Friday, 4 August 2017

Needleart 1921 Edging 3

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Edging/Insertion #3 Bookmark
Needleart 1921 (vol 8 issue 3) 

This is a very simple insertion – rings and chains that can be worked with one shuttle and ball. Good practice in trefoils and chains for beginners. It is a slight variation of Edging #2 which I will share later, along with a bracelet variation.

The original bellaonline article has lots of tips including how to avoid gapsosis in trefoils, and the importance of picot lengths.
I tatted it in size 40. A ⅜ inch picot gauge held horizontally is used for the central picot to which 3 other trefoil rings will be attached.
Thought about using a Swirl Join instead of central picot. But impractical to leave all those rings dangling for entire length till they are joined on the way back (see also beaded version below).

4 repeats measure about 5 inches long and 1 inch wide.

The satin ribbon is ¼ inch wide. I double-backed the ribbon and tied a simple knot at the other end.

This time the pdf does not include any written pattern. It can be accessed directly from the article. Only keep in mind that all chains are 3ds separated by picots.

TIP : when trying to figure out the stitchcount from an image, be mindful of the type of tatting. In vintage patterns we usually have traditional tatting with no distinct front or back sides. While some elements will show complete stitches, others may show half stitches at either end. Picots, or more precisely the stitches adjacent to a picot, give away the secret :-)

Had an idea to tat a bracelet, adding beads. Hmmm, size mismatch. These seed beads were too large for size 40. Abandoned and haven’t yet been able to work it in 20. Hopefully in future.

I went for a bookmark. But I’m sure you can see the numerous applications for this pattern ? Bracelet, choker, belt, .... and much more !

'Silk Ribbon Embroidery' by Ann Cox is a lovely book full of floral techniques illustrated stepwise and scenic compositions. I really did intend to embroider a few, but couldn’t find silk ribbons. Then tatting came back into my life and everything else went out ;-P

keep tatting, happily, merrily  :-)


  1. That's lovely muskaan. I like your bookmark but yes it could be put to other uses too. I'm glad to see your article. Yesterday there was just a headline!

  2. Very nice! I can picture the bookmark as straps on a nightie attached to a tatted yoke, something I've long thought of doing. :-)

  3. Beautiful bookmark and good pattern:)

  4. Very nice! I can picture the bookmark as straps on a nightie attached to a tatted yoke, something I've long thought of doing. :-)


  5. hehehe, Jane, you are Quick ;-P I was trying to generate a url for the post to include in the pdf, but the post itself wasn't ready to be uploaded. Must remember this for future :-)

    Love your idea, Diane !! Incidentally, the 7 patterns are originally listed under "Tatted Edges and Insertions for Underwear".

    Sue & Anetta thanks for your appreciation, too :-)))