Tuesday, 4 October 2016

TWoT 2 : Back to Basics !

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That’s exactly how it felt ! I don’t remember tatting many rings-only patterns when I first learned, especially not with bare thread space. This time it was different – it felt like I was starting from the basics of tatting design.  I have learned (and am still learning) a lot while working on this series.

The This Way or Tat? series starred with a Preface – Quo vadis ;
then an Introduction with practice patterns (pdf here)
Continuing from where we left off in the Introduction, here is the first set - diagrams for Rings Only scenarios.

UPDATE (Oct 15, 2016) : In case the link does not work, here is an updated, revised pdf with new link --- TWoT? Set I Rings Only updated
This part consists of a guide to read the diagrams ; many small but graded (difficulty level) patterns for practice and exercise ; and questions scattered throughout the document.
Answers will be shared in the next post.

I am grateful to Rachael Mohler & Eliz Davis for graciously & enthusiastically sharing their patterns, 
and to Renata who equally enthusiastically permits me to share her doily links for this series.

I hope you have tremendous fun playing with the patterns, while keeping a close eye on the whats and whys.
I will share my own thoughts, pics and working of the wreath and square motif patterns in next post, along with some links and answers.

My own practice patterns are pretty basic, while incorporating some application of the diagrams.
These 3 patterns constitute this collage-in-the-making called …
Ring In The Bouquet !

The bouquet comprises of rings-only patterns worked with a single shuttle in size 20 thread.…
Wiggly Flowers
Forgot to join the picots in the 5-petalled yellow flower, making it fidgety. Noticed only when I started to work on the pics at my desktop. Hence the name. Maroon flower is the prototype.

Butterfly Liberated
I have struggled to design a simple butterfly. This time, it wasn’t that difficult! Hence this name.
The maroon one in topmost pic was the prototype where I deliberately left out picots.

Laurel Leaf
 Shape of this leaf had always appealed to me....
 but I joined the leaflets a bit differently, to create that mesh-like effect.

I can’t believe these or similar ones haven’t been done before; even so, I created them from scratch. 
Wiggly Flowers were easy. 
Butterfly Liberated took 1 trial. 
Laurel Leaf took 3 trials. 
When I started to design and tatted a prototype of leaf and butterfly, I searched Google, Craftree & Pinterest. The way I worked them is a bit different from the ones I found. I will willingly give credit to any designer if you can guide me....

These patterns are deliberately shared only as diagrams in this file. However, I will upload all patterns to My Patterns page, properly formatted, with written notations. These are all free to use, even if one does not want to follow the exercise.

pdf for pattern only : Ring in the Bouquet

All feedback and criticism is appreciated and welcome – it will help me improve on the next diagram sets.


While comparing the Set diagrams to practice patterns, I wondered if I could design a square using outward facing rings. These 2 Inchies (yes they are exactly 1” squares!) are the result of a quick tat. The right (pink) one was made first, then the beige one. These are prototypes, and I need to better them … but I like the potential of these simple airy square medallions that can be joined into a larger fabric. 

Meanwhile, I am thrilled to see at least 3 tatters working this series (3, or at least 2 More than I had anticipated,since Eliz had committed to it :-D !) 
Read Eliz’s excellent observations and applications of the previous exercise and how Ninetta has applied the exercise to her current doily project with curled rings !!! Mama Martin left a nice comment here, on how it helped her.

Set II comprises of Chains Only diagrams. But I doubt there will be these many practice patterns ;-) Hope to share it in about 10 days ...

happy tatting always, whichever direction you take :-) 

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UPDATE (April 2021): While I try to find the time and focus to complete this series, please check out these links:
Practice patterns
Rings & Chains: Minarets in the Sky; Aspiration snowflake; Hidden Rose Snowflake (rings & chains) - 
Mark Myer's Luster Snowflake  Paths/choices when climbing out with a split ring . pictorial pdf.
Lock Join Plus series - several methods that can result in change of direction, colour, etc. including when climbing out. https://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com/2020/07/lock-join-plus.html


  1. This is wonderful and great practice you know I am so whimsical with my tatting I seem to work on what ever catches my attention always keeping your tips on mind though :) I have found a perfect square with rings too, that has totally fascinated me like kinetic squares. I am waiting to post because I wanted to make more. Sometimes we are thinking alike.

    1. So sweet of you, Carollyn :-) Will be waiting eagerly for your squares !

  2. Good place to start. I especially like your leaves.

    1. My favourite, too, Jane ! Freeform yet traditionally tatted.
      But I like how the Inchies came out as well.

  3. Lovely spray of tatting, I do like your leaves and the varigated thread.

  4. Everything is so beautiful!!! :) I love the designs, and the squares are fabulous!!! :)

  5. I'm eager for some free time to play with Set 1, but it hasn't happened yet. I picked my shuttles up several times, only to have to put them back down. It's been a busy week. Love your new designs!

    1. Dearest Eliz, take your time :-) I will be relying on your for a critical appraisal of this part! But no hurry ...

  6. Creating these patterns and writing the tutorials must be a lot of work! I'm reading along as you post each new part and am curious to see how it progresses.

    1. I've lost count of the humongous hours and brain cells spent on this (and still going ...). If it wasn't for Eliz's constant support, I might not even have shared it.
      And that is why some visible encouragement is so welcome, Robin. Thanks :-) I hope to keep your curiosity kindled for a bit longer

  7. I've been working on our Set 1 homework, mostly playing with bits and pieces of the patterns. I do think I figured out how to make the top section of the leaf slant in the opposite direction. Now I need to tat the entire leaf both ways. I've got a complete butterfly and several half-ring flowers though. I love both of those patterns. They will be great for using up bits of thread. I hope to post something about it all within the next few days.

    1. Looking forward to seeing your 'homework', Eliz, especially the colours you used, and the conclusions you drew.
      I was, in reality, working from bits of thread, hence the 'odd' colour combo in the bouquet ;-)

  8. Hi, I'm a new Tatter, my cousin is Anne Bruvold (she have the page with the dragons), she introduced me to the art of tatting.

    I love your page, and have started Set 1 in Twot. Looking forward to learn from you ❤️
    Love from Norway

    1. Welcome to the world of tatting, Karina :-) You have such a huge inspiration in Anne! I have worked her Hearts of Hope & Triangle Motif Doily - both were a joy!
      If you need any help, feel free to email me - mooskaanm at gmail dot com
      This reminds me that I need to get to work on all the other sets ;-D

  9. I am unable to find the continuation from here. Was Set II Chains only published? Are there others that follow? Love your tips and tutorials and regularly use them. Thank you!

    1. Guilty, Marilyn! I never got around to completing the series, though I intend to. However, I did publish many patterns originally meant for this series. Rosette Enchained (chains only) and Minarets in the Sky. There are So Many different ways they can be tatted, especially if you add 2 colours to the mix. Hidden Rose snowflake unexpectedly turned out to be another such. You can find them in my Snowflakes doc.
      Further, if you add Lock Join Plus methods to Rosette Enchained, you will again get several options.
      Further, I frequently share TWoT Notes. Type it in the search box for those.
      I will update this post with these links.
      Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn. 💖😍🌸

    2. Phew, inserted a few more links I found relevant. Check them out, Marilyn and hope these help for now. 💕