is tatted backside (optional).
I follow the middle path when leaving tail
 Reverse work and attach shuttle 1 thread, tatting over tail in the ring.

Leave both tails unclipped for now. 

At completion, cut a long tail and thread needle through shuttle 2 thread. 
Pass needle through the space left on ring 1. 
Tug the old tail to bring the rings closer and to eliminate the space. 
Then whip stitch back through second half of last ring.
This is how the 2 tails look. Give another tug and it is now safe to clip the extra lengths. 
For shuttle 1 thread, pass needle through base of second ring, 
and whip stitch back through the last ring. 
All ends clipped after ensuring they are snugged tightly. 
The starting tails were tatted over ; 
the end tails were whip-stitched back through their respective rings. 

Notice how the space between 4 rings is consistent with the space in other 3 clusters (see lead pic) and there is no visible bulk or tell-tale tail ends.
This is merely my process. What is your preferred method(s) ?

Also, I have figured out a way to hide ends in a split ring without any sewing! I still need to take pics but will hopefully share soon.

happy tatting always :-)


  1. I love reading about different ways to hide ends. I mostly tat over tails at the beginning and sew in the final ends.

    1. I prefer it too, Diane :-) But in response to an email, I've found a way to hide tails Without Sewing in a split ring. Just uploaded the pictorial.