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more options & a curly pattern

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O, the layers hidden in a curl !!!
Who would've thought that a simple experiment to showcase the various styles/effects/options of Ninetta's Curled Rings, here would lead to a pattern as well as a serious learning of some basic bead-adding methods ?!
As you scroll down, you will see for yourself how the pattern emerged from randomness.
But first, to continue with a few more effects (that have been used in the pendant) 

(click on picture for larger images & slide show)
Curl Features : Onion Ring, Up , Out ,  Lock Join 
Onion Ring
Curl Up (ring tip lies over ring base)
Curl Out (the cup-shape is outward facing)
Lock Join
TIP : I find that a Lock Join works better at times, as when curled in Option 4, 
& especially since an onion ring is 'heavier'/bulkier & here it is 'free-standing'.
Ninetta has made exquisite use of this option in her edging with curled rings here. In fact, the onion rings in her clover fold upon themselves, with no chain or ring in between.
I used a triple Onion ring to act as a hook for my pendant here

Curl Features : Onion Ring, Up , Around , In , Picot Join 
Onion Ring
Curl Up (tip of ring will lie upon the base),
Curl Around
(ring being curled around a chain)
Regular Picot Join,
Curl In
(the cup-shape faces inwards)
Bird's-eye view of 5 styles/effects of Curled Rings
Ninetta has used this along the entire outer edge in her bookmark pattern here.  
Also used in my pendant in round 2 - the 2nd ring, in the middle of 2 large rings.

Curl Features : Multiple Rings around single element
Up , Around , In , Picot Join  

2 Curled Rings around a single larger ring.
I curled 3 single rings around a single larger ring in the Curly Cross Pendants
6 Options depicted so far.
And does it not look like a cross ?! 
No option but to create a pattern ;-P So here it is ....

Curly Cross Pendant
© muskaan  May 2015

I will share the written pattern in pdf soon. Till then, here's the notation in the pic below.
I will upload pictures of how I added the beads at base of curled rings (shown by red asterisk) in a later post. More for my own records coz all of you are already adept at adding beads :-)
However, the tutorials I used were these : 
Karen Cabrera’s Lesson 100 (how to add bead in center of rings)
Jane Eborall’s Placement of Beads in Work 

Pattern notations for Curly Cross Pendant
I hope you like the cross pendant. This one, worked in AMC size 40, measures 2½” x 1” . 2 beads are loaded in Shuttle 1, 1 bead in Shuttle 2, & 6 loose beads.
The gold one above, worked in size 20, measures 3” x 1½”. But there are a few errors in it ....

UPDATE : Curly Cross pattern, with beautiful stepwise pics published in De Frivolité(k)ring 2017 #2 (34)
happy tatting :-)

Motif # 19/II for 25 Motif Challenge

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  1. This is wonderful! This is so much fun seeing your experiments take form. I love all the pendents they seem alive and bursting with tatted lace. Just beautiful great tip Muskaan :)

    1. I Love your enthusiastic comment :-D Thanks so much, C !
      The cross practically made itself ;-P

  2. Wow, muskaan, who would've thought there were so many possibilities? The cross looks very intricate - and interesting.

    1. Can I be immodest & say that the possibilities lie in the eyes of the beholder (& holder of the shuttle/needle!) ;-P The cross done in size 40 was a bit fiddly what with the finer thread, colour that got lost in my hand, & the tiny seed beads …. But great fun, Jane !

  3. Wow, this is different.. the one in pinkish brown looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Usha :-) The golden one has mistakes in it & hence had to make it again in brown. But the colour is extremely extremely difficult to photograph with fidelity. Even after taking loads of photos against various backdrops/colours, they don’t do justice to the golden beads & milk chocolate brown thread.

  4. Talk about taking an idea and running! My goodness, I marvel at your ingenuity.

    1. Is that a hint to stop boring you with this ;-P
      Thanks very much, stringydogs, & may you grant me permission for just one more post on this idea :-) It is Very addictive & I'm all curled up with it - was I a cat in my previous life ?!

  5. Great cross! Very unique looking

    1. Thanks, Robin :-) A 3-D, layered cross ;-)

  6. Wonderful cross. I like how you used R7!

    1. Thanks, Ninetta :-)
      The incidental use of curled rings !! Did the same in the parallel tracks pendant, using a triple onion ring .
      Love that you invented & shared the curled ring, Yay ! So much to play with ...

  7. Replies
    1. Mulţumesc, Maria :-)
      I am thrilled that you like it :-)

  8. Replies
    1. Your comment has special significance, coming from someone who makes & gifts such lovely crosses all the time :-) Thanks a million .

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  10. The cross is gorgeous, I too make many crosses to gift to others. I just had to tell you that I am so happy you have this blog, whenever I have struggled with a technique I started coming here and now I just come here all the time to learn a technique . You have a gift of teaching tatting in a very understandable and delightfully refreshing manner. Thank you.

    1. Oh Denise, you are so kind ! You have validated the raison d'être of this blog & reignited my motivation :-)) I hope you continue to find what you need here, & feel free to ask for anything specific if required -- I always try my best to help & learn alongside.
      Thank you so much. Hope you try out this cross sometime.
      I'm glad to see you back & in good health :-)

  11. Thank you for sharing your idea :)

    1. You are very welcome, Renata. I liked your version in cream :-)