Saturday, 22 July 2017

medallion stars

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“Tatting Patterns and Designs”
Blomqvist and Persson (Dover)

2 stars/medallions in Anchor size 40 thread
Been a while since I tatted from the book. These 2 stars were done some months back.

It is always good practice to study the round a bit before jumping in to tat. Look for the most convenient elements to start & end with, or in case of multiple rounds, the best element to climb out with. And in case of old/vintage patterns, place(s) where one can substitute techniques for ease of working or for colour placement.

This preparation helped in working Star #4 (p46)
I started with a right-side outer ring so that the round would end in a ring (easier to hide threads).
And as is so common now, the central ring was worked as a thrown ring from the first chain (with mock picot space).
Terms & Techniques : central ring medallion, thrown ring, mock picot, directional tatting. 

However, I made the joining picots too small causing this huge cupping. Will use it to cover a bauble, egg, or cabochon. The back of an Ice Drop perhaps, or without the central ring, it could well be the front.
My first thought was of a basket – tat a handle, add some flowers ! In size 40, it is fairly small.

TIP: Cupping v/s Ruffling : cupping occurs when outer round is tight ; ruffling occurs when outer round is loose.
To avoid cupping – decrease inner round or increase outer round ;
To avoid ruffling – increase inner round or decrease outer round.

Star #2 (p50)
is a very pretty medallion – simple, straightforward pattern.
Easy, quick to tat up but need to keep an eye out for which picot to join to.

Terms & Techniques : Inward-facing rings, clover, closed space medallion, picot join to the right (last to first join), long chains, directional tatting, avoid gapsosis in clovers.

I ran out of blue/green thread on the shuttle. This gives me an opportunity to pick up other shapes and colours, although I plan on keeping the ecru.
For all past and future medallions from this book, click on 'BnP' on the Label list. 
I have also updated (partially) and cleaned up my Jottings page. 

enjoy your tatting with a cuppa :-)


  1. Your tatting skill is wonderful. :)

    1. You are being too kind, Fox. Or may be you're pulling my leg ;-P
      Thanks all the same :-D

  2. Very interesting!! :)
    Picots sizes make such major differences.

    1. Especially when one is tatting older pattern, Sue. I think the vsp, especially for joining picots, is more recent.
      My quatrefoil medallions are proof of the picot size contributing to overall shape.