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A goodie bag of free patterns

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at least I hope you think they are goodies, and not ho-hums. 
and plenty more patterns to come, so keep your bag open in the coming weeks for snowflakes, squares, triangles, flowers, ....
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I was thrilled when Georgia asked if I would share my Bonds of Love Rakhi/Bracelet pattern for this year’s Palmetto Tat Days goodie bag. Preferably with beads. Hmmm, working with beads – a challenge but also an opportunity.  

Staring at my plain rakhi, one thing was for sure – I wanted beads inside the 2 hearts, following the curve of the long chains and filling in the space. Ninetta uses beads so beautifully, and she sent me loads of Gorgeous beaded tatting – various ways in which beads could be incorporated – pics of her own works and other resource links. She was just as excited as me and test-tatted a sampler that very night while I slept! Thanks, cara amico :-)
In the end, though, I kept it as simple as possible, adapting the rakhi to a beaded bracelet. Jane’s earrings helped me solve the problem of the braid. 

Bonds of Love” Bracelet / Rakhi
Single page pdf  ;  Longer version pdf 

The bracelet is tatted in 3 segments, joining as you go : The central medallion, and 2 heart medallions with braids on either side.
Diagrams follow the stitch colour of the tatted model, and I hope that makes it even more easy to follow along.

This single page diagram-only version was for the Tat Days goodie bag where Georgia added some lovely beads, buttons, findings, etc. Colour-coded diagram follows the stitch colour of the tatted model. 

This longer 4-page version was meant for some book/booklet that they release (I have no idea what it is, or the title, etc) and has a step-wise pictorial besides a written & diagrammed pattern.
Diagrams follow the stitch colour of the tatted model

The Design Process

A peek into the design/conversion process …. My objective was to keep the lines clean and pattern simple. It was the idea more than the execution, where one can choose any small medallions or motifs and join them together to create a bracelet, bookmark, insertion, etc.

Tacking on the beads to the old bracelet, with simple sewing thread & needle, to get a feel of what, how, … tried these 3 placements. Bead in the small rings of center would only make the rings floppy ; the one in 3rd pic looked too crowded! Settled on the last pic.
The single ring connection between the medallions was also weak and floppy and needed to be strengthened. Perhaps 2 rings would work.
The 2-ring attachment worked fine and was doable.

First Version … Okay, everything worked, except for the ring in the very center. It appeared too small. At this stage, I had to string a couple of beads on the shuttle. Could I do it without Any bead on shuttle ?
TIP : Keep the long beaded picots just a tad longer than required for joining purposes, in order to maintain curvature. The beads need room to create the curve; if tightly snugged, it will become a straight line.

Second Version …Used a large pearl for the centre. Yes, it lifted up the whole ensemble, acting as a good focal point. This time, the center medallion was tatted first, and the 2 heart-braids joined on the go.  Worked much better !

Update Oct 20 : While posting, I noticed that there wasn’t a single pic with close-up of braids. Finally took one showing the braids in all 3 bracelets....
TIP for Braid : Do not close the SCMR too tightly – it will create a curvature on the way back. Leave it ‘straight’, with plenty of room to join back.

Both these versions will require some stiffening, since size 20 thread was used.

Third Version/Working …. I didn’t have any polyester thread or metallic thread (hadn’t organized my stash then ! Only later did I discover my metallic threads in silver, gold, and copper !!!), except for this pre-twisted green with metallic silver. This one stays nice and stiff.

TIP (above pic) : One way to load beads was with paper clips holding them in place. But these get in the way. So, when making the first long picot, load the number of beads required and hold with clip. Make 1 stitch and remove the clip and the beads and continue tatting. When it comes to the joining point, load the beads with a crochet hook, join and continue.
This accomplishes 2 things – one can determine the picot length for beads used, and it makes tatting smoother with no beads and clips hampering work.

Now that I have plenty of stashed metallic threads, my jewelry tatting will have some shimmer :-)
I like the fact that not a single bead needs to be pre-strung! And depending on the size of bead, one can adapt the length of the picot.
I didn’t have any clasps or toggles, hence left it with metal split rings.

Download pattern pdf : Bonds of Love diagram-only pattern

Many many thanks to Georgia, for giving me this wonderful opportunity !!!


I have already shared the diagrams in the TWoT Rings Only pdf.
Here, I have added written pattern alongside the diagrams. This will go to my pattern page in the tab above.
Not to bore you further, but for a new reader ...the bouquet comprises 3 simple, rings-only patterns. These can be considered beginner patterns, I think.  
As seen in collaged pic above, Wiggly Flowers, Butterfly Liberated, and Laurel Leaf. constitute the 3 patterns that can be tatted separately or combined into a collage sewn to a fabric, or glued to a card. These are all small enough to empty shuttles and use as charms, clip ornaments, etc. etc. Check out Eliz’s adaptations of the flowers and butterfly here

Download pattern pdf Ring In The Bouquet


Please Note : 
Rachael’s Hen n Chick Square Motif link did not work in the Set I pdf. Click on name for updated link.
And when I checked further, the entire pdf can only be viewed, but am unable to download or open it in Window. This is the file that I edited using DocHub. I can't correct the link, hence have created a new revised link. This Way or Tat? Set I - Rings Only updated Oct 16

happy tatting always :-)


  1. What lovely bracelets and beautiful work for tat days I guess they want you to go :) I love the colors you have chosen too!

  2. Fabulous bracelets!! :) Great colors choices!! :) Thank you for sharing the pattern!! :)

  3. Thanks Carollyn, Sue, and Ninetta :-)
    Glad you liked them !

  4. A great goodie bag! Thank you for sharing the bracelet and the behind the scenes development. Love the final results.

  5. Nice bag of goudies, love that bracelet.

  6. Thanks Eliz & Bernice :-) I enjoyed making it, especially since it didn't need stringing beads & I used relatively large beads ;-P

  7. Love the bracelet, thank you for the goodie bag, it's on my list of things to do

  8. Your bracelet is really beautiful muskaan. Thanks for showing us the design process, and of course, for the pattern!

  9. These aew so pretty!!! You do some beautiful work Muskaan!

  10. Thank you so very much Margaret, Jane & Carrie for your lovely comments.
    Jane, may be somebody might benefit by the design process in some way ; something might click somewhere ....

  11. Just noticed my spelling mistake! These 'are' so pretty! :-P