Saturday, 19 August 2017

hiding on a whim

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A week back I received an interesting email asking whether we can hide tails without sewing when ending on a split ring, something along the lines of Karen's video 161.
At the time I listed a few options/ideas for her to try while I recuperated….
(many more links listed in Tatting Resources page)
I've been very satisfied with my knot-free hiding using tatting over tails and whip stitching. But I do love a challenge! Couple of nights back I figured out a way (after 2 failed attempts where the ring unraveled as soon as I pulled to test it) to end on a split ring without sewing in tails and today I took pics.
And now as I prepare the post, looking for links, I find that Karen’s method is basically the same as Frivolé's with the addition of a lock join. This join helps to secure the ball thread further. Frivolé’s method was also demonstrated here by mytattingplace.
So my method turns out to be quite similar, too, if you scroll down !

Hiding tails in Split Ring without sewing
a pictorial
1. Start ring with Shuttle1. Tat till about the last 5- 6 stitches remain.
Then switch to Shuttle2 and complete the 2nd side.
2. Going back to Sh1, pull out a loop and finger tat the remaining stitches as in a SSSR. 
(loop-tatting the stitches)
3. Carefully close ring, keeping ample loop length.
4. Pass Sh2 through the loop (over - under) and over it's own thread ...
5 ... to make a half stitch or knot with Sh2 thread.
Make very sure it is on the side of loop that does not slide.
 6. Pull on Sh2 to tighten the half stitch as much as possible. 
 7. Pass Sh2 again thru loop (under-over).
8. Snip off Sh2, leaving a short tail still encapsulated within loop as in #7. 
Pull Sh1 to carefully close loop, trying to snug Sh2 tail as much as possible...
9. Sh1 loop disappears completely and Sh2 tail is flush against the base of ring. 
10. Snip off both tails. Voilà!
Tug all you want but the stitches do not unravel!

I call it whimsical 'coz am unsure how useful it will be. The only scenario I can think of right away is in SR braids where one can safely end with a SR. Or perhaps if one encounters mistakes and needs to snip off to make corrections, then we can minimise tails and sewing.
Anything else you can think of ?

I still hope it may come in handy sometime somewhere.

Till then, happy tatting and hiding without sewing 

ps. I haven't converted this pictorial to a pdf. If anyone wants, please let me know ...or use the icon at end of page


  1. Looks fairly straight forward, I must confess I sew in my ends but I will try this when I need to .

    1. Yes it is straigthforward, Margaret, and would love to see when/where it can be used. Maybe I can incorporate it into the Q square method in previous post, ...hmmm?

  2. I would love this as a PDF when you have time! Brilliant!

  3. I'll have to try this. Though I don't really mind sewing in ends. I have used the Takeda method, but my daughter's earring fell apart, which put me off.

    1. Oops, Jane! I used the Takeda method for a couple of years till Carollyn shared her video & thenceforth sewing has not deterred me at all :-)
      May be if one is running out of Sh2 thread, this method can be used!