Saturday, 15 July 2017

tatting in my pocket !

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Yesterday I came across this thread on Craftree, started by Grace. She shared this link to a global compilation of tatting-related verses. Here’s what she says :

It was on e-tatters, and it grew for quite a while, with more and more people adding verses. Maybe we can add some more verses? The only rule is, the third line must include "tatting in my pocket".

There were already some excellent verses there and I jumped right in. All through the morning verses kept popping into my head. I’m just relieved it didn’t lead to any sugar/salt mix-up in the kitchen ;-P
Meant to be stand-alone, I’m sharing them all together here and would love to see you pick up the gauntlet :-)

No pocket, yet a pocketful of verses –
None the worse for want of a pocket ;-)
Okay cheesy, but I can't resist puns :-D

Except for the 1st and last verse, all the rest have at least one tatting technique or term in it. I have edited a couple of lines to fit into the meter. Hope you enjoy ...

Tatting In My Pocket !

Chores are physically stressing
Global news is so depressing
But the tatting in my pocket
Is always very refreshing ! 

My head is in a swirl
Shuttles ‘n’ threads are in a twirl
And the tatting in my pocket
Is full of rings in a Curl

Non-crafters may think I'm daft
They might call me a loony
But with tatting in my pocket
I won't just stop at a Cluny !

'I'm going through a designers block'
One often hears this talk.
Use the tatting in your pocket
To unlock with a Block !

The hegemony of a Trefoil
I fully intend to spoil
Since the tatting in my pocket
Is creating shapes from a Quatrefoil !

Husband rrrrrolls his eyes hiding his smiles
When I ask for more supplies
He Knows the tatting in my pocket
Will make lace for miles and miles !
                            - ©muskaan  July 14 2017

With exciting Center Court matches, not much tatting accomplished. But here's a glimpse ...

Four shapes derived from the initial design hack ! Tatted in size 40.
I’ve now tatted all 4 shapes in size 20 to determine picot size before I present the final pattern. Will share those pics with the pattern.

These are the various Quatrefoil Triangle trials. I was too lazy to block them for a proper pic, but these generally lay flat.

Arranging the triangles into a hexagon – it makes a nice coaster in size 40 and can be tatted in one pass. Magic Triangle, you say ?! Hardly ;-P

Why waste, right ?
Retrieved #4-6 from the hexagonal scrapyard – sewn in layers, added a bead, etc. I didn’t spend time shaping or curling the ‘petals’.
Noticed the 3 leaf rings enclosing the stem ? Kinda cute, no ? I'm going to use this in future!

That’s all from me for the present …
Have a great weekend

let there always be tatting in your pocket !


  1. Great fun muskaan! Love your flower. And that it was made from scraps - bonus. I look forward to learning more about the shapes.

  2. Beautiful flower and super poem:)

  3. I love those triangles and great flower
    Nice poem about tatting,
    I know the moan about wanting more supplies had it yesterday.

  4. I wish I felt more creative to i would add something like .... One shuttle is all it took to make tatting in my pocket, have a spiderweb look.
    love the triangles seems everything works out with a triangle :)

  5. Thank you so very much everybody ! I'm happy the rose met with your approval. Showed it to hubby last night & he liked it too! Unfortunately, this is one of those 'exclusive' things which I wouldn't like to repeat ;-P
    Cute ditty, Carollyn !
    Have a great week, dear friends :-)

  6. Wow!!! That is awesome!! Four designs in one. :)

  7. What fun! Glad I got you on a roll with "tatting in your pocket". ;-)

  8. Thanks Sue & Grace :-)
    I'm so glad you started it, Grace - enjoyed tremendously! Will be looking forward to more of your spadework :-)))