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Curled Ring final options and a free pattern

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Jewelry Medallion (free pattern)

Curled Rings Options (Final)
As promised, this is the last post on the subject. Thank you, dear readers, for your immense patience & support. There are many more ways these rings can be used to great effect. It is up to you to discover them now ;-P

I. Large Ring    
A simple coaxing will make the large ring turn into figure ‘8’.
When curled up (picot folded from front to lie over the base of ring)
Curling behind gives a better shape 

II. Large Ring with offset picot   
‘Normal’ curl leads to an asymmetrical cup with great potential for 3D applications. 
Think of a bead within ! Or if picots are added, then these can be joined later to other elements.
Or coax the ring into an '8' & curl. Interesting effects ! 

Both the large rings (I & II) were used in the pendant I shared here

III. Bead at Base of a Curled Ring (outside) :

This is how I added a bead at the base of rings in the Curly Cross Pendant :(all beads shown with an asterisk in the notated pic in post).  The Curl & Bead are made at the same time, with a single join.
Please note : There may most certainly be better methods suited for this. I hope to improve as I learn more. This method is something I figured was working fine (I had the bead exactly in the spot I wanted) without causing me to loose focus hunting around.

IV. Bead inside a Curled Ring

Just as one would for a normal ring, the bead is held at back of thread around the hand 
& brought into position when the ring is closed. Curling is done, as usual, later.

V. Curled Ring around a Split Ring

Ninetta has used these in her bookmark tail, here. 
She recommends leaving a length of thread space to continue between the SR & CR.

VI. A Curled Single Shuttle Split Ring (SSSR)
Since the bracelet was already made, I used some auxiliary thread to add an SSSR & curl it, 
in order to get a toggle here. 

VII  Inverted Tatting Curled !!!
Simply experimenting with the curled look. Makes for a gossamer petal ! 
Definitely going to use this in future 3D projects


My final thoughts / observations

As with so many techniques, some factors are universal, to bring out their real effect & aesthetics .. .

Thread Colour :  Lighter shades if using a single colour . Variegated ?
Thread Size : Finer threads – upto size 20.
Joins : Choice would depend on colour(s) used, how the rings are to be curled, etc.
Eg. Lock join is preferable for free-standing multiple curled rings, since it provides greater stability.
Adjacent CRs can be joined to each other like normal rings, as well as to other elements through the inclusion of picots . eg. the Jewelry Medallion, etc.
Picot Length : Small picot preferable. I experimented with longer picots, but it did not work out. However, I still believe, if done correctly, it should work. Experimentation for the future.
Rings : Split Rings,  Josephine Rings, small rings (less than about 20ds) will be difficult to curl, if at all.
Sides : There is a distinct front & back side in curling. For Curl Over rings, it does not matter much & convenience is paramount. However, in Curl Around , etc. care should be taken ; here, the curl should be from back to front, such that the picot is lying above the base. The difference is clearly visible in the mistake (shown within ring) I made in the golden Curly Cross Pendant .

Notation for Ninetta's Curled Rings :In response to a thread in Craftree, Judith Connors points out that these curled rings are “more of an effect than a technique”. Hence notation/direction can be added after the ring count, with an explanation for the type of curling used either there, or in the glossary.
eg. R : 12-12. Cl. CR  or    R : 6-6-6-6 . Cl. Curl Around chain.  [Cl – close ring ; CR Curl Ring]

For a great tutorial on how to make a Curled Ring from the master designer herself, check out the Curled Rings Pendant lissted in the Patterns page on Ninetta's blog.

Jewelry Medallion
a free pattern
A very simple, beginner's pattern. I am, myself, just starting out with beads & have probably used some very basic methods. Although yet to try any of her gorgeous patterns, I am certain this medallion (especially the placement of 4 silver beads) was inspired by some of Corina Meyfeldt's pieces.
Click to download pattern in pdf format :  Jewelry Medallion   
UPDATE : The pattern now has a diagram to go with it . You can download it here : Jewelry Medallion [Earrings]
In order to add findings to the tip of a diamond arrangement of beads on a ring, here is a pictorial 
Hope you enjoy the pattern & share or give feedback 

happy tatting :-)

Motif #20/II for 25 Motif Challenge

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  1. Great post. I like a lot the medallion, thank you very much for the pattern. I can imagine a bracelet with a line of these, simple and beautiful.

    1. I love the bracelet idea ! And of course it could be made into earrings, pendant, charm, etc. Hence I simply used a generic title ...
      Thanks for this great technique/effect, Ninetta - you can see how addicted I have become

  2. This is a very pretty medallion. The colors of the thread and beads complement each other nicely. I keep meaning to learn more about beading, but am quickly distracted by other projects. It's definitely on my "To do" list, and your pattern would be an excellent place to start practicing.

    1. Finally, I seem to have struck it right with the choice of colours - my one Great weakness ! Thanks :-)
      I would Love for you to give it a try - as I mentioned, it is a beginner's use of beads. The only thing I don't enjoy about beads is having to load them beforehand ... I prefer the long picot method.
      I can imagine how exquisite your patterns will be with beads :-)

  3. When time allows I will try the curly Rings. Great instructions and thank you for the pattern.

    1. I enjoyed my journey through Curled Rings land :-D (Feeling a bit lost now , after weeks with this project ;-P)

      You really don't need any extra time, Linda - the very next ring you make in any current project can be folded over itself & joined at base to curl it. You will see how easy it is ! (of course, undo the join before it becomes too tight & spoils the current project) . I have merely tried to showcase as many styles/options/effects as I could think of.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Always appreciate it :-)

  4. Great post :). Thanks for sharing the pattern :). It is on my To Tat list :). Hope to find time to try it soon :).

    1. Would love to see you tat it, Jenn :-) Will keep an eye out ... Glad you stopped by :-)

  5. So many possibilities muskaan. Thanks for giving us food for thought!

    1. Not quite a Mediterranean diet this, ... but may be an Indian Hyderabadi Biryani ?! ;-P
      Thanks, Jane & Bon apetit :-)

  6. That is an awesome design!!! :)

  7. Wow ! Many things to learn thanks a lot !

  8. Thank you very much. I try do this medallion. It's beautiful. Thanks a lot :-)

    1. I'm so glad you tried it out, Klimju :-) Curling rings are pretty easy once you do it, right ?!

  9. I've just discovered your blog through Pintrest and I would like to thank you for the clear pictures and explanations to go along with them. I haven't been tatting long and am an Internet student. Meaning I don't know of anyone else that actively tats around me to learn from. So I depend on digital means. It's so frustrating when I see an interesting idea and the pictures are fuzzy and instructions incomplete. From what I've seen so far, you've got that covered. I will definitely be looking through the rest of your page to see what I can find.

    1. So sweet of you Kim :-) I'm so glad you are finding useful stuff here. Feel free to ask in case you encounter any problems/doubts (leave a comment or email me through my profile).
      happy tatting :-)