Saturday, 26 August 2017

floating in air !

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Here's a peek into what I've been up to; why the Quatrefoil series is on hold... 
Floating Beads 
UPDATE : This pattern is now in pdf format, Click to download

I'm working on a necklace set with a smattering of beads and crystals in tatting.
It started out as trying to hang a large crystal bead inside a ring - a thrown/floating ring. Couldn't find any tutorials to create that effect.  
Tempted to ask my beading friends, but forced myself into figuring out a solution. Many attempts later, here's a pic of a couple of the 'uncut' or unraveled trials - the ones on the left show how the chain distorts. Then success (the 3rd from right) !!! 

This has been tested by Georgia, Eliz, Usha, Stephanie. Their valuable feedback will be included in the pictorial.

Gradually the floating beads method evolved. It works not only in thrown rings, but regular rings, (I snipped off the pink thread by mistake, hence couldn't complete the outer ring properly.)

and even a string of beads inside the ring !

And another idea struck - how about using the string as as a central picot ? 
I’m not sure whether this has/has not been done. Also one doesn’t need the exact floating bead method – it can be made with a simple long loop. But I’m merely showing how my brain worked at finding new applications/effects.

Then I wondered about using it on normal chains. Here I loaded the crystal teardrop on a picot, attached right back before proceeding. The inset shows it attached using the floating beads method. While the former is kind of flush against the chain, the latter is held at a slight distance as if on a shank. Instead of single crystal, a string of beads can be used.

While I haven't tried it on a mock ring or an SCMR, I don't see why it shouldn't work.

And whether you want to or not, I will bore you further with pictorials on how to do it ;-D Fair warning ? Patterns will follow much later, though.
I’m just so excited that I could figure out some beading for myself – getting the hang of it ;-P

Second reason for floating in air was the exciting attachment I got in my inbox. One of my patterns has been published in a Dutch magazine De Frivolité(k)ring alongside very talented and experienced tatters and designers. The booklet, published twice a year, is distributed among the Dutch tatting circle - Frivolité(k)ring NederlandIt’s in Dutch. I had asked for the pdf version, not the physical booklet.

Mari-jan had contacted me many months back but I had no idea which pattern they had chosen. Turns out it is the Curly Cross Pendant – the one I never got around to writing/diagramming a proper pattern for. And they’ve actually posted beautiful step-wise pics (without beads) with written pattern.

many many thanks to all I've named here. 
You make tatting so much more pleasurbale

twice the pleasure, double the twirls ….
happy happy dance !!!


  1. Wow, congratulations on having your pattern published! So exciting. I'm glad you're putting your mind to beads - I can see there are going to be all sorts of wonderful techniques emerging. Love that top earring, it's splendid. (and give us as many pictorials as you like!!)

    1. (((Hugs, Jane))) You once helped me out with my bead dilemma, so yes, I feel like I this is an achievement, albeit a small one :-)
      That earring is actually very very simple. I'll make one properly and share the pattern along with the method tut.

  2. How exciting! I can just imagine how thrilled you were to find that one of your patterns was being published!

    I love your floating beads. The blue with the pearl center caught my eye immediately... my favorite color and my birth gem. It doesn't get much better than that!

    1. Ah Diane, I'll name this Diane's Earrings - how about that ?
      Not only did they publish the pattern but their stepwise pics are amazing. Couldn't have done a better job myself.

  3. Congratulations on the selection of your pattern for publication! I know how thrilling that is. Love the extension of this idea to the string of beads. I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks Eliz :-))) I now have quite a good stash of beads and findings so hopefully more experimentation and jewellery will emerge ;-D

  4. Congratulations on your pattern being published.
    I like the idea of a ring of pearls and then tat around the ring. I look forward to seeing more

  5. Oh what fun to hear about getting published I wonder is I could get a copy of my friends work in a real magazine wow this is great Congrats! Also love the pearls it is always a favorite with tatting in my opinion love pearls!

  6. another cute design :)
    Cross already I have, it is beautiful
    I congratulate the publication :)

  7. It's an exciting experience to see one of own patterns published, many congratulations Muskaan:-)
    The pattern chosen is very beautiful!

  8. Thank you so very much Margaret, Carollyn, Sue, Renata, & Daniela :-)))

    Carollyn while the full publication is not for sale and to be distributed among the group only, I had asked for my own pattern to upload to my blog & they had agreed to send a separate pdf. Haven't received it yet & will ask them ..

    Renata, curled rings is what brought us together :-D I remember what amazing things your talented group did with them, including your cross !

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  10. Congrats on getting your pattern published! :-) That is a lovely and ingenious cross.

    1. They did a great job presenting it, Grace, with clear stepwise pics. I have to get around to making a proper presentation instead of the notated pic ;-P

  11. you could also run the thread through the bead and thread a smaller bead after that, then thread through the large bead again. the small bead holds the larger bead in place with out as much thread showing. I hope that all made sense.

    1. Absolutely, Lynne! I have a few pics of the stopper bead method in Part4 of my FB pictorials -
      It works great with small projects or when beads are small. But unwinding shuttle for every such bead (when there are numerous and large beads to dangle) can be a nuisance.
      The thread here makes the arrangement more durable and can act as a design element, but I understand it is a personal preference. Beauty of tatting lies in the options one has.
      Thanks for your commnent Lynne :-)