Sunday, 6 August 2017

celebrating with a pattern

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It’s that time of the year when a sister ties a rakhi on the wrist of her brother celebrating the bonds of love and protection. I shared my first tatted rakhis in 2015 (links at end).

I was using up threads already on my shuttles from previous projects. 2 strands of Anchor embroidery thread/floss, that roughly measure up to size 40.
Final measurement – approx 3cms across.

This layered rakhi bracelet is an adaptation of 2 single shuttle medallions – the tiny wildflower and star of halves.

Rakhi Bracelet 2017 pattern
2 shuttles with 2 different colours

Round 1 : a 2-colour adaptation of Tiny Wildflower
[Orange ring : 5ds switch shuttle (SS)
Purple ring : 1 vsp 8 p 8 vsp 1.
Work chain of 1 unflipped stitch (reverse stitch) with purple. SS] 5 times, joining adjacent purple rings.
Note : In order to work the purple ring comfortably, ‘fold’ the orange ring forward.
Instead of 1 reverse stitch, reverse work and tat 1ds chain using orange shuttle.

Round 2 : a 2-colour adaptation of Star of Halves.
Picot gauge of 6mm or 7mm for double picot (dp). ORJ – onion ring join
[Orange ring1 : 6 vsp 4 dp 6. DNRW
           ring2 : 6 +(dp) 4 vsp 6. SS
Purple half-ring : 2 vsp 4 ORJ 12 p 12 ORJ 4 vsp 2. Close ring partially, adjusting shape.
Work chain of 1 unflipped stitch (reverse stitch) with purple. SS] 5 times, joining adjacent purple rings.
Pull the outer part/bar of double picot to get 2 distinct arches.

Sew 1 bead in centre through both layers and attach twisted cord, satin ribbon or any tatted cord/braid for tying. (the cord didn't twist properly, hence I cut it off & used the satin ribbon).

The pattern can be worked with a single shuttle in single colour substituting a tiny half-ring or dot picot string for the chain. Bead can be inserted while tatting round 1. I decided later, hence had to sew it in.

My initial idea was to make 2 tiny wildflowers at either end, but ran out of threads on both shuttles – just barely completed the main body.

I like how the flower turned out and it is up to you to use in how and where you want :-)

stay protected in the tatting bonds of love :-)

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  1. Muskaan it's pretty layered rakhi. Nicely u applied star of halves and wild flower motifs. You know the strings can be made in different ways than your twisted cord. But overall effect is good.

  2. Very beautiful!

  3. A lovely thought celebrated with lovely tatting. Would that my brothers allowed anything lacey in their lives! Perhaps we would be closer then.....

  4. Love it! Beautiful layered flower :).

  5. Thank you all so very much :-)))) Sometimes things just work out !

    You are right Usha, but I didn't want to spend too much time. May be next year :-)

    Ah, Mel, here brothers usually like to flaunt their rakhis :-D And the young boys adore large ones !

  6. Such a pretty flower and good thoughts.

  7. This is so pretty! I love the layers and the filling for the layers.