Thursday, 24 August 2017

Vintage Edging 4

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Here’s a respite from all those pictorials – another vintage pattern made modern and 2 separate rows converted to continuous tatting.

Vintage Edging #4
Needleart 1921 (vol 8 issue 3)

3 colours? Yes I went crazy! Remember that visit to my old craft shop after 4 years? These are a few of those lovely pastels I bought and was dying to try out! Size 20 Anchor Mercer cottons.

The 2 rows in this sampler are tatted separately using ball and shuttle. However the schematics provided in pdf are for one-pass tatting – climbing out with 2 consecutive split rings. It is pretty easy to convert vintage patterns into continuous tatting.

Learned a lesson from the CnC edging fiasco earlier. The first row should face the direction we tat in. Once this base is established, it is easier to orient later rows. 

I tried something different with the 2-coloured onion rings this time. After tatting the blue chain around pink inner ring, I made an over-under or alligator join, thus getting a complete blue circle around! No colour blips and pretty neat result, right?

Sorry no in-process pics – I was happily engrossed in tatting with these new shades!

Long picots on the onion rings are made using a ⅜ inch picot gauge parallel to core thread. Thus final picot is half the size.

Instead of lock joining the Row2 chains to these long picots, I made an onion ring join to avoid colour blips (I would’ve got pink blips over the blue picots). Then continued with a 2nd half stitch, counted as 1ds. Since core thread remained continuous, care needs to be taken when tensioning the chains.
Lock joining the chain would give a more pronounced/distinct dip.

Future Idea : Tat Row 1 and return back, interweaving the long chains. Then start Row 2 all around this ‘Celtic’ center.

happy tatting :-)


  1. The pattern is lovely, thank you

  2. Thank you very much, it's lovely. I'm going to see the pdf, I hope to find the time to try this too!

  3. Ooh, a lovely edging, especially in those pretty pastels. Thanks!

  4. I love that the edging is in three colors!

  5. I am so delighted that you all liked this edging and in these colours :-) I was almost tempted to use 4 colours, but restrained myself ;-P
    Will be eager to see in what colours you tat it and how/where you use it. Hugs

  6. That looks great!! :) Such pretty colors!! :)

  7. Thanks Sue & Margaret :-))) I love those pastels, too ! Lucky to have stepped into that shop - all new arrivals :-)

  8. Very cute to see I will download this pattern, thank you and love your color choice too very sweet!

    1. Glad you liked it, Carollyn .... just saw your comment :-)