Saturday, 29 July 2017

tatted triangles pattern

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I had to start somewhere sometime! Already much delayed. Instead of putting all 4 shapes in one document as previously stated, I will be releasing them separately. This will give us all time to work. 
Quatrefoil  Triangle  Medallions

The Quatrefoil Series starts with the smallest medallion, the Triangle - a good, quick way to familiarize oneself with the sequence, general pattern, etc. 

In order to make them ‘universal’, I’ve used Lizbeth threads and whatever else went with it in size. Hence a paucity of options, since my Lizbeth stash is limited to 3 balls ;-P
Size 40 Model – Lizbeth , 2 strands of Anchor embroidery thread. Each side measures 3cm.

Size 20 Model – Lizbeth , vintage Anchor Mercer. Each side measures 4cm.

Note :
Picot length between the split rings plays an important role in keeping the piece flat. The mock picot should be double the size of the inner ring picots. These, in turn, need to be of normal size - err towards small. This will keep the inner circumference small, giving sufficient room for the longer mock picots to span the distance.

Instead of mock picots, one can make a small 2/2 split ring. It creates a solid well-defined outline and changes the shape of the inner colour, too.
Version 2 worked in size 40 Anchor Mercer. Each side measures 3cm.

I hope you enjoy working this triangle. Go crazy :-)
And please don't hesitate - ask questions or leave suggestions.

It is indeed a blessing to have friends who step in to help. I can’t thank Jane McLellan (janemactats) enough for her valuable feedback & suggestions on the pdf presentation. (((Hugs)))

UPDATE (Aug 2, 2017): Jane is joining the motifs into a hexagon.
Below is the pic I had posted here to show one possibility arranging my trials. It can be done in one pass, to be shared ....One path is spiral and easy to work out ... game anybody ?

As for the Quatrefoil Magic Square – I am working on it at intervals and it is throwing up some interesting patterns (and difficulties) because of 2 colours.
Here’s how far I reached with the triangulation method – I’m sure you must’ve already seen Robin’s excellent tutorials on the same.
I could retrace my steps around the pink corner to continue, leading to a much larger piece. But I have cut off the threads for now, in order to work on the simpler sequence of squares. I definitely intend to return to the former, once I can upload more patterns in the series.

Here there are 4 squares, creating one complete magic square using the 'easier' pathway of working entire squares rather than triangles. Since I did not think too far ahead, there is a horizontal pink line on the right which can be corrected easily enough. 
But notice how the inner ecru has created rectangles in this pathway, with a short connection in the center. Also, I have exited in the 'centre' instead of corner and I haven't had time to work further on this. 
I ran out of pink thread here. Instead of continuing with this piece, I have started yet another, using this pathway, but keeping the pink out of the way. Not enough progress to show.

happy tatting everybody :-)


  1. Wow! So interesting watching all your experiments and learning from you!! :)

  2. Incredibly clever, amazing 2 color designs! Thanks!

    1. The pleasure is all mine, Marilee :-) Glad you liked them

  3. Dear Muskaan, you are very talented for working these amazing patterns :-)
    Thank you for your interesting posts!

    1. Most welcome, Daniela :-) I enjoy the tatting more than the writing ;-P

  4. I love seeing all these experiments! I really need to work on my split rings so that I can try some of these ideas.

    1. Wonder if one of these will act as the incentive, Diane ;-D

  5. I like your triangles, I have put the pattern in my to do list.

    1. Thanks, Margaret :-) I've been wondering whether they would make good earrings embellished with beads?

  6. Very interesting post and nice triangular motif :)