Monday, 31 July 2017

Needleart 1921 Edging 7

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vintage edging revisited

My 'homework' while the Online class is on summer break was to send in tatted models and diagrams for 7 vintage edgings from Needleart 1921. All (old & new) are indexed in Bellaonline Tatting Newsletter July 14,2017
So while Georgia continues to enjoy her break (;-P) she has permitted me to share them here.
I won't be following the order but stay tuned ‘coz there are some interesting outcomes as each pattern caught my fancy differently !
Edging #7
Needleart 1921 (vol 8 issue 3) 

I like to study a pattern a bit (usually the image or diagram) before starting out. If that row/round has more chains &/or thrown rings, or large rings, then I prefer working it frontside.
The same principle was followed here. Started Row I with backside red rings and the blue chains along with the large thrown ring were done frontside. This also enabled me to work the rest of the rows all frontside, since they are only chains & thrown rings.

The original tatted model shows prominent picots, which is what I followed and it worked out well.
Unfortunately, that vintage pic was taken at a place which has a mistake! Took me a long time of peering closely and studying intently (going back and forth between image, diagram, and text) to figure out and dispel all confusion.

In my first sampler above I worked each row separately in an ombre arrangement. But the 3 separate rows can easily be worked continuously without cutting off thread. 
In order to work all 3 rows in one pass, the sequence of rows has to be changed from that of original. Other minor details and corrections have been included in the new standalone pdf, with corrected pattern and new models & diagram. I have tried to follow the style & format laid out in the article
In this second sampler,in Row I, I added 1ds to the chain on either side on the thrown ring to give it more curvature, as can be seen when the 2 samplers are compared.
Also, in order to the blue header, I used a Reverse Join between Rows II & III. However, the same can be effected by doing a lock join, then switching shuttles.

I hope to convert this edging into a necklace. Wish me luck and stress-free beadwork.

And there are lots more patterns to be shared - both vintage and the quatrefoil series :-)

happy tatting always :-)))


  1. Delicious is the word for the coffee and cream version! Good work, it's good that these patterns are being updated so that they're more accessible to modern tatters.

  2. This edging is very nice, above all the version in shades of brown. I think that to work it in one pass is more functional in order to have not too many ends to hide. Thanks :-)

  3. It will make a beautiful necklace! Great idea! I wish you the very best with the bead work- I find it so stressful, I almost never do it during the school year....

  4. Beautiful idea for a necklace, I was thinking of an edging for a pillow case, I brought a pair which I thought I would edge only for hubby to say what was the point, pillow cases are to put your head on not fancy about with

  5. Very interesting pattern:) I like vintage style -beautiful motif :)

  6. I really can't take credit for the coffee & cream combo, Jane - I was inspired by a few recent bloggers' projects using these :-)

    Right Daniela, and most vintage patterns Can be done in one pass- one simply has to find the path :-)

    Thanks Michelle :-) I find myself wasting too much time when working with beads :-(

    Husbands are so practical, Margaret ;-P

    Thanks Sue & Anetta :-) I do like the flower-bloom type of effect!