Friday, 8 May 2015

Tatting Pattern : Morning Glory 3D flower

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Morning Glory
A 3D Tatted Flower
An “extension” & 3D application of the Thérèse de Dillmont  Plate V, Fig 25 Motif which was modernized & diagrammed by Ninetta here
A freeform rings-only 3D flower that can be customized easily.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is an “Extension” of the original Dillmont Motif which Ninetta modernized & diagrammed. All I did was ‘extend’ the pattern in all dimensions : layer upon layer in the center ; lower layered ring extending beyond the one above ; extended petals under & over the layered rings ; and so on.

I managed to write up the pattern in pdf & upload it along with the post (scroll down), Yay ! Hence this post is more an album of photographs of the Morning Glory Flower from different angles, at various stages.
The Layered Center
For the first time in my tatting life, I actually used blocking ! I used blocking for the yellow center long picots. One of them was adamantly twisted. So I simply pinned the picots on a wet kitchen napkin & after a few hours, it was Great !!! Now I’ve lost my fear/hesitancy of blocking ;-D
These center rings, however, are a bit fiddly to handle .
Adding the Petals
Without Patty Dowden’s instructions, handling the large petal rings neatly & smoothly 
                          would’ve been impossible for me. And this time, I used Both the steps !
This flower measures just over 1"x 1"

Although the broad arch of each petal has 16ds, I might've made a couple with only 15ds. 
Adding all the "accessories"
Ninetta's Curled Rings were used to make the calyx & 
thread ends were encapsulated within the stem.
However, one long tail of pink thread was left uncut. This was used to make the Folded ring bud.
And again the pink thread was encapsulated within the stem.
One can safely say that this flower doodle is also a kind of Ring-play. Many different types of rings 
have been used in this all-ring pattern (all rings except for the stems !) : 
Layered, Curled, Folded, Large, …
For the tendril, an auxiliary thread was added. The ends were cut & frayed. The stitches in this long chain were tensioned just enough to get a kind of rolling twist. If sts are snugged more tightly,  we get a curlicue, as in the main stem.

This entire doodle does not require any blocking. 
The large rings, long chains & encapsulation hold their 3D shape very well.
It is extremely difficult to get a good perspective photograph of 3D freeform pieces. 
What I see with my eyes - the angle, the depth, etc. is not always captured with any fidelity !


Click to download the pattern (pdf) : Morning Glory 3D flower Pattern
UPDATE : I have changed the pattern link from Dropbox to Google docs for greater reach.  The earlier Dropbox link has been removed, altho' it will still work,  since the file hasn't been removed .

Tutorials for Layered Rings (links at bottom) ; for Curled Rings (upcoming)

Feel free to use the pattern as you see fit ; to tweak it, to overhaul it, …. play & enjoy :-) 
Would be nice, though, if you could drop me a line/comment showing me your work, if you do make it.

My sincere thanks to Ninetta & Patty

& to great masters like Thérèse Dillmont.

Motif #18/II for 25 Motif Challenge

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  1. Wow!
    About photographing 3D it's so true what you said, two possibilities: a video or wait till next generation of cameras!

    1. Thanks Ninetta :-) Wouldn't have been possible without the inspiring spry of your post :-D

      Video did cross my mind. Maybe someday ;-) As for camera, I'm still using my cell phone & really Love it !

  2. Such a pretty flower muskaan!!

    1. Thanks Jane :-)
      I have changed the pdf link to GoogleDocs.

    2. Thanks muskaan, I have downloaded it now. Lot of work, thank you!!

  3. Fabulous! This flower is lovely, thank you very much.

    1. Thanks, Lilas :-) I enjoyed tatting it letting my threads take shape .

  4. This came out very nicely! You've given me some incentive to learn new techniques.

  5. Just Great, I love the look and great tips for us all! I love the way the greener looks with the flower and wonderful thanks for the pattern too! I know what you mean about the camera, I take many pictures to get one I like, you are so talented with the tatting and then you have to be a photographer too! Looks like you you did it again :)

  6. Lovely flower! Thank you that you share your pattern.

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern :). Will have to try tat it :).

  8. Beautiful work on this Muskaan! Well done :)

  9. Thank you all so very much ... your support & encouragement is very refreshing & motivating :-)

    Robin, it is Fun learning new techniques & then the avalanche of ideas start - one may not get around to doing all of them, but it is exhilarating :-)

    LOL, I see what you mean, Carollyn. I do enjoy being a "photographer", altho' I don't have the time or inclination to go into it deeply ;-P

    I hope you give a go Marja, Jenn, & Fiona :-) It is very freeform & versatile ; one can choose one's techniques, style, etc.

  10. Wow it seems that there is wire into the stem. Wonderful !

    1. No wire, only threads playing their role :-P But I do think that a nicely twisted thread like Anchor Mercer is better to achieve this effect than a softer or loosely twisted thread.
      Thanks Emilie :-)

  11. That is a very beautiful flower!!! :)